Imagination for People (English)

Imagination for People (English)

imagination for people is a web platform where users discover share and support concrete projects around citizen imaginations or imagination for the common good take for example car sharing between individuals growing vegetables in a public space creating a wind turbine that produces water and electricity and even projecting videos on a hospital rooms wall imagination for people's platform helps everyone participate in creative social and environmental projects developing close by or in other territories imagine Mark who creates an association in Lyon to help give all children access to music he provides free collective music lessons in underprivileged neighborhoods on imagination for people he writes a project sheet that describes his project with the idea of creating entire Orchestra is composed of young enthusiasts imagination for people offers project initiators like Mark the possibility to express their needs thanks to calls for Skills Funding equipment or participation they can then find people or organizations that are likely to help them in their process mark posts a call for participation Julie is a music teacher in neon she finds marks project on imagination for people and they decide to work together but many legal financial and organizational constraints remain to better address these challenges mark and Julie join the music and social change group that brings people from the four corners of the world together on imagination for people through this online group they have access to several hundred contributors and a work method that facilitates collective intelligence because of this collaborative work and information about similar projects in Venezuela and Finland mark and Julie can identify innovative concrete solutions and develop their project with other volunteers mark and Julie's adventure is only one example among thousands of citizen imagination initiatives and what do they have in common they bring an innovative solution to society's issues like public transportation urban agriculture the environment and health regardless of the contributors profile their job or the country they're from on imagination for people everyone can get involved you might contribute the original idea energy or the little extra that can make a difference you

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