Introducing The Stereotypes Artist Expansion | Native Instruments

Introducing The Stereotypes Artist Expansion | Native Instruments

Some of the artists we have worked with that we are that we are probably most known for will be Bruno Mars Justin Bieber Mary J. Blige Destiny Rogers long list thankfully ♪ We kind of work all at the same time I’ll work on some chords while Ray and Charm are working on drums and percussion at the same time so we got like three rigs running Generally we would start with like the melody and then build the drums we just attack it at the same time. We just see a mark and go for it. ♪ I think the vision for the expansion pack was sort of mapping out our journey as producers and how long we have been doing it and how we got here and it gives you a clear path in my mind to where we are going. Looking at The Stereotypes like this is their signature sound so to hear it in the expansion pack it’s like okay that’s obviously the drums that they use, the doop doop those are obvious bold choices that make The Stereotypes. Some of the things that I felt we needed to include in this expansion was our pinnacle songs that like made huge changes for us in our career. The very first big hit that we had was ‘Damaged’ from Danity Kane which dates back to like 2008 and so that was a huge moment for us because it was our first top ten record and then from there it was ‘Girls on the Dancefloor’ with Far East Movement It shifted things in the music industry and it was awesome becase we were responsible for it you know so we’re like we have to include this it moved our situation and where we were at, at the time in our career and propelled us. ♪ Your signature is – you. It’s how you play the same shit everyone else kinda has almost. It’s like ink. It’s only one black ink and everyone has their own signature Some people make music for themselves and it doesn’t go anywhere some people make music for themselves and it goes everywhere. Find something that you enjoy doing and just keep working at it. Practice. Get better. Show up everyday. Treat it like a job and then hopefully one day it will be your job

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  1. Most of you watching this video are beat makers , producers and musicians. No matter what your genre is .I wish you the best of luck in your careers. Thanks NI .

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