I Drew Marshmello For 50 Hours Straight!

I Drew Marshmello For 50 Hours Straight!

hey marshmallow here today I'm gonna be drawing marshmallow for 50 hours straight let's get started it is currently 7 am-7 a June first when we finished it should be around 9 a.m. Monday June 3rd right Michelle to give me extra motivation you get $20,000 if I don't finish the challenge hey Zach oh my goodness how's it going it's 806 I have this laid out what do you think well it looks just like you oh thanks we're only one hour and 49 hours to go I need a Red Bull okay I'll get yours so once I go to Red Bull the kickstart my day I was feeling pretty good about this I'm really excited and I don't want to lose because otherwise I have to give $20,000 to Michelle I don't want to go broke it's 9:02 right now that's how you feel like Zach I'm marshmallow oh my bad if I should really stop you injure I'm having a hard time breathing it's sweaty I am NOT this is torture so I know a lot of you guys are gonna be confused as to why I'm torturing myself but I told myself I really want to give to the homeless it's something I'm really passionate about so all the ad revenue on this video is gonna go to a homeless person so if I finish it and this goes well it's gonna go viral and I'm gonna get a lot of views lots of money and a lot of money to donate to the homeless also I've been blessed to have such a good community and I just want to see where I can take it and what positive things I can do with it looks kind of high right now so I'm gonna try Rincon and throw this bond and Zach you're looking at tired then why are you smiling I'm not smiling trust me despite the smile I was not happy at all sorry get back hey Zack are you hungry good I got you something to eat no marshmallows so what do you actually want sushi okay at this point I went back to work but honestly all I could think about was this sushi all right I'm on my way to go get some sushi I'm here to pick up four of my shops got the sushi Zac I got a sushi the cachet was flirting with me earlier perfect is it good all right guys it's currently 1:15 I'm making some good progress on here we got a marshmallow grenade we got the utility belts it's time to get really buff we in here and I gotta lift it up a bit to breathe you can't do what do you think of the drawing so far you like it that's not marshmallow merch what are you going so he's gonna be holding the marshmallow hammer wait I can't unlock your phone you do it face ID doesn't work I think there's something wrong with my phone I'm gonna try and make marshmallow laughs why did the old man fall in the well because he couldn't see that well why aren't you laughing oh I want to make you laugh so far everything was looking good the drawing was going well I was just minding my own business and then Michelle did this to me I'm gonna try to see how many peas like in table one marshmallows how you yeah like that was kind of uncalled for I think she just wants me to lose such you can win her $20,000 there's a sign on your head that says me I literally can't see oh she slept me you seem like you like that it's just my healthy math to make my head really you'd say hey it's gonna get really tired in my hands really hurting oh yeah so it's still June first we're nine hours in one more hour and two or ten hours in and hit the way through I actually kind of want to sleep now oh so it's only been nine hours I need alright guys I don't think I can hold it in much longer at the peach oh boy Zack what are you doing octa P so gross keeping my hands clean right back to work work it shake it yeah it's hard I have to keep pushing through I know this is for homeless people so I'm very determined to do this he think how you doing I'm pretty tired my hand hurts at 6:09 oh poor thing why don't you just listen to music good idea perfect all right so I have most of them done the helmet I've got the sweater on here we got the weapons of a here cool belt and I'm working on the hammer now time to move on to over here I'm gonna be making dinner now is spaghetti day Zach are you excited for debate we're having pasta yeah welcome I'm gonna boil the water first I think I could a little too much hey guys it's now 808 we're 13 hours in and it's time for sports your favorite the hammer is like baby marshmallows doing great probably I need some redbull got it hey yeah thank you it looks like you're drinking from your chin I think once I had that redbull I was finally able to get some energy but I knew it would die off again soon yes not what you did so far I think I'm about to be down $20,000 Oh all right guys now it's 947 we've been drawing for 14 hours and 47 minutes with no breaks now I was starting to get kind of tired and things are going kind of slow so I thought I could entertain myself by calling my best friend Steve hey Steve want to see it what do you think you like it yeah dude I'm like sweating in here yes I am yeah I'm wearing white socks you should do this challenge next time too everything was going fine I was just inking away and then I started to get this weird feeling in my stomach I think the sushi was about to exit the other side is that oh my god you go to the bathroom you look pooped I sure do Zach what are you doing I had a good poop pill hey guys I've been drawing for a while right now it's 348 I'm really really tired but kind of excited to so get this party started alright guys we are more than 21 hours in another three hours and we're gonna reach the 24 hour mark I think I have like three Red Bulls already I'm pretty exhausted but I'm really determined to do this and I want to keep grinding a few moments lay down alright guys now it's around 5 a.m. I'm slowly making some progress over here cross-hatching a lot 5 a.m. so Michelle should be awakened around 2 hours and hopefully we'll get to eat hey guys right now it is 6:40 for almost 24 hours in Lucas finally up want to give me a kiss alright I'm finishing up his hammer over here there's a lot of detail and time to move on to his hand ooh Michelle brought breakfast thank you it's been 25 hours or 34 minutes we're halfway through well Michelle finally woke up and she told me we're halfway there whoa I forget the lyrics oh this is what I have so far well so much detail what for do you like I like the little limit so I've been drawing with the same pens for around 26 hours and they were starting to dry up and I couldn't just leave my spot otherwise I wouldn't be drawing for 50 hours straight and I was getting kind of concerned and then I remembered Michelle still here maybe I'll ask her to get something for me they said do you need anything actually my micron pens are drying up dipping to even get me some more okay do need some money yeah thank you okay Zach I'm about to leave Zach what are you doing don't look I'm so conscious right now so now I'm back in the car I got the night crush hey guys it's me again I really gotta go to the bathroom I think I ate something bad and my stomach really doesn't feel good don't worry I'm still drawing for 50 hours straight I brought my sketchbook to the bathroom so I never stops drawing although let me tell you I did not have a good time in there this is not good I got you your stuff you're welcome right now it is 11:48 I drew a ton of these action lines it's gonna be like fire or electricity coming out of his hammers it is almost 1 o'clock I'm feeling a sudden burst of energy I have no idea why I just finished a whole can of redbull feeling a lot of energy right now so I think I'm gonna take advantage of this moment just put my head down and bang out a ton of artwork whoa all right my neck is getting so sore from wearing this mask I gotta stretch it a bit hey guys it's 3:16 which means we are 32 hours in 18 hours left also can you guys please subscribe the last 18 hours is gonna be really painful redbull that's all I have to say I need more redbull so so what are you doing I want to contribute you're ruining the drawing oh I know how to fix it Robin Michelle just cuz it's viral doesn't mean it works Oh much better it's almost five o'clock I'm gonna give marshmallow hits it at any time be I'll be happier dun-dun-dun-dun way back home to you right guys it's 6:45 p.m. I'm really tired and my back hurts a lot so I'm gonna hang my drawing so I can draw on the wall instead if you're watching this this is incredibly stupid so don't try it all right we got to stretch well let you show us some moves okay that's terrible go back to drawing I'm really tired right now it's around eight forty seven honestly like you pinky I'm just gonna fall asleep so I think I'm gonna try coloring it if it lands on heads this side will be blue if it lands on tails this side will be pink pence so this sides gonna be blue so how much longer do we have 12 hours and 12 minutes oh my gosh Zach you look so bad are you okay it's so hard to breathe and I'm sweaty and gross under here hello guys I am trying very hard not to fall asleep it is 1204 it's finally June 3rd okay so I'm still doing this part yeah things are going so slowly and I think I'm just talking slowly now cuz I'm so tired thank God a lot of the blue parts in oh my guess the biggest challenges like this that just make me want to sell out and take this it's almost 1:00 a.m. oh I can't believe I'm actually doing this things were slowing down I know I only had a couple hours left to go usually when I do these challenges the first half is pretty easy and then the second half gets harder and harder as they go along and usually the last couple hours are the were so not looking forward to that you know what the worst part about being in a mask is what I can smell my own breath I've been in here for a day and a half already almost 2 a.m. I am so tired I think I'm gonna go to sleep now when Michelle's awake I feel more awake and when she goes to sleep I get jealous of her sleeping because I want to sleep so the next few hours got pretty difficult yeah I'm too tired hopefully I see you in the morning oh when you wake up I'm still gonna be drawing okay well good night all right guys I'm by myself right now it's almost 3:00 a.m. I'm having a really hard time not falling asleep so I've been slowly working on this it's taking a long time yeah I'm here let's just straighten it out so as time went on got more and more tired and at this point I was ready to give up but I wanted to keep pushing alright guys at 3:43 a.m. I don't know what I'm doing anymore my hands starting to go all numb okay so I think I'm mostly done with this part we'll start filling out the greys and the Blues over here yeah we have like five hours to go whoa it's 4/20 also I'm in a bit of a dilemma I I really need redbull to stay awake but Michelle's still sleeping and I don't think I can get it myself otherwise I'm not gonna be drawing any more all right guys right now it is 508 I finished most of the grace for marshmallow I'm so tired right now but we have around four hours left and I'm feeling kind of inspirational right now I just want to say if you have big dreams and people tell you can't do it just go for it you know go with other people think it's that big goals for yourself and work your butt off to achieve them a lot of people have been telling me recently that they've been getting bullied and stuff and just do your own thing these special be unique don't worry I was bullied a lot as the kid to beat the bullying with success that's what I always say you guys are gonna do great things if you guys just work hard no you guys can do it you guys just woke up at 7 a.m. but see if that's a week well Zach you're still awake it looks amazing home stretch I thought I wasn't gonna make it but here I am 49 hours down and one hour to go how much more what time is it I don't – right now yeah less than I need to go oh are you okay do you need a Red Bull energy you're all done you got this yeah sometimes when I get to that point I just really wish I was baking these would be so much easier [Applause] [Applause] you can do it turkey anymore the big reveal Oxygen's never felt so good you look like a mess yo look at my finger right now so this is what a normal finger looks like and this is the finger I used to draw on but I'd say the hard work was worth it okay how nice this entire thing flows what do you guys think boom I was finally done very happy accomplish my goal now it would probably be a good idea for me to catch up on sleep and sleep for 50 hours straight remember all that revenue from this video will go to a homeless person so I'm really excited about that and for this lucky subscriber go ahead and email me I'll be more than happy to PayPal you I hope you guys enjoyed this video and despite all my suffering I actually really like to do this especially since this is going towards a good cause I love you guys and I'll see you in another video bye

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    ALL ADREV from this video goes to a random homeless person! Watch the entire video to the end!
    another epic challenge inspired by the super kind and chill mrbeast!

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