India Alert इंडिया अलर्ट || Episode 140 || Saas Ki Rajneeti ( सास की राजनीति ) || Dangal TV

Keshav, stop. You’re going to start a new life today. Actually…
it has been just a few days since we met. And very soon we got married. I mean… we haven’t got the chance
to know each other yet. Then know me now. What are you doing here?! Sir… it is necessary for your
wife to be present during this ritual. Yes priest. I’ll get her. Wait. I’ll fetch daughter-in-law. Alright. Hey! There is holy fire
prayer going on downstairs and you are lying here
like a queen! Get up! Mother… I wanted to
come down for the rituals. But I am not feeling well at all. I can’t come down. I can’t come down! I got my son, Jagdish Pandey,
married to a lower caste girl like you so that he could get the vote bank. How dare you refuse to come! Get up! But brother didn’t
win in the last election. In fact since sister-in-law
has come to our house all our work is getting jinxed. Jagdish will surely
win the elections this time. Come on, get up! Get up! Come on fast! Come on, tidy up! Take this… wear it. And also hide this scar, sister-in-law. You want to show the world
how you are being tortured!? Just a minute. I will do it myself. Give me your hand, come on. Get it here. Come on! Pandit-ji…
my father-in-law was the MLA of this area. But my husband didn’t like politics. He used to consider it ditch. I tried my best to convince
him that if he wants to earn money he will have to step in this ditch. But he was happy doing his ordinary job. Yes. He was known well for
his self respect in entire Lucknow. That’s what I didn’t like about him,
Pandit-ji. But yes. This image of his
will prove very useful to my son Jagdish’s political career. Now, my son’s won’t live an ordinary life. Jagdish and Keshav will
rule over entire Lucknow. But yes, Pandit-ji.
Your prayers and Mantras must work. My Jagdish has to win
the elections this time. Thank you Pandit-ji. Donation for you. Mother, Mukesh is here to meet you. Mr. Mukesh, it seems you don’t trust us. No brother Jagdish. I trust you a lot. That is the reason I have paid Rs.
2 crore to you for getting a tender passed. But this project of Gopalganj
redevelopment is vast. What is the guarantee
that my tender will pass? Mr. Mukesh, what is the guarantee
that you will be alive tomorrow? Greetings. Greetings. Take a seat. Ms. Indrayani…
you felt offended, madam. Not at all, Mr. Mukesh.
What is there to feel offended about? This is just business. Anyway. There is no shortage
of contractors in the town. One who gives us Rs.
4 crore first will get the contract as soon as Jagdish
becomes the MLA. Simple. Hey Ms. Indrana…
look…if that is the case I can pay you the entire amount right away. But you see madam, if my job is not done, I am capable of extracting
6 crores instead of 4 crores back. And brother Jagdish knows that very well. No, no Mr. Mukesh. That won’t happen. And it shouldn’t. Madam, in that case 4 crore will
reach your house today evening itself. Consider it done! Ms. Gayatri… greetings. Mummy, excuse me. But we have already taken so
much money from different contractors for getting the project passed. What if he doesn’t win? She is just a stigma
in the name of a wife! Can’t you ever speak anything
good for your husband?! Even in the last elections,
you proved useless to us. And to top it,
you burdened us with this girl! -Mummy, I was just…
-Don’t say a word. If you say anything jinxed again I’ll throw both,
you and your daughter out! Mummy, take this. Oh dear! See the affection
between mother and daughter! Come… come here dear. Come. very good, my brave heart! Look dear, let your mother hurt. Only then she will get back her senses. Isn’t it? Yes. Votes have been counted
and we have the results with us. This time the winner is
Ranvijay Singh Malik who defeated Jagdish Pandey by receiving maximum votes. This is impossible! But it has already happened, mother. Accept the truth, mother. What will we do now? What will we say to all those
people from whom we accepted bribes? We will return all the money. But we can only return
if any money is left with us. All the money was spent on your
election campaigning and publicity. I think we need to meet Malik. Not you, me. Now whatever has to be done, I will do it. This is not just my win, it’s yours too.
Of course. Sir, all the work will be done now…
whatever you say will be done. Yes, yes. Yes. Sir, Ms. Indrani Pandey
is here to meet you. Really? Must be to congratulate me.
Send her in. Yes, yes. Of course sir. Many congratulations on your win,
Malik sir! Hey Ms. Indrani… thank you. I’ll hang up now. Yes, yes. Thank you very much. Look Malik sir…
I don’t like to beat around the bush. I am very frank. There is a deal for you. It will gain popularity for
your party and will benefit us too. Here… Look Ms. Indrani… The deal and quotation
of the tender are very good. But… a human has many other
requirements other than money. I like only two things. First, virgin liquor and second, old scotch. Hey Jagdish… Hey leader… Where are you hiding?! Are you hiding in your mother’s lap?! Hey Mr. Mukesh… you have brought goons? Yes, I have brought goons. Because you’ve cheated me of Rs. 4 crores! I have been calling you since morning but you don’t have the
time to receive my call! And where is your mother?! Call her! She was boasting
so much about things she would do after winning the elections! But now she has lost.
What will she do now?! You remembered me and I am here,
Mr. Mukesh. Why are you screaming so loudly? Strange Mr. Mukesh. You come and insult
my sons in my house itself. And that too at such a time
when I have got your tender passed. What?! My tender has been passed? Mr. Mukesh,
doesn’t matter if we win or lose. Lucknow is ours even today. Madam, this is just one
tender that has been passed. What about that Gopalganj project? That will be taken care of too.
Have patience. Patience. Patience?! You didn’t show
any patience while accepting the money! And now you tell me to have patience!? Hey! You’re getting angry. Someone please get cold water for Mukesh. Mr. Mukesh… they say that
the fruits of patience are sweet. But we will make your waiting
period all the more sweet. Till your tender doesn’t pass, I have other arrangements
to entertain you. Have water. Ok… alright… Brother, Muskaan still hasn’t come home. And she didn’t return by the van too. What?! Where must my girl have one?! Do not worry Gayatri. Wherever Muskaan is, she is fine. You know where my girl is? Where is my daughter?! Keep your voice low. Why are you separating
my daughter from me? What do you want? I’ll do whatever you say. But please return my Muskaan to me. Really? You will do as I say? Yes. I’ll do it. Mukesh has fallen for you. Now, till I don’t get
Mukesh’s tender passed by Malik you’ll have to be with Mukesh… What nonsense are you saying?! How can you even think like that?! Hey! Stop this drama! You are so dedicated
to your husband, right? This job is also for
the sake of his betterment. You have one chance to prove useful to your family. I beg of you. Please don’t ask me to do this. Alright. Then forget your daughter. Listen… mother has abducted Muskaan! She tells me I have to
go with Mukesh contractor… I know. She is asking you
to sleep with him, right. Go ahead. I am your wife.
Doesn’t it make any difference to you?! Your husband is so nice, isn’t it? He himself is asking you
to go with another man and enjoy. You are not a husband, but a eunuch!! Just for the sake of your reputation,
you can sell your wife and child?! Yuck! I abhor you! Eunuch! I am a eunuch, is it?! Now I will show you my manliness! Muskaan… my baby! Hey! You here… all of a sudden? Good news always comes uninvited. Sign these papers and… Look, I discussed about Gopalganj
tender with the higher authorities. But the reply will take some time. Malik sir… what do you think? You know me very well? These are not tender papers. This is your younger son’s
application form to join our party. You include Keshav in your party. And next year,
Jagdish will not contest against you but will be in collaboration with you. And you know well that our
family is well known in politics. He will be very beneficial for you. You see, I can accept
your son in my party, but… But? You see, your family’s
political image is fine but your younger son’s
political image is zero. I would say that you should
marry your younger son to a socially lower standard girl
just like your elder son. I would even say you must
get him married to a poor widow. That way, his image will improve. Politics works on images. As much as the girl is pitiable,
helpless, distressed, distraught the image will be as much bigger. And then… Thank you very much. Just because of you,
my daughter has gotten married. Otherwise, with the tragedy
that happened with her 6 months ago we never thought we would be
able to get her re married so soon. No, no. no need to thank me. Everybody deserves a second chance. That is your generosity. My daughter is very talented. She can stitch, weave and also earn money. She was a topper in her college. She can help you in your business too. No. That won’t be needed. This family has everything
it needs by God’s grace. And the daughters-in-law of
this house are not required to do that. I’ll just come. Welcome… most welcome Malik sir. Very good!
The decoration is very good. Very pretty. After all it’s a question of our image. Please come… I’ll introduce
you to my younger daughter-in-law, Meghna. -Great.
-Please come… Of course. Not this. Get old scotch for sir today. Today, I don’t want old scotch. I want virgin liquor. Keshav… wait. Today, you are going to start a new life. Actually…
it has been just a few days since we met. And very soon we got married. I mean… we haven’t got the chance
to know each other yet. Then know me now. What are you doing here?! Let me go! Let me go! Brother-in-law, you are here!
Then who is upstairs!? Hey! Stop there.
Why are you going upstairs? You are worst than animals. She has just got married and arrived here. And today itself… Sister-in-law, she is my wife. I can do whatever I like with her. And it would be better if you teach
this lesson of moral science to Muskaan. Not us. To spend one night with Meghna Malik has offered
him a place in his party. If I get this chance along with you, I can even
send Muskaan upstairs in the room. Now, get lost. You have found a good
daughter-in-law, Indrani. I enjoyed a lot. Meghna… I can understand what
you’re going through. Don’t cry. Gradually even you will
have to get used to it. That means, even you were… They are not humans, but animals. I am afraid they will
do the same with Muskaan. Sister-in-law, leave. Hey! You can express
sisterly love in the morning. Right now, let me enjoy my first night. Leave now. Hey! No sister-in-law… no sister-in-law… No, no! Sister-in-law, no! No, no! No, Keshav, no! No, Keshav, no! No, Keshav, no! To get a hold in politics, Ms. Indrani used both her daughters-in-law. And her sons, Jagdish and
Keshav also supported their mother. It is not wrong to earn reputation,
fame and money. But is it so important
that one starts playing with the dignity of
the family members itself. Gayatri had come to terms
with the abuse happening to her. She was quietly bearing all
the injustice happening to her. But will Meghna also bear
this abuse quietly like Gayatri? Or will she muster
the courage to oppose it? And will Gayatri be able to
save her daughter from this filth? Yes… yes… Ok. Yes, of course. Gayatri… get tea and breakfast. Next… yes. I’ll call you in some time. Yes. Where has she disappeared
early in the morning? Gayatri… Gayatri… Gayatri… Constable… constable sir… You will go to the police station?! You’ll register an FIR?! You all will have to pay for this crime! You all will rot in jail! What will you go and tell the police? And how? You will complain about
us and they will accept it? May be not. But you all will have to pay for this. And I’ll surely teach you all a lesson! And remember something. I won’t spare you! Don’t make the mistake of considering
me weak like sister Gayatri! You low grade woman!
You threaten us! Us ?! Keshav, remove your belt. No! Give it to me! She won’t dare to elope now! Beat me as much as you like! But remember that it
will be my chance some day. I will finish you off! Shut up you witch! Stop it! She will die. Good riddance. Not yet. Until you get a place in Malik’s party,
it is very important that she lives. Listen… explain to her
what standard daughters-in-law of this house have. And remember… She shouldn’t be able
to talk to anyone over phone and no one should be
allowed to talk to her. And if she tries to act too smart,
lock her in the room. Low grade woman! Indrani… Amazing! Indrani from Indrani-ji! I don’t respect those who
mess with my business, understand! What had you said? My son is joining Malik’s team. As soon as he joins,
my tender will be passed. I did say. So? That means you don’t
know what I am talking about. Malik has selected someone
else instead of Keshav in his team. Understand?! No, no. That is impossible. It has happened. Just remember,
if I don’t get my money within two days I won’t b coming for collection,
my men will. And madam, if they are here,
you can keep drinking tea. Yes, Mr. Leader…
the new government that you have formed what all changes will it
bring in the education policies? What was it? Please repeat the question. I was asking that the new government that you have formed what all changes will it
bring in the education system? Look… in the education system,
we will be bringing many changes. Especially for poor kids. All the changes we can bring to
the education system, we will do our best. Education for the poor children is a must. Mr. Malik… your beliefs are very good. But will you keep your promises? Mr. Malik… I have heard
that you always break your promises. Ms. Indrani, go to my cabin.
Relax. I will be there soon. I don’t have any time to wait. Excuse me. What is this drama you
are creating before the press? Don’t you understand?! You said you will include
Keshav in your team. I tried. But the Kanpur constituency
member pressurized me. I had no option but to select his son. But because you said,
I got my son married to that widow! If you can’t handle her,
send her to me, understand?! Messing with my brain! Alright. Nothing is lost yet. You keep Keshav in your team. I will do whatever you want. Hey! You’re a woman. Stay in your limits! All the time you keep crossing the limits. You can’t achieve everything
using this old body. Understand?! -Help! Help me! Help me!
-Have you gone mad?! -What are you doing?! Hey!
-Help me! -Hey stay away!
-Help me! Mr. Malik… what are you doing? Mr. Malik, you are crossing your limits! Look ma’am… she is a drama queen. I am within my limits. The recently elected MLA of Lucknow, Mr.
Ranvijay Singh Malik who tried to sexually assault Ms. Indrani is at present under police custody. And the investigation
has started in this case. After all who murdered Indrani? To have a stronghold in politics,
she had made many enemies. It was difficult to say who shot her. She had taken a big amount
from Mukesh promising him to pass his tender. Because he didn’t give
Keshav a party ticket she falsely accused
Mukesh of sexual harassment and defamed him. And she committed so
many atrocities on her two daughters-in-law, that we
feel sorry even calling her a woman. So now the question is who amongst these hated Indrani the most
and also had so much courage two shoot her in broad daylight. What happened, Inspector sir? Arrest her. What did I do? What are you doing? I am innocent. You can tell these
lies at the police station. The gun with which Ms. Indrani
was shot belonged to her only. That means a member
of this house has used it. No, that is not true. I am innocent! Didn’t you threaten Ms. Indrani
that you will kill her?! Yes, I did. But just think about this if your mother-in-law sends
some other man into you room on your first night,
wouldn’t you threaten to kill her?! Whatever you want to say,
say it at the police station. Take her away. I haven’t done anything! Please tell them…
I am innocent! I am being framed! -I am innocent!
-Stop. She is innocent.
I have killed my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was the
most degraded woman in the world. What are you saying?! I won’t keep quiet today! Inspector sir,
Meghna is telling the truth. People say that a
mother-in-law is like a mother. But my mother-in-law was not
capable of even being called a woman. My mother-in-law,
for her greed, didn’t even think twice before selling me. And this brother-in-law of mine he never respected me as a sister-in-law and on the very first
night after the wedding he traded his wife’s sanctity! It is a man’s duty to
respect his wife’s dignity. And to protect it. But this man married me just
to enhance his political image! He physically abused me
so many times and even raped me. I was just an ordinary girl
from another family in this house but his daughter,
his very own blood, Muskaan he never loved her! Nor cared for her! That is why I had decided. I didn’t want my daughter
to go through what I had. That is why I stole the
gun when I got the chance. A woman may be weak,
but a mother can never be weak! I already had the courage
to fight against Indrani. And instead of tolerating all this I should have approached
the police earlier. I did all this for the
sake of my daughter, Muskaan. Today, I am being separated from her! Release her. Take these three. But what have we done Inspector? Come on! Take care of Muskaan. Educate her.
And make her brave just like you. She is very intelligent.
She will do wonders. You don’t worry about Muskaan at all. I will treat her like my own daughter! I will take care of her! Indrani, Jagdish and Keshav
kept torturing Gayatri again and again thinking that she was a weakling and thinking that she
wouldn’t raise her voice. But every person has a limit of tolerance. Gayatri’s patience also ended one day. She decided to get justice for herself. But if Gayatri had shown courage before and instead of taking
the law in her own hands if she had asked for help from the law she would not have been separated
from her daughter and be in prison. It is the job of law
to punish the criminals. But taking help from
the law at the right time and stopping the crime
from happening also depends on us to some extent. Indrani and her sons had
drooped to such a level in greed of power and arrogance that
their life was completely ruined. After Indrani’s death,
both her sons are undergoing imprisonment for trading their wives integrity. With this, I, Girish Jain say
good bye to you from ‘Crime Alert’. See you again with one
more real incident next time. Till then, be alert. Be safe. Crime Alert!
Raise your voice against crime!

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