100 thoughts on “International Ice Cream Taste Test”

  1. NOOO.. There is whipped cream in the middle of the "Spaghetti Ice" from germany. which is kinda frozen but not cold. they didnt reach it. its in the middle. and its the best part

  2. Philippines was conolized by the Spaniards for 333 years. That's why some of our words that we use today are kind of similar to them 😂 sorry to confuse you guys.

  3. Am I the only one who realizes that the “where in the world is…” is from Superwoman and not from them? Uncool, Gmm, uncool.

  4. Yes we do have spanish word on philippines.
    Why? Because Spaniards colonized us for atleast 300 years. But Saging (Banana) Con Yelo ia better than Mais Con Yelo.

  5. Im kinda good at geography,And all because of that im getting a deadly disease because sweden is marked as finland

  6. If Link was winning in the last round, shouldn't Link throw first? Also, since Link threw second, all you had to do was throw next to Rhett's to win since you were in the lead. Nice win Link, always happy for your moment in the sun!

  7. Does anyone remember them learning about German spaghetti ice cream in “Will It Ice Cream?” Come on boys! Don’t you remember every episode? 🙂

  8. Can Link hire an international food expert for future taste testing? The expert would just be another "old friend" of links lol

  9. Wait… how come on the last round, Link was winning, but Rhett went first, but every other round was the winner going first?

  10. Thanks for the "brilliant country"! 🙂

    You even featured Spaghettieis in an earlier episode resp. mentioned it was from Germany. 😉

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