Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Who Wins?

Have you ever wondered what your personality
type is good at or which personality type is the best? Introverts and extroverts are opposites in
personality while there is the ambivert who is in the middle. This video will cover the difference between
introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts and areas where each personality type excels at
and we are starting right now. Let’s start off with the introvert. Introverts are people who recharge their energy
by being alone but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be with people. Introverts like social situations in small
groups instead of large groups. Some signs that you are an introvert are if
you spend a good amount of time being alone, you prefer small groups over large groups,
you don’t like small talk, and you have a keen eye for details. In a world where there is an extraversion
bias or where things like putting yourself out there are highly valued, you might think
that it’s better to be an extrovert but there are areas where introverts excel at. For instance, introverts can be just as good
leaders as extroverts. It’s estimated that 40% of CEOs are introverted. Introverted leaders have an easier time saving
face because when a company is struggling, people want to blame a big personality and
it’s usually the extroverted CEO who is blamed. Introverts are also just as good in the spotlight
as extroverts. There are many famous introverts like Emma
Watson and Lady Gaga. Introverts don’t necessarily struggle with
the spotlight, they struggle more with meeting and greeting people on a large basis. Introverts are also less likely to be addicted
to risky behaviors. When there was a study on the minds of introverts
and extroverts when gambling, researchers discovered that the introvert’s brain produced
less dopamine. This means that they don’t consider risky
activities like gambling that rewarding. Introverts are also better at creative work
since that is how they best express themselves. Their creativity is born out of avoiding small
talk and being around people all the time. Last, introverts tend to be a better judge
of character than extroverts. Introverts are natural observers and thus,
they can tell if someone is being genuine or not. Let’s talk about the extrovert now. Extroverts are people who recharge their energy
through social interactions and social stimulation. Some signs you are extroverted are you like
social gatherings, you have a large group of friends, you like to talk things out, you
feel bored when you are alone, and you like conversations. As mentioned before, there is an extraversion
bias in society so many things such as school are designed for the extrovert. One example for how school is designed more
for extroverts is group work. Extroverts like teaming up a lot more than
introverts so they have an easier time working in groups. As for what they are good at, extroverts are
more natural leaders. A lot of leaders self identify as extroverts
and it’s no surprise because extroverts love being around people. Extroverts are also great at spreading social
confidence in a conversation. They can break the ice, strike up conversations,
and make introductions. They enable others to join in the conversation
and share their ideas. Last, extroverts tend to be happier. Extroverts benefit from a greater reward so
they tend to be happier. They also tend to be more optimistic and better
at mood regulation. This means that they can enter a tense or
awkward room and not catch the emotion. Last, we have the ambivert. I personally am an ambivert myself so if it
is a bit biased, feel free to call me out. Ambiverts are people who fall in the middle
of the introvert extrovert spectrum. Sometimes they are the life of the party and
sometimes they just want to be alone. They have the best of both worlds in a sense. Ambiverts are actually pretty common as about
68% of people are ambiverted according to Barry Smith, a professor at the University
of Maryland. As for the benefits, ambiverts tend to be
the best employees because they are able to deal with more introverted jobs like software
engineering and more extroverted jobs like sales. In a study done by Adam M Grant, call center
employees that were ambiverts were the best performers. They had an average revenue per hour of $208,
compared to $138 for introverts and extroverts. The ambiverts were able to listen better than
the extroverts and assert themselves better than introverts. Another strength is that ambiverts are able
to connect with anyone. They are flexible and can move between introversion
and extroversion. If they wanted to, they can be the one starting
the conversation or they can be the one sitting back and observing. Ambiverts are also great at communicating
because they know when to listen and when to talk. Getting the timing down is important if you
want to be good at communicating and ambiverts know when it’s their turn. Last, ambiverts are good at assessing risks
and taking them. Extroverts love taking risks while introverts
are usually more hesitant. An ambivert will usually think through the
pros and cons and then follow through with their choice. Before we end the video, I want you to know
that no matter what your personality is, it is good at certain areas of life. Just because things may not be designed for
you doesn’t mean that you won’t do great in them. If you want to check out some videos about
silence and the introverted personality, check out this playlist here.

13 thoughts on “Introvert vs Extrovert vs Ambivert – Who Wins?”

  1. Since ambiverts have the best of both worlds, they can adapt to any sort of situation an extrovert and an introvert does not want to themselves in. I know a lot of people who are introverts for the most part but they can be very extroverted when people approach them or invite them to social events.

  2. I would say I am an ambivert, but only because I can go either way depending on the situation, and that depends on my mood and what I have going on in my life when I am in a given situation.

  3. Extroverts are just annoying attention seekers.
    Anbivert are in the middle of being annoying and tolerable at times.
    Introverts are the ones getting annoyed by Extroverts and sometimes Ambiverts. But Introverts are the most tolerable and imo the true way of being.

  4. Keep up the hard work. Your channel is amazing, and I can tell that you’re going to gain a large following if you continue to put in hard work.

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