Jaeyun and sangmin experience Vietnam’s “Street Barber Shop”[One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.05]

(This is the beginning!) (One Night Sleepover Trip in Vietnam) (The story of the two gentlemen’s night) (Is about to unfold in Vietnam) (Racing through the city!) (Go, go) Wow, look at that. (Motorbike taxi of Vietnam) (Fast and cheap transportation of Vietnam) (Anyone can reserve a motorbike taxi) (Using a smartphone application) (Anyone who has not ridden a motorbike) (Speak nothing of Vietnam!) Oh, a good driver! You have to try riding… – A motorbike in Vietnam. / – Yeah, in the city too. – Vietnamese taxi is nice. / – Nice. – Women are good at it too. / – Yeah, I know. Look how good she is. (A woman biker) (The most favorite ride of the Vietnamese people) Finished? – Thank you. / – Thank you. I think people have to try riding a motorbike taxi when they come to Vietnam. – Totally a roller coaster. / – Just try it. (But where are we going?) (Looking around) (What’s this on the street?) (Ever heard of this?) (Vietnam’s roadside barber shop) (Welcome) (A barber shop in the middle of a street) At least there’s no rent. This is totally different from the barber shop in the UK. Wow, this is really luxurious! (The barber shop in the UK that Sangmin’s been to) (Very professional) I’m trying to make this hairstyle into a trend. The shaving of the hair parting… (Sangmin’s pride, his hair parting line) He’s really good at shaving. Isn’t he getting his hair done in my style? He’s getting it done in your style! Look! – It’s the same as your hair! / – Yes, like my hair! (Synchronized 100%) This hairstyle must be big in Vietnam now. I think I should get my hair done here too. It has grown a little anyway. He’s cute. (Done with the haircut) He’s so cute. – Can you do a line on this side? / – Okay. (Explosion of manliness) (An extraordinary force can be felt here) (Just trust me) (I’ll trust you) Oh, gosh. He’s got to try out every barber shop he sees. My hair’s grown a bit, and it’s been bothering me. (Sangmin’s challenge at a new barber shop) (What will happen to Sangmin’s hairstyle?) (Lots of shaving cream on his parting line) (Let’s see…) Make it round, please. (Got it) (Finally, he begins shaving Sangmin’s parting line) – No, he’s doing it all new. / – Oh, that’s not good. – No, he’s doing it all new. / – Oh, that’s not good. Look, he’s doing a new line. It’s done already (What’s done already?) – It’s done already! / – Really? – What do we do? / – Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh, goodness. Oh, gosh. – It’s already… / – Already done. It’s done already, no? Two lines… Oh, my goodness. You can cover it like this. – Oh, gosh. / – Just cover it like this. Okay. (Straight line is the trend in Vietnam) Not straight but round. (Trying to mend that parting line) (My pride… My pride is…) (The parting line is getting wider…) It’s straight here. That must be how they do it here. It needs to be curved, but it’s already shaved. (There goes his pride) Thank you. (How is his hair?) Thank you. I have a triangle on my head now. He’s stubborn. He didn’t do it as I asked him to. I mean, originally, my style is… – Slightly curved like this. / – Like that. But he went this way. (His parting line has definitely been changed) (Straight line isn’t that bad either) So much hair is all over you. That kid copied after my hairstyle! This kid here… He copied my hairstyle, so I… (I thought it would come out nice like you) Pretty. (Don’t be too sad, Uncle Sangmin!) Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Oh, how cute. (Bye, uncles!) (But… Where do we go now?) Wouldn’t it be easier for us to go somewhere with lots of young people? Is there a place like Korea’s Cheongdam in Vietnam? If you go to Hoan Kiem Lake… – You’ll see many people exercising. / – Hoan Kiem? – Hoan Kiem Lake. / – Hoan Kiem? – Hoan Kiem. / – It means the “Restored Sword.” – The “Restored Sword?” / – The “Restored Sword.” – The “Restored Sword.” / – The “Restored Sword.” – Let’s go. / – Go, go, go! This must be… (Near the Hoan Kiem Lake) This must be a pedestrian zone. The lake must appear… – If you go to that end, right? / – Yeah. The street must be car-free every weekend! Wow, the lake! (Approaching the Hoan Kiem Lake) (A regular road on weekdays) (Hoan Kiem Lake) (But the streets turn car-free on the weekends) (But children’s rides are allowed) (Make way, honk, honk!) Looks like many families come out to the park. So, I think we might have a chance if we talk to them. (From soon-to-be families) (To current families) (Many families are out to enjoy their time) There are so many people that I can’t ask. (There are way too many people) (While our gentlemen are feeling overwhelmed) (The vast sky of the Hoan Kiem Lake) The sun has set, Sangmin. (Has turned dark) (But the streets are getting even more lively) (Each in his or her own style) (Enjoy the evening time) I can feel that things are so pretty here, but none of these pretty things are catching my eyes. (Where do we sleep tonight?) Well, most of our first nights have been like this. Well, yes. But this time, we don’t have a second night. Yeah… For the first time, we’re going for only one night. There’s no going back. (We must move on) (The burden of there being just one night…) – Are your shoulders alright? / – Yeah. – And your bag? / – I’m good. (Who should they deliver) (Their sincere hearts to?) Wow. A traditional wedding! Yeah. (A traditional outdoor wedding at this hour?) – Pretty. / – Shall we take a look? (Getting their wedding photos taken) That must be the traditional dress of Vietnamese men. (Vietnamese traditional dress, “ao dai”) (Recalling his memories) – Congratulations! / – Congratulations! Congratulations! (Thank you) “Chuc mung hai bo.” “Hai bo?” “Hai bo?” (How kind) – Sangmin, cat! / – Cat! (All his attention on the cat) (Hello) What’s his name? – His name is Moon. / – Moon. (Pat, pat) (So pretty) Black. (United one as cat lovers) “Moon” must mean black in Vietnamese. Where are you from? – Korea. / – South Korea. Hello. Oh, hello! You guys are friends? Yes. I studied Korean. Oh, I see. Nice to meet you! (Something feels good) How lucky! (Hopeful) Little? A lot? I have two cats. – Two cats? / – Yes, two cats. This is my cat. My house, my cat. What’s his name? – His name is Jjingko. / – Jjingko? Jjingko. (Good impression increased by 1 point) Do you know Coach Park Hangseo? Of course. If you think you don’t have a chance, I can go and help you out even if it’s late in the evening. (Use me as you wish) Thank you for your words. We had a meal together. (Hero of Vietnam, Park Hangseo, feeling proud) (The credibility of the two increased by 100 points) (I have done my work) (It’s up to you from now on) I want to make Vietnamese friends. Maybe meet a Vietnamese family. Welcome. Maybe, if we become friends, we can go to your house and make Korean food for you… – Make Korean food? / – Yes. (Oh, my goodness) And give you presents from Korea. And tell you about Korea. I also want to listen to stories about Vietnam. Maybe we can sleep one night on your couch? Okay? Okay? (Success? Fail?) (I would let you) (What would the answer of fellow cat lovers be?) I live in Hanoi alone. Alone? (Sorry) – I live in a rented house. / – Rented house, oh! Not my house… (It must mean a no) (I’m sorry) – Thank you. / – Thank you. Bye! Thank you. (We hope you succeed!) This isn’t easy. (They start walking without a destination again) I’m starting to get hungry. Me too. Let’s sit for a minute.

20 thoughts on “Jaeyun and sangmin experience Vietnam’s “Street Barber Shop”[One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.05]”

  1. OMG . This place is very near to my house :(( If I knew they were there , I would come to say Hi .
    And some tips for who want to have haircut in Vietnam . Street barber price is very cheap (about 2$ ,but they are only good at short or sport hairstyles . If you want fancy Korean style , pompadour ,.. you should come to salon or big barber shop ( about 4 $ )

  2. 베트남의 문화를 경험하고 싶으면 한번 오세요.정말 재있어요.그리고 친절한 사람이 베트남이에요.

  3. Poor Sang min hair become like that..he Should take care or his customer more detail..the face of that guy like he not doing wrong

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