I React to Fan Art

I React to Fan Art

Well hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching, I am your host, The Report Of The Week. Well, let me get settled in here first and foremost, unbutton the jacket here. There we are.
Now we’re set and we’re ready to go. Today’s video is one that I had planned for. And if you checked one of my videos I think, gosh, It must have been only two videos ago. Where I said I had a few ideas which I wished to employ in the future, but I wasn’t feeling well at the time, and I didn’t really have the energy to kind of set everything up and get everything… You know, put together in that sense, so I had to put it on the back burner. But you know, it was still going to happen. Well. It’s happening now. This is one of the ideas that I wanted to kind of do for a video. It’s something that’s actually again, been floating around for quite some time, but I just never really… I don’t know, it just never came together. And that was taking a look at some fan art, Just checking it out. Just taking a look at it checking it out, and seeing what we have. The concept of fan art for this channel has always been… I mean it’s been foreign to me. I’ll tell you why Number one first you have to understand kind of my own… …artistic abilities or lack thereof. When it comes down to the traditional means of art like drawing, painting, to doing something in Microsoft Paint, going old-school with that, or anything in between doodling… Anything where you taking the pen or a pencil or a brush… or a fake brush… or a mouse… or whatever… …type of easel or platform or whatever. I’m not good at it. I can’t draw. I can’t paint. I can’t I can’t do any of that. The best I can do is stick figures and that’s it. I recall this old story that I always give back In middle school. I was quite young and there was a project for art class, where apparently you were supposed to select a famous painting, and replicate it. And you know you had these little kids trying to replicate the Mona Lisa. I guarantee you that the art teacher just did this project just for kicks. Just so kind of got a laugh out of it and see how awful it was. But I chose some landscape painting. I don’t recall what it was or who it was by, but it was a landscape painting, just looking down a road kind of in the countryside. And I tried my best to replicate and I worked for weeks on this thing. And to just give you a little summary of how terrible it was, the reaction of anyone who saw it was “Wow! That’s a great abstract painting!” And that kind of sums it up right there that it was so bad, from what I was trying to actually make it look like. It was unrecognizable, and I was taken as a work of abstract art. So that the first and foremost it gives you the idea of… How awful an artist I am. So when I see people actually expending the time and energy and talent to draw or paint, to do any sort of art of me. I’m taken back by it, I really am. I’m always so shocked. I remember the first time I ever got fan art. It was in 2013. And I remember then I was so surprised. I thought to myself, you know someone actually devoted the time to do this. And I was flabbergasted. And even to this day I get many many submissions. Even on a daily basis of people who just who draw things, who paint things, who do the art digitally. And it’s always so incredible. Some of it’s absolutely amazing, some of it is extremely funny, some of it… well, Someone still put the time and effort into it. So you know, I think it’s worthy at least of… You know, of taking that into consideration too. So with that being said, we’re just gonna take a look at a few of some submissions that we’ve gotten recently or not recently – some of these are even years old. And we’ll just take a look at them, and I’ll just offer my thoughts. this will be about 15 or so. Take a look at, I got them up on a playlist on my… on my laptop here. And we’ll just go through them and hopefully I’ll find a spot in the video here that you’ll just be able to see them too. So without further ado let’s do this. Okay, this is a… female ReviewBrah fan art. This is from the famous Popeye’s review where she’s saying of course, “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.” That was a female version kind of I guess the female… You called the female anime version? I really don’t know but nonetheless, nice work though.
Nice work on the necktie, got the pattern right, that was a very good… very complicated design on the tie so spot-on with that, and you can see the sheer frustration right there on her face. So this, you know, whoever did this did a good job there. They got the blue chalice on point; they got the dress shirt there;
I like it. They did a good job on that, and I think it really conveys the raw emotion that you’re able to see in that work as well. so very nicely done there. This one stems from… gosh, a couple years ago. But this was made by someone I believe on the… body building forum, and I was so shocked when I saw this. This was actually based off of a picture of me. I’m sure where I was there, and I was kind of standing in front of the door. I was wearing this three-piece suit with the round…. That was a club collar shirt. I just posted it online for the heck of it. You know, I didn’t expect anyone to do anything of it, and then I look and I see this individual made this beautiful… painting you can say, based on that picture. I remember seeing it I was so shocked to see that. It was… I mean it came to me as such an incredible surprise, someone would expend that effort to do something like this. So some people have said the face was a little elf-like, but I think it’s a wonderful work nonetheless that one always took me by surprise. This third one is a more recent design as a matter of fact this was submitted by someone who I’ve worked with on a few projects. Luke Sparrow is his name. Very good, very good artist. This one we actually worked together and made it into some merchandise believe it or not. So this one “The Report Of The Week”. It’s kind of like I’m in the… absolute wilderness there, but I still got the suit, I got the chalice, I got my shortwave radio, and I’m still there. I’m still set, I’m ready to go, ready to take on whatever… whatever is there. But it’s a beautiful design, and I was able to make that into some merchandise which I still have on the TeeSpring store.
teespring.com/repweek-jungle And it’s also the design on one of my QSL cards for anyone who knows what that means, it’s for shortwave listeners and that’s on one of my QSL cards there, but again,
teespring.com/repweek-jungle it’s designs like these when I look at my own artistic abilities or lack thereof, and the amount of detail that’s put into these, it just blows me away that someone actually spent the time, energy, and just pure talent in my opinion on something like that. It’s incredible if you ask me. Now this next one. Kind of going from something that was very intricate to this one. The title is what makes it. You can’t see the title so I’ll read it to you, this painting has a title that’s called “Whenever ReviewBrah Drops Another Burger King Review”. And… I edited the one quote there, but it was there in its full glory. Speaks for itself. I don’t advocate violence but I suppose in the artist’s portrayal, there I am with the the Tommy gun, doing business, and with the huge shoes as well. This next one I know, it’s so crazy to just go bouncing back and forth from one to the next to the next. This is another beautiful work. This one was probably of all the pieces of fan art I’ve ever gotten, this one has to be probably the one that I’m most impressed by. This is a an actual oil painting, done from the still from one of my videos. I think it was… I don’t recall which one specifically it was. I remember was from probably 2016 or 2015 I would wager. Early 2016, late 20… anyway, so one of the videos from that time… it was a still from it. And the artist, she actually she made a full a full-blown oil painting of this… you know, this video, and it’s incredible again. Just the amount of sheer talent that goes behind this. But this one. It’s an actual painting. You can kind of see in the background there, so it’s an actual painting on its own. I mean that painting is so beautiful I’d be willing to actually go in and buy that one if I ever had the opportunity to do so, but that’s a beautiful, beautiful painting. This one is a more recent piece of fan art. Here is built on… I don’t know why I say “built.” It was created after I did the Jack White Review. And I think it was submitted to me via Twitter. I might not be… I think it was via Twitter, but there I am, there I am with Jack White, sitting there with this record in the pizza box there. And I’m kind of just looking at it, you know, like this thing is beautiful, and he’s kind of just given it this glare like you know, this look of almost disgust, and I like the addition of it there He is, he’s wearing a tie; I’m wearing a tie; I just like the color coordination, and I thought that was just a really cool piece of fan art there that was, it’s a recent addition to the collection you can say. And just really really creative, all these are so creative. I don’t know where the ideas come from but it’s incredible. This next one’s a classic. This next one is a true classic. The one thing that I like about this one the most… is I guess the emphasis on the mouth. Because you know that when I do reviews, one thing that a lot of people critique in terms of the food reviews is my bite. They say, “ReviewBrah, you take such huge bites, out of these whatever, you know, out of a burger, or out of a sandwich or out of a piece of pizza. You know, you take one bite and half the burger’s already gone.” Some people say you know, “You should slow it down a little bit. You should take smaller bites.” And I was waiting for a piece of fan art to finally kind of give the emphasis of the huge gaping mouth that I have to take such huge bites of whatever it is that I’m reviewing and I think that this piece of fan art absolutely captures that in the most perfect way imaginable. But right there, absolute beauty. I believe this was based off of a still actually. I was wearing a gray, actually a brown suit. It was a brown double-breasted suit. But gray, it’s close enough. You know, same thing. This next one, this next one was submitted to me via email. Someone wrote in, they said, this is, this kind of looks like you and I was blown… I was blown away by it. I mean this one… I swear, this guy must live next door to me or something because I’ve never seen a more perfect… Just a perfect embodiment of what I really look like than this one. This is incredible. This one is the most realistic one I’ve ever seen quite frankly. It’s just incredible. I mean everything. He got the pair of shorts that I was wearing, he got the haircut… I don’t know how. I don’t know how. I really don’t know how. That’s just incredible. Going over to this one here. This is one of the earliest pieces of fan art that I got. This one dates back to 2013. And you might say, “Well, how do you know that it dates back to 2013?” Well look at the hairstyle in it, Back in 2012. Because this one I got in early 2013 right after the channel first got any sort of attention. In 2012 I have a different hairstyle, I kind of was rocking a comb-over. Now what I do, I have more of a higher part in my hair, and I comb it all back and you know I really grow my hair out quite a bit. But back in 2012 I was rocking the comb-over and a part a little bit lower right around here maybe, and I just comb that stuff straight over and you can see it’s quite evident In the… I guess it’s a… pencil, maybe a pencil drawing. I really wouldn’t know what to call it. My terminology is a little off, but you can see the comb-over there is very much evident, so it’s there, and that’s kind of what gives it dating back to that era. But I remember I got this one in early 2013 and this was probably up until that point. And it still is. It’s an incredible piece of fan art, and I remember before then I just gotten a few photoshops, and a few things in MS Paint. And then I remember one day in 2013 I got an email with this file to it, and I was… this is really the first one that completely blew me away. When I took one look at it, and I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh. You know, the amount of time that must have been dedicated to this, was incredible.” And it’s so I mean I look at it now, it’s almost close to five years old and it’s still… I’m just looking at it… It’s crazy.
It’s always such a shock when people… people just go through all this just to do a… It’s incredible. You know it’s something I never anticipated and something that still gets me to this thing. It’s something else. Just the… it’s crazy, but I’ll never forget that one. One of the first ones I got. This one is circa 2014. I do like the emphasis because sometimes I don’t think there’s enough fan art out there actually that kind of captures this. But I like wearing the wing collars with neckties. it’s a very archaic style, but it’s one that I still sport. Sometimes to much controversy, but there’s not enough fan art out there I feel, that really embodies that, that people, You know it seems you just took the suits and not enough that really sport the wing collar. So this one, he got the wing collar there, you can see with the necktie. That’s based off of my Cheesy Bites Review, from I believe 2014, believe it to be. And a great piece there with the wing collar. Good addition. This one… And you can see right there, I get submissions of all styles, everything. “Boom goes the dynamite – The Report Of The Week” Beautiful depiction there and an incredible quote, “Boom goes the dynamite”. So that one was… You know that one I believe can be open to interpretation, and take from it what you will, but nonetheless it was submitted to me and it is showcased here. Now this one, is again another example of a you know, it’s just a really cool… this one looks like it was probably done maybe in marker or sharpie. But it’s just a cool… you know, a cool piece right there. I like it, the lapels are, are pretty good, they’re going with the notch lapels on that suit there. It’s fair. This next one was done… I don’t know when this was done. Pretty good, though. Emphasizes… You know I look a bit younger in this one, I would wager. But very, very well done if you ask me.
Very well done. This is probably around maybe… 2013-2014 I would say, but it could be later could be earlier, but very well done, this one was great. This one.
This was a zombie ReviewBrah. Good accurate depiction of the hairstyle. So it’s obviously from the more… more recent era of the channel. It was titled “Zombie ReviewBrah” I believe. And… well, you ever wanted to know what I looked like if I was a zombie, now you know. But good clean part in the hair still, maintaining the standards in that regard, but you know, made sure little bruised up in the face and whatever came to me. but that that’s a zombie ReviewBrah right there. And last but not least, actually, this is the penultimate one. At first I thought this is the last but not least one, but it’s not, it’s the second to last one. This is just a pretty cool one. This one some people though they’ll take a still from a video or they’ll, you know, they’ll really just kind of base it off of a picture whereas some people will take multiple elements and let their imagination run wild kind of like the zombie ReviewBrah one and this one, too. This one is kind of taking a few elements from different things. It’s taking the heart-shaped pizza from the absolutely incredible review of the Valentine’s Day pizza from Pizza Hut, but I’m also sporting the Burger King crown also. And I’ve got a good traditional fit suit on, and there I am just lovingly holding that pizza box, and that one, very well done though. It’s what I have to say really when it comes down to all this fan art. It’s always so well done If you ask me. There was one other piece of fan art that I wanted to look up. I thought I had it in the gallery here, but there was one. Here It is. it was easy to find. So it shouldn’t be too much an issue. Let me open this one up here, so I could fully analyze it. There it is up for you. This one was called “Eighties Sci-Fi ReviewBrah”. This one we also were able to make into some merchandise.
teespring.com/sci-fi-comic-brah But there I am, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t want to go as far as to say that I look evil, but it appears I’m holding a shortwave radio, with some sort of… electrified substance… protruding from the end of it. And my tie is electrified. My tie is electrified; it’s just going down and… down and out. And there’s ReviewBrah the bottom there. Eighties theme though, Eighties going with the classic vibe there, but very very well done nonetheless. This one was was great, I was, again, I was blown away when I saw it. I’m able to work with the artist as I like to do a lot of the time. And make it into a piece of merchandise on the TeeSpring store.
teespring.com/sci-fi-comic-brah That’s one thing that I always do enjoy doing when it comes down to the fan art. Where you know, I’ll try and get in contact with the artist, and with their permission try and make something of it. Because a lot of people they always request things. They might say, “I really like this piece of fan art, can you make it into a poster or can you make it into a mug or a t-shirt?” I’m usually always happy to oblige, and with that I try and work with the artist and you know, get things get things done in that way. I hope you enjoyed this video, ladies and gentleman. Just checking out some fan art. I get so much every day, and if you ever have the creative inclination to do any, you know, if you want to do a drawing, do a painting, do you know, something online in a… in an online program or whatever I say go for it. You know, if you have that creative inspiration to do something, make some fan art, Absolutely go for it. Just you know, do what you’re feeling. If you have those creative juices just go for it. And if you want to submit it to me because I’m always so happy to see any fan art that comes my way, you can send me an email:
[email protected] You can send it to me on Twitter, post it onto Reddit, I’ll see it and it’s always so fun and so fascinating to really see this fan art. And a huge thank you to all those of you who have made fan art in the past, present and even going forward. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this. It really does mean a lot to me. It’s something I never expected and it means a lot. So thank you to all those of you who have made these amazing works. It means a lot. And with that well, those are all my thoughts on some fan art. Thank you for watching, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out the VORW Radio show as well.
soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int It’s coming up in a day or two.
soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int You can check it out on Soundcloud, on shortwave on TuneIn.
soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int And I guess any other medium that exists.
soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int And with that, that’s all that I have. Thank you for watching, I’m your host The Report Of The Week, and I hope you enjoyed this video,
that’s all.

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