Interview with visual artist Rosalind Wyatt

Interview with visual artist Rosalind Wyatt

I am a visual artist. I am a calligrapher. I create collages which are inspired by text. That’s a college of textile and paper. I use natural pigments and ink to create a painting. And I make my own canvas. That’s what I’m doing with the colleges, and they are Art pieces. With the stitch pieces I’m using a garment as the canvas. I’m really fascinated by the garment we wear and how close they are to our skin and how that’s like a second skin. So that becomes my canvas on
which to tell the story of that person and the way I tell that story is through
their handwritten mark. I stitch a story through their handwriting on to a garment. My dad was always interested in theatre and
Shakespeare and speech so that was my initial interest as a child I sort of I
used to go to theatre a lot and hear the human voice , there was a lot of
emphasis on that, then after school I found this degree in calligraphy and I
thought that really resonated with me because it resonated with this love of philosophy and texts and writing and speaking. Then after that
I I felt that my artistic training was incomplete so I went on and did textiles
and that’s when I really was forced to address who I was as an artist
and I’m find my my own voice if you like. When I see my post grad I
started looking a lot of handwriting and I felt that was more spontaneous. It had
more of a human content to it. I started to think about the person who
wrote it, what they were thinking… …the message, how they had written on a piece of paper. The space around the text sometimes even the mistakes, even the doodles. It was almost like a little
snapshot of a moment in time that was fascinating and that told its own story.
You can tell where he’s begun here I assume it’s a man. Looks male to me.
It’s really tiny here and then… With the needle, I just thought ‘I wonder
if you can form letters with a needle… …and thread?’ so I’d literally find one of these letters I really was fascinated by and liked the look of and I was almost drawing with a needle and thread the letter form that I could see in handwriting I think we’re bombarded with messages all the time and art has become another message and it’s almost like an assault on your senses so I would rather
create art that is lasting, that is meaningful, that has a subtle message to it and that makes people think about who they are doing here. What their
role is… So it’s not about just creating something that is instantly
understandable it’s about presenting a view which may be makes people think
there is something bigger. As an artist I commit myself to
discovering who I am and my what purpose is and by telling other people’s story I hope
I can shed a different light on it and connect to other people, sensitively
with the humanity within them as well These are early day collages where I literally trying to make my own canvas.That’s textile and paper which I’ve applied over the top and then
almost just turning the canvas to make a different mark and see how calligraphy
can create a series of marks on a page in a space and how just their
interaction is really interesting it’s like piece of meeting with different
notes you know you make one mark and then you make the next one and its you
can be really fluid in the way the marks relate to each other so this piece here
was my interpretation of a text which is a very ancient text. It says ‘Through
the inner ear of a devotee I made my way into his soul and sweep it clean.’ and I was
really interested with how sound can sort of enter in or how they felt sound
can enter in through the ear and do something within a a sort of body within
a space within an ear drum and cleaner and so I that’s what I was doing with my
own marks sort of using colors using paint so it’s very difficult to describe
what’s going on here because you’re you’re literally letting that text sort of
move your hand and inform the mark you’re making I normally work on several
colleges at once quite freely in quite an intuitive way. ‘Through the inner ear of a
devotee I made my way into the soul and sweep it clean” and I just thought ‘Wow, can words do that? You know, like the sound that happens when you listen to a text it
sort of just enters in through your air and it does something inside you and it
cleans and it sweeps out old messages and creates a new space, a new landscape.
When I write it’s a way for me to understand the meaning of the spoken
word or of an ancient text, and the look of it that the graphic art of it is… Well, I’ve learnt this;
I suppose it is the ability to be able to convey emotion
through a single mark and I think the possibilities are endless you can get a
hundred emotions a thousand emotions into one mark and I find that really

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