I GOT KICKED OUT OF AAA2018 (Asia Artist Awards)

Hey guys, so as you can probably tell by the title of this video tonight was not a good night I went to the AAAs, the Asia Artist Awards I had this camera, and I had my phone, and other stuff too I know it specified not bringing recording devices other than phones but I had gone to the SBS Super Concert, if you haven’t seen my previous video and it specified that too, but it was really lax, I was able to record a lot so I didn’t really think too much of it and like they do really really weak bag checks, like they’ll look quick and say “ok you’re good” and they let you go in, so I got in with no problem I saw lots of other big big cameras, so I assumed that clearly they don’t really care about this I can record a little bit Before anything had started, all I did was record a really short video of the stage Which I can insert here I just recorded a short little video, and then I got a tap on my shoulder and there was a security guard, and he basically just told me to come with him and I got kicked out. They took off my wrist band, they put a little X on the back of my ticket and I tried to explain to them, this is a small camera, I’m not gonna profit off of this, I can put it away I can delete the one video I took and they’re like No, No, No And then, another woman who was gonna be attending the awards, she tried to defend me too she was speaking Korean to the security guards, and she was saying “aren’t you being too severe on this girl?” “she has such a small camera, compared to all of these other big cameras, why are you kicking her out?” “aren’t you being too harsh on a foreigner?” and they still didn’t take her explanation at all so… Pretty upsetting. I did make a friend who also got kicked out and she had the same camera as me actually They kicked out some big fan cameras too. And when I mean big cameras I mean like bigger than my head like National Geographic cameras If you’re gonna say you don’t allow recording devices, maybe ensure that you’re doing a good check at the beginning Because after the awards I was scrolling on Twitter, and I’m seeing all of these fansites posting preview photos Oh! And even on bus ride back, because I went with a tour company, even on my bus ride back there was a girl with a camera about 6x bigger than mine? and she was scrolling through the great photos she took of Wannaone and I’m here with my little HD video of an empty stage and then I got evicted from the premises But yeah, I’m just a little upset. I have nobody other than myself to blame. The takeaway from this I guess is that if you are going to a Korean award show and it’s kind of like your one opportunity to see certain artists, I would not risk bringing a camera even if you think it’s lax Just don’t be like me and assume because they do shit all for bag checks that it will actually be lax on the inside Because they had no problem kicking out my little camera Which like…really? What am I gonna do with this? I’m not a fansite, this is tiny as hell I can’t profit off of this even if I made a whole YouTube video again and even if it got lots of views the music in it would demonetize it so… What did they have to gain? Just don’t be me! Don’t make that mistake If you really can’t afford to miss the event, don’t bring your camera cause now I’ll just regret it At least I met a friend And then we just ended up watching the Vlive in a cafe Which is so depressing We essentially just paid a lot of money to watch the Vlive about a block away from the actual award show As you can see, we’re in a cafe, and we’re watching it because we got kicked out They’re still on the main stage, they haven’t moved, I’m kinda happy Ok they’re done and they didn’t walk by our section Thank you for watching, sorry I don’t have anything from the Asia Artist Awards Also feel sorry for me too please

6 thoughts on “I GOT KICKED OUT OF AAA2018 (Asia Artist Awards)”

  1. Rip this is actually so unfortunate.. kicked out before the show even began and it's the only one you were going to go to while in Korea omg

  2. This video made me so sad, I was also at the show (in the same section actually) and there were so many fansites with enormous cameras around me, and like they didn't get kicked out even though everyone could see their cameras from like 10kms away??? I'm really sorry that you got kicked out you really didn't deserve that 🙁

  3. I thought fans can bring camera in alot of concerts in Korea..well i thought wrong cuz i never been into one.. but hey just wondering, are the concert aaa is free or you have to pay for the ticket? Again i felt sorry for you bcuz as a fan thats suck to not be able to alowed to see your fav artist as if it took so many miles to go there..ughh i felt angry and so unfair to do such thing to anybody.. theres must be a good furtunate to this unfortunate you just have to wait and you will bless you with something better girl.

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