good morning you say good morning good morning good morning good morning out with it muffin and cheese sorry and Papa Bear I’ll go into town because we need some dog food and we forgot to get some yesterday yesterday we also went to Santa Monica Pier for the first time we went to the beach and like celebrated Papa bear’s birthday a little bit and just hang out and enjoy enjoy some family time together and it was a really nice and of course we recorded a little bit so we can share the trip with you guys no I was quick why are you crying my mother bird let me take a picture of the bird oh it’s too fast whoa did you see them go ahead sorry oh thank you yeah don’t destroy daddy’s artwork sorry did you help go smash smash the way they go with you it’s gonna come in next door either was that was doing but it was I was doing it we’re here but that smart look at the doggies let’s go look you want to look all over cats those are cats let’s get their dog food come on ready pool pool fall out see the birds look at the birds yep see the birds z roads yeah let’s go look at him see you sorry what is that look who’s back your mommy’s arms Oh where’s the mighty mommy’s been working that could Kayla that is a camera that’s how daddy on us have a good nap this is what I’ve been doing all day okay I should have showed you guys before but this power right here is all the stuff that I’m donating and things that need a new home yeah sorry all the way over here so if you guys remember my office Papa Bear move this around and yes and I changed up this corner a little bit I took off everything up there I’m wiping this out and I’m not taking a picture I’m doing it I’m doing a video while you’re eating sorry I haven’t showed much of my face today but this is literally the only thing that I’ve been doing let me show you guys really quick in the closet colors don’t look as great but check out these Dollar Tree bands that I always talk about they come in different colors and if I was you know gonna do a video on this I definitely would have went with an ombre color effect instead of the green green blue but I really don’t care oh and then these are from Dollar Tree as well the stackable grabens they just hold like little small things these are from the Container Store and they stack as well then over here I’ve shown this before I think I’m gonna take it apart I got this idea from a life after 50 and Beyond she created this DIY and I just love it I keep all my washi style tape in here and over here since I’m showing you stuff these are Dollar Tree containers as well and I just have little labels on the front and these bins I go in almost every day so these are the sturdier ones and they’re from Amazon you got her or you put her Daniels I’ve looked up and saw a little tiny creature in my office where you’re holding there what’s that what are you hold it’s a what I’m gonna go get ready brush your teeth you love it


  1. Aawww Good morning Zari !!! You so cute!!! God bless you and mama bear and papa bear.Happy Bday Papa Bear !!!🎂🍰🎁🎈🎉

  2. Love your family. Can you please tell me what size like skirt Zari wear. Every time you are at the beach I get so jealous. Maybe one day I'll get there! Awww. Zari and papa bear were so cute laying there. I swear Zari is an adult just in a little body!! Lol I can't go by the cats and dogs cause I get dad because I want to take them all home! Holy Stuff
    Lucky I'm not you friend because I'm sure I would see a lot of hidden gems. Lol

  3. 🤗❤️ it’s the fam! Good morning Ms Zari. Oh happy cake day to papa bear! 🐻💙 love her beach hat! 👒glad you’re having some time to reset the body clock and center the mind. 🙏🏼 Tfs 💕💕 🌬✨✨ sending goood vibes ✨✨

  4. Your family is so so so cute , and the faces that muffin does..Lol she is so adorable and love your other dog, I want one like that..🤗 thanks for sharing your videos.

  5. Heyyy y'all just great as always tfs I tell that look on muffins face each time I tell she like old Mother Hubbard making sure she watching everything soo cute

  6. LMBO! I'm with Zari I love the beach but hate the sand between my toes😂. I'm so glad I get to see my favorite family. Happy birthday Papa Bear 🎂. The scenery was beautiful. Thanks for sharing your family and life with us. You guys are too cute. XOXO from Va.

  7. Hey Family🐶 🌞Hope u Enjoy yourself👐 That's my Favorite place 😄I only live up the street💛

  8. Ahhhhhhhh I literally just went to the beach a couple days ago!!! It was soooooooooooo relaxing. Thank God for nature.. ❤️


  9. Love your videos! I have yet to visit California. Hopefully one day! Love the beaches of Florida & South Carolina! 🏖🏖🏖 Papa Bear! Happy Birthday fellow Virgo!

  10. tfs . . awe chase/muffin laying together side by side too cute! hope Papa Bear had a wonderful Birthday 🎂 have a great labor day weekend take care ♥️♥️♥️

  11. Happy birthday papa bear!! Ugh I miss y’all and I miss your other YouTube channel, especially the dollar tree steals!!

  12. Hello to my Favourite Three Bears, doggies! Happy Birthday Papa Bear Zoni ! 🎉🎈. RyMinThan as you were walking Muffin and Chase I was thinking, how do they react to the donkey's and vice versa? Oh Zari you are getting sweeter every time I see you….lol walking ever so carefully as not to fall on Papa Bears kingdom. How is that child so well behaved ? SHE IS TWO YEARS OLD …. and to go down for a nap with no hassle ….WHAT ?? I remember my boys at two and they never went down so good lol unless they fell asleep on their own . It was always a fight to get them to take a nap. I absolutely love these family vlogs! Miss RyMingThan will you come help me get organized? Hugs to you all from Canada! 💞👶🏽🌞⛱🎂🐚🙌😎✌️👋🏼

  13. I have never heard either of your dog's bark before. Happy belated birthday to your husband. I think your husband is getting a kick out of building the castles more than Zari, lol. A dreamy catcher, lol.

  14. I just love how you guys spend quality time together making the greatest memories 🙂 LAWD why muffin was looking like you just caught her in the bed with a man when she was laying there With chase lol lol lol lol OMG Zari could so have her own channel it would be the cutest thing ever 🙂

  15. Oh my word is all that stuff you are giving away all the tons of stuff you have bought? Vicious, vicious cycle….yikes….🤪🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. Happy Birthday PAPA BEAR! 🎂🍰🍰🎂🍰🎂🍾 have a blessed year and do something to keep a smile on you HEART

  17. Hello there beautiful family. I am do happy to see your video with the fur babies, Chase and Muffin, Poppa Bear and the lovely Baby Zari. Missed you all so much. Miss your videos. Hope all is well although you all look great. God bless you all. Will be waiting for the next video. Thanks for sharing 😊☺😉😘😍💙💚❤

  18. I love seeing the family having fun together. This is exactly the way families should spend their time together. Thank you for this video. I also love baby Zari doing her thing and the dogs living their best life. Enjoy the weekend.

  19. Once again. A beautiful vlog. My favorite parts
    1. Zari's intro
    2. Scenery
    3. Zari tippy toes on the sand
    4. Zari ' s close up
    5. Mommy's office/closet

  20. Happy Birthday Papa Bear. He looked like he was having more fun than Zari in the sand. 🎂🤗🐶🐕🐾😁🇺🇸


  22. I have had a yuck kind of day.I was so happy to see you uploaded a video today. Seeing little Zari makes me smile. Happy birthday to your hubby.Have a great weekend

  23. Happy birthday papa bear , The beach looks so nice! I'm about 15- 20 minutes from the beach here on the east coast of Florida!

  24. Happy belated birthday Zonie!!! Girl, just watching this reminds me of GTA V. Sorry I’m a gamer. So funny to see the scenic views.
    My Cali vacay next year, I wanna go to Santa Monica!

  25. Happy bday zoni! I have a cardi b shirt and she’s wearing sunglasses that look like ones Zari was wearing lol always love ur guys videos and vibes

  26. Happy Birthday!!! Zari is adorable! Just subscribed to this channel. Miss you guys on the other DT channel. So to keep in touch I subscribed to this one. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hey you guys!!! 👋🏼 Happy Birthday to Papa Bear 🎉🎈🎂 is he a fellow Virgo? My twin and I celebrate a birthday is today August 31st.
    Tyfs what great day at the beach! 😊❤️👍🏼

  28. Papa bear looking handsome at the beach 🏖 and baby girl Zari just too adorable with her cute little voice my goodness and her sunglasses 😎

  29. Rymingtahn! HOW YOU DOING??? You work so hard for your FAMILY AND furbabies, subbies🧡💛❤And we ALL LOVE YOU! Do me a favor TAKE A FEW HOURS OR A DAY for
    Yooooooooou Please💛💞said with love as women we always do us LAST HUGS &KISSES

  30. I saw that 34 balloon in the window. I had to do the math on how old you guys were. Wasn't completely sure, but I knew it was mid – thirties. Still Papa Bear looks way younger. Happy Birthday. Kisses to Zari!

  31. God bless the world. That was the most beautiful thing ever I had ever seen. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed "The First Family". #BIGGWILLIEE 2

  32. Happy birthday Papa Bear! I hope you had a great birthday. Loved seeing you all have fun at the beach. You did a great job decluttering your stuff in your office. Great vlog as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

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