Japanese MANGA Artist DRAWS in VR【Oculus/Tilt Brush】

Hook it on at the back Then adjust until you can see clearly Amazing Isn’t it great?
Yes Space Hello Hello Uchida Shinnosuke is here today Hello Today, this huge manga… Live Manga Painting? Manga live painting… well, not that! Today is this special Oculus VR headset Using the Tilt Brush and the giganto manga Manga Live Painting Let’s try something like it Sounds hard I have no idea how to use it
That’s right This is today’s Makki (black marker pen brand) Easy to understand Put it on the back Like this Until you can see clearly Move it around Is it in?
-Yes Nice Wait, my bangs are in the way I’m like this as well Reach your hands out This is the left side It’s like a palette The trigger is right around here Here as well Use the trigger Choose Can you see?
-Yes Choose and trigger You are ready to draw. But… Turn the stick to left and right You can use another tool Choose a color Let’s draw Draw?! When I pull the trigger, I can draw? Yes I made something 3 dimensional I see To set up, we tested the software a bit I have no idea what other brushes are in there Oh this…myself… What is this? How is this? It’s fun! What is your first thought? I feel the new era is here Oh this is…this is great quite amazing Can I change the thickness? I feel everybody will try the same thing First time using Tilt Brush, they start with circles and make spiral shapes You can do this as well What to have in mind is The cable may get tangled The shadow can be made You can cast shadows inside the drawing
-Oh yes Let’s save this great thing you drew Save? Please click the floppy disk icon and take a picture T-t-take a picture??? Taking picture as an icon Find the eraser You can erase anything you want with your right hand Hold down trigger to erase it all The whole thing disappears
-yes It’s like picking up items Bonus or Exp What did you think?
-It was really fun Really fun This is really fun Amazing
-What did you want to do most? What I want to do…make outer space Outer space? I want to make space
-In that case… Look at the left. There is night sky When you click it WOW Where are you? Space Click the environment button again Space Amazing There is the moon here Let’s decorate it Decorate? Let’s do it You mean like this! I see What are you drawing?
-Something Diamond.. Xmas tree?
-Some kind of crystal Suddenly ur in a Xmas mood This is fun So fun
-srsly what are you drawing? Decorations Really drawing Xmas
-Decorations -What is your favorite holiday? Xmas?
-N…no oh! Nothing in particular Not so fond of Xmas I guess you like darker mood holidays
-What? Ah, like Halloween Japanese people love Halloween in a different way… So fun What is this?
-Look on your left Neon Pulse Try it Like a theme park ride! Amazing Wow How is it? This is amazing Doing it slow or doing it fast changes the sound True. When it is fast it buzzes You can use different colors Thas’ crazy I’m totally writing A K I R A Akira? Even in VR world, even in space, gotta be Akira Neo Tokyo 2019 You really like Akira…
– LOVE Akira Love Akira Amazing Crazy Isn’t it great? So fun Let’s go to next tool. Let’s save I can’t find Akira
-Where is Akira? Where? Cannot see Akira is there?
-Yes That is red Yes, the red one is Akira Look at your left hand Let’s use the dress form Dress… OK So today’s challenge is Draw a costume I see! Sounds fun If I stand here, maybe I can get in too I’m in outer space Entering space How is it?
-Difficult It’s in 3D form, so I have to draw it in 3D The brush is flat now Well, it looks like it’s 3D The stick on your right thumb This one? Push right becomes big
-Oh wow Adjusting that will make it easier to use This is amazing Amazing but this is floating in air This type of bra will sell well What a thickness Amazing So fun Something stopped Test test. Continue So hard all of a sudden Well Hold on a second Now it’s ok What kind of design? What kind of design? Cyber
-Cyber? Just heard an alert sound. Is that a problem? If this goes well, you can quit Manga You can be an apparel designer There is a chance for me to become a designer Necklace? Is this Cyber? Cyber Oh wait but It has an Egyptian look
-What? This one? I want to..oh it stopped Make it, then adjust the size You became a painter From the fingers….what? You are traveling the world lately Where are you going next? Italy I will be in Napoli comicon You can meet her there That is Manga Live Paint?
-Yes Any other countries you’re going to? July in America October Germany The worldwide Manga Live Painter So cool Tell us about Twitter Twitter and Instagram at ibukichi4shin It should come out so please follow Please follow to these accounts Thank you very much

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