35 thoughts on “Interview: Car-Dweller Art Business – All From the Trunk of Her Car”

  1. Well Bob you have pulled another Great video out of you hat… Linda your such an inspiration. What a nice business you have going… Thanks Bob for sharing… you are an inspiration to us all… Happy Trails!

  2. Freedom to live as you want without having to conform to an employer's demands. Able to accept the way you are. No dress code. Just be yourself. And that is it.

  3. I want to see someone doing those window reflectix properly so they fit well…please and before i do this I would definitely do this in a van before a car, just saying

  4. Another really inspiring interview! I'm definitely taking notes, Linda … your organizational skills are awesome … it's definitely my weakness! I'm growing into this lifestyle. Great adventure so far! Thanks for sharing (and thanks, Bob, for posting it 🙂 God Bless

  5. I'm an acrylic artist and barely have room in my tiny space but now I see where I could make changes to make room.

  6. Good for her she has a life instead of working from one job to the next trying to survive. She looks radiant, and happy!

  7. I call the RV I live out of The Serenity. In my case, it was a Firefly reference. But it works on many levels. I love this lady.

  8. Absolutely wonderful lady with the great ideas we are traveling now Bob on our way to Iowa

  9. More exposure for Miss Linda, good deal! I follow her youtube channel…she’s the real deal, and such an inspiration!

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