100 thoughts on “JAY-Z – The Story of O.J.”

  1. The trillest track Jay EVER dropped. Str8 up. When y'all listen to it, do you HEAR what he is saying? If you do, then there is no reason to think anything is wrong with it. The truth just hurt some people I guess. Keep it 100…always with our brothers and Sisters.

  2. I can't believe this song has only 99 million views. This is why we the black people are still poor. How do we explain the fact that 8 out of 10 asians are in technology? We have been here before them. All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us and they won't. How can you care about others while you have your own people? When a black person get money, he doesn't invest it. He takes it to the strip club. Once he gets rich, he leaves the hood to LA. And he doesn't care about the good the hood anymore. And you expect the white man to come & develop the hood? Keep crying.

  3. Jay Z you are a scary man. I know you want street crew so get off your joystick and confront Chris Brown about the games he is playing in your name and let’s see if that nigga say

  4. Excellent animation, although I have an issue with the section leading up to the finale. I noticed some of it looks more like a rough draft than a finished an revised piece of work. I believe this happened due to budget issues.

  5. Need more music like this. So its crazy that I get so many people saying THAT I sound like Jay-Z but I beg to differ. Check out my freestyle, lemmie know what y'all think. https://youtu.be/wHbv9BVv6R0

  6. Anybody who thinks this shit is "cool" or "artistic" is a part of the problem. Do you know there are people out there that actually believe that if you stare at these CARICATURES long enough that they actually start to believe this how you look?! And that is THE POINT! To dehumanize you! You have one of your own glorifying and perpetuating this while using the N word multiple times under the guise of being "progressive". And you think it's cool. You gonna cool your ass all the way back to the plantation and Jay Z won't be there. If you are going to embrace being a slave then you deserve to be one.

  7. So, the creators of christianity had a deal with the creators of bugs. After a while of christianity being a ruling religion, bugs can exist with a means of being destroyed. Bugs recently came into existence and can be destroyed by turning magma and lava to stone using sea water. Thats also how to gain eternal life. Truth.

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