‘I’m a Muslim artist inspired by the female body’ BBC Stories

‘I’m a Muslim artist inspired by the female body’ BBC Stories

My name is Buki.
I’m a life-drawer and I’m a Muslim. I’m black, I’m dark-skinned,
I wear a weave, I wear make-up. I draw naked bodies. So I don’t
look like your average Muslim. My art is very out there
and it gets people talking. Because I tend to draw breasts
and vaginas literally out there. And I just find it very
interesting to understand how people interpret what they see. In terms of my art
and Islam specifically. People say that you can
actually draw the body. But you can’t make it look
like an actual human being. So that’s why I tend not to draw
the full body. I don’t create art for people to worship it and I don’t
create art to mock God or Islam. I draw art because I want us
to appreciate God’s creation. Us human beings. So being a black
Muslim woman living in the west. There’s several different
things I have to tackle. So for example being black. I get told by the media that
my black, African features. So like my bum, my lips only look
good on lighter skin complexions. Being a Muslim, again, if I was to
wear the hijab you have ignorant non-Muslim people thinking that again,
Muslim women are so oppressed. It’s so weird the way they think
that if I wear a scarf I must be so oppressed, I don’t have a voice. But nobody really asks the
Muslim woman how she feels. I use my art as a way to
strike conversations. So we can actually talk about these
things and have a good debate. And see in what ways we can actually
dismantle the stereotypes. I don’t want people to look at me as an
ideal Muslim because I’m far from it. I just want to show that there are other
Muslims out there. People like myself.

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