61 thoughts on “How to Whistle with a Blade of Grass”

  1. HAHA you guys are trying to hard I figured out an easy way to do this in 4th grade and when I get bored i go to the bathroom during school but go out side to get a wide and long blade of grass then I fold them in half the side that bends you want to fold the other way like two pringles facing the opposite way and blow in between them I swear to god it will work every time I got sent to principles and when I got there I made the sound considering after wards she got mad, but I had a good laugh…

  2. Nope, you are literally the only one. You know those 100 people that upvoted the reddit link? None of them found this.
    What a fucking idiot.

  3. Am I the only one here coming after that one cutscene in Final Fantasy Tactics where Delita and Ramza are whistling from a blade of grass

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