How to Wake Up Early

How to Wake Up Early

[♪♩INTRO] What if you’re not a morning person,
and you want to be? That’s something we both know a thing or
two about. So let’s talk about how to conquer the snooze
button, wake with the rooster, and maybe make life a little more awesome. Now, as with so many things, it helps
to start with a compelling “why.” What benefits will you reap from getting up
early? Will it give you time to write that novel,
do a little bit of exercise, maybe have yourself some quiet hours to yourself? Whatever your “why,” it should be something
important to you for when the going gets sleepy. Once you’ve settled on it, write it down,
as research shows we’re far more likely to achieve goals when they’ve been written down. You might have varying “why”s depending on
the day, so we recommend doing this nightly, at least at first. In other words, think about what you’re going to do the next morning with this extra time, get excited about it, and put pen to paper. Now, it’s generally recommended that you
get into the groove of waking earlier gradually. You can do this by setting your alarm for,
say, 15 minutes earlier than usual. Wake up at that new time for a couple days
so you can get used to it, then set the alarm another 15 minutes earlier, etc., until you’ve
reached your desired wake-up hour. If you want to get extra science-y, you can
also use an app that will wake you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. Of course, even if you are going gradually,
that hallucinatory pillow-voice telling you ‘just ten more minutes’ can be awfully
convincing. It’s one of my favorite pillow-voices. Some tips to conquer that: Put your alarm
on the other side of the room, so that you have to get up out of bed to shut it off. You can even purchase alarm clocks that will run
away from you, like Clocky, or blare and shake the bed, like the Sonic Alert clock. Links in the doobly-doo. As soon as you’re up, consider drinking
a glass of water. It’s been a little bit since your last swig
of H20, and you might be slightly dehydrated. Some people also drink a cup of coffee or
tea in the morning, or start off with a healthy snack. Do whatever seems most motivating for you. But wait, you’re saying, how am I supposed
to get up earlier if I’m still staying up late? With extremely rare exceptions, most of us
really do function far better with the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. Well, over time, going to bed earlier may
happen automatically to a degree: You could naturally grow tired earlier to compensate
for waking earlier. But you can also really help yourself along
by practicing what researchers call “good sleep hygiene.” This basically means doing things that help
you get to sleep, and avoiding things that unnaturally prolong alertness. For instance, you can help induce sleep and
relaxation by taking a warm bath or shower about 30 minutes before bed. It’s going to make your hair look funny, though, if you don’t get it dry. You can fix it in the morning. Then there are the things you should avoid. Obvious culprits include stimulants—this seems pretty “duh” but people do it. Nicotine, caffeine both have a half-life in the body of 4-6 hours. But as importantly, you should avoid
“blue-light” sources, which trick your brain into alertness by mimicking sunlight and making
it think it’s still daytime. Blue-light sources include TVs, laptops, and
phones, so try to go screen-less for a couple hours before bed. If you can’t, at least put your phone into
“Night Shift Mode” or a similar setting. And if you absolutely have to fall asleep
to Netflix, consider trying a pair of glasses that block blue light from reaching your eyes. Again, link in the doobly-doo. I’ve never heard of that. That’s a cool idea. If you’d like some more tips, links to those
are in the doobly-doo as well. In sum, getting up earlier can be difficult,
but if you want to do it there are ways to make it easier that don’t necessarily include having a baby, which is what has done it for me. That’s all we’ve got for you today! If you have any tips on getting up earlier,
please let us know down in the comments—we’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to learn more about adulting
with Rachel and me, subscribe to How to Adult at [Hank claps limply] [Rachel claps sharply] [off screen]
That was… much better. [laughter] [Hank and Rachel clap limply] Early to bed, early to rise makes a man… Or WOman… [unsure]
Riiise and shine…. [laughter]
I don’t know. What does it say? It’s going a little slow. I don’t know the saying! So what if you’re not a morning— [sniff] [laughter] Will it be—bllrrrr [gargling sound] Once you’ve set on it—set—sat on it. Don’t sit on it. As research shows, we’re far more likely to achieve goals when they’ve re— Poop-a-doop. …That block blue light from res— From researchers. Researching! …block blue light from res— Why?

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  1. ahaha! watching this at midnight. after over a month of getting up early. this ironically won't help with that habit! DUH!

  2. Your bed is for sleep!

    The brain is very context-based, so doing a lot of different things in your bed can prime your brain towards alertness, like getting into a really intense Netflix series. Try to only ever lie down on your bed when its time to go sleep.

    Also regarding the "thing you wake up to in the morning", make your bed! This will more likely than not keep you out of your bed and help you resist the urge to get another 10 minutes in.

  3. The only thing that has FINALLY combated the snooze button for me is getting a dog. If I don't get up and take him out relatively quickly he will pee inside so that's my best why haha

  4. I'm a big sucker for the 'five more minutes', until I look at the clock and notice an hour has passed. Which sets me off on a low mood cycle and makes me want to get out of bed even less…ugh depression why

  5. I moved my bedroom to the east side of my house and leave the blinds open. This prevents me from over sleeping and over time I gradully woke up earlier and earlier.

  6. Set a HORRIBLE alarm sound on your phone and set it as far away from as possible so you have to run up and trun it off. As this sound gets assiciated with the adrenaline burst of getting woken up every day by a flight bombing alarm you’ll get a jolt of stress as soon as you hear the sound which will prevent you from falling asleep again.

  7. There's a great app for PC and iOS called f.lux that will automatically shift your screen's light away from blue and more into the red side of the spectrum based on the time of day and the sunrise/sunset time in your area. Less screen time close to bedtime is helpful, but if you can't avoid it, that's the next best thing.

  8. I love my Sleep Time app! Yeah, it's kinda ridiculous, but sometimes all I need is that alarm going off when I'm rolling over to let me know that I ~shouldn't~ go back to sleep. Plus, if nothing else, the wake-up sounds on Sleep Time are so much better than any of the default iPhone sounds.

  9. Ugggghhhh.
    Favorite lol "As you sit on it…uhuh. Don't sit on it."XD
    Perfect timing with this advice.
    (About waking up, not…nvm.)
    Also, apparently I'm late to the party but; CONGRATS, HANK! You officially helped continue life as we know it.

  10. I have an extreme alarm clock app on my phone. It forces me to do a puzzle (mine is set to a memory game) before I can turn it off. Then a little while later it'll do a check to see if I'm still awake. If I don't shut that off, it goes off again. It's been a lifesaver!!
    (It's called "I can't wake up! Free" from the play store. Don't set more than 4 alarms though, it only allows 4 in the free version and doesn't warn you about it. It just won't go off if there's more than 4.)

  11. You could just do what I did: go to another country for a year, and when you return jet lagged and can't help but wake up at the butt crack of dawn, just keep it going! I've been waking up at 4:30 nearly every day for about the past three years! On a serious note, though, what I love most about my mornings is that if I wake up early, I have time to actually relax and enjoy myself before setting off to do other things. It makes my day just start off on the right foot. 🙂 DFTBA, adulters!!

  12. I think what helps me a lot is getting as much of my morning routine done the night before. I pick out an outfit, pack my lunch, and have my coffee machine programmed to go when I wake up. Also having a hungry furry friend or two doesn't hurt either.

  13. I can tell by your complexions that you are not getting enough Vitamin D from staying inside all the time. Staying inside is great, don't top, but take some Vitamin D to compensate.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  14. It's helped me to use an alarm clock that doesn't have a snooze feature. Then when I turn the alarm off, I know I have to get up then or I'll be screwed.

  15. One thing that I use is to set multiple alarms about 5-10 minutes apart, each one harsher then the last. The trick is to set the last alarm at the time you actually want to get up: that helps to gradually wake you up and combat the urge for 5 more minutes while still letting you get up at the time you want.

  16. I have been working in different jobs with different hours. From early morning shifts to night shifts. Currently working as a baker which means I wake up at sharp midnight.What I always did and worked for me is this :
    I try to sleep 7-8 hours no matter what, at the moment for example I try to fall asleep between 4-5pm so I do not get more than 8h or less than 7h of sleep. To achieve this I lay down about an hour earlier reading a book. Usually I will be able to read for a whole hour and feel my eyes closing so when I hit the lights it takes me about 5-10 mins to fall asleep.
    Also, I never eat 3-4 hours before I have to sleep.
    What I've noticed during those years is that when I do sleep earlier than 11pm I do not need a full 7h sleep, let alone 8h. So that 11pm to 3am is indeed as they say the "best sleep" time there is.
    Finally it helps a lot to get physically tired to be able to sleep. Being a baker is a demanding job physically so I have no problems. When I was working in something less tiring, I would go jogging or at the gym for an hour or two just to burn some energy and be able to rest.

  17. Where do you find a compelling enough why when all you want is to go to sleep and stay there for as much of your short miserable life as possible?

  18. I use caffeine pills. I also use the Alarmy app and stick QR stickers in the home as a kind of fox hunt.

    I'd like to recommend also to prepare meals beforehand. Make tortilla pinwheels. You can dose the amount easier than sandwiches and add spinach or endives to get much needed nutrients.

    My current recipes for pinwheels are;
    chicken, cheese & mustard pinwheels,
    roastbeef, cheese & mustard pinwheels,
    salmon & creamcheese pinwheels,
    chicken, jalapenos, garlic-yoghurt sauce, ketchup & goat's cheese pinwheels,
    sandwich spread spiked with curry, garlic, ginger and cinnamon powder with chicken and cheese.

    I have these useful meal storage solution from the brand "Sunware". These are seperated into compartments, similar to Japanese lunch boxes. You can fit a tortilla worth of pinwheels in a single compartment, which is good for one meal. One tortilla is equivalent to about three slices of bread and you get the same level of satisfaction you'd get from eating a box of sushi rolls, because of how bite sized these treats are.

  19. Watching this video before trying to fall asleep at 5:30 am is probs not the best idea then since it involves multiple things they warned against

  20. I've never really understood the need to try and get up early. My alarm goes off when I set it and I get up. I don't snooze or anything because I don't have time to do it. I have to get up because I have to get up, there is no other option

  21. Watching this before 6am! What helped me was switching the hours of my job to be earlier (7 to 4 instead of 8 to 5) to compensate for my wife having a job with similar hours because she's a school teacher. She would get tired pretty early in the evening, so if I went to bed around the same time (sometimes even before 9pm), it was very easy to wake up at 5:30. My morning routine starts off with a shower less than 5 minutes after I wake up, which is a great jumpstart to the day.

  22. I can't stand alarms. If i need one, i set my phone on the vibration mode next to my pillow. Sometimes i uses very light music. I wish i could wake to the smell of coffee everyday.

  23. Even special alarm clocks that makes you solve math didn't help me, but I found a way that suits me: I downloaded podcasts and meditation audio and prepared the phone: charged, earphones plugged. And I set my alarm clock 20 min earlier my get-out-of-bed-time and listen to people talk. I have to focus on the speech so I wake up, and I don't have to get out of bed or open my eyes for 15-20 minutes.

  24. My husband and I swear by our Lumie Lamps – they have automatically dimmable bulbs. 15 mins before the alarm goes off, they slowly start getting brighter, mimicking sunrise. Absolute essential for us, especially in winter months!

  25. Would recommend getting an analog alarm clock which beeps, and has just one button to switch it off rather than a snooze button

  26. Could you make a video about dealing with your daily schedule changing day-to-day? I hate that at my new school I finish and start classes at a different time every day (it varies from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.!) which makes it near impossible to come up with anything resembling a routine, not to mention how my biological clock is all over the place and I feel like I'm never fully rested.

  27. For Laptops and such I can also recommend fl.ux. Reduces the blue light accordingto when you want to wake up. Might make your screen look a bit weird the later the hour, but it really helps.

  28. If you need to be on your computer late for work or school, like I do for my computer science degree, install f.lux on your computer. It's free, lightweight, and gradually changes your screen color as the day moves on to mimic the sunset. It helps a LOT with going to bed at a decent time.

  29. I love the blue light glasses thing- i do think they help at least for me. but those ones in the doobly doo are so yellow? The ones I have arent and I think they work fine

  30. Best advice I have, always go to bed and wake up at the same time. Don't stay up late on whatever your weekend is. I am always in bed by 9 and up at 5am. Social life? It's called being a responsible adult. I am more likely to do things first thing in the morning then at 10am-2pm when some of my roommates were getting up. Plus, shopping is super fast when you walk in right as stores open.

  31. Take a COLD bath or shower, because your body will naturally overcompensate trying to warm you up and you'll fall asleep like a BRICK.

  32. I like to set two alarms, 5-15 mins apart. After the first alarm, I'll listen to music, at a low volume, to gently stimulate my mind. At the second alarm, I'll take three deep breaths and use the impulse from the third breath to sit up and stand up. Note, use an alarm that is gentle and not blaring, but enough to contrast with any background noise to may have. I also recommend using a setting, if your device has one, that slowly increases the volume of the alarm as it goes off.

  33. My issue is afternoon naps. I work from home with research, so it's terribly easy to fall into the "I can't work when I'm sleepy" mindset, and then it's two hours later and there's drool all over the pillows.

  34. Could you guys do a video on what to do when you get pulled over by the police when driving/ what to do when emergency vehicles go by? Also, what to do if you get in a car accident? It might be a bit American though. I love this channel!

  35. Had a roommate in college with the sonic alarm clock, woke me not him!! Other suggestions are really good and work for me!

  36. Having a baby who now has to be driven to his magnet middle school has helped me to get up in the morning. However, I currently work from home so I can nap when I get tired.

  37. Listening to audio books that I have already read is helpful for me to get to sleep. If I suddenly jump ahead a chapter or two, I know I have already dropped off to sleep and can continue to stay asleep.

  38. What if my only "WHY" is not compelling: I have to start doing it for school or work and I don't want to. What should I do then?

  39. I found a really awesome alarm clock app called Alarmy. It has a few different methods of turning off the alarm. Some are taking a photo of your sink or toilet, or shaking the phone. My favourite is doing some math problems because it stimulates my brain enough into being awake.
    Coming from someone who was a night owl who has to wake up at 5.30 am for work

  40. I've also found it helps to diffuse some kind of citrus essential oil in the morning–it wakes you up and promotes alertness. I use a blend of simply earth's grapefruit and coffee essential oils! Smells soooo good too.

  41. I just realized, she's not on the poster in the background anymore because she's left the poster and is physically in the room. Nice touch

  42. I would have to say of all the advise in this very good installment, the most important for me is the "compelling why." If I have a reason to get up, I get up. If not, hello snooze.

  43. Finding an exercise class I enjoy early in the morning is definitely more motivating for me than telling myself to just get up and 'work out.' (also setting out my exercise clothes the night before is helpful!)

  44. My alarm is a normal one, but my cat hate the sounds of it. So when the alarm goes off she jump on me till I turn it off. Never fails to wake me up real quick lmao

  45. The most helpful thing to get me out of bed and stay up is stretching! I do a yoga video that starts sitting in bed and ends out of bed, and the stretching feels really good after laying in bed all night. I watch a video with a faster flow so it creates some heat and energy in my body. It only takes about 5 minutes and its worked every time for me!

  46. I basically CAN'T drink water in the morning. For some reason the morning breath makes the water taste awful to me. I always drink juice in the morning tough. 🙂

  47. I have a program, called f.lux, on my computer, which makes the screen slowly going darker and redder in the evening. It's awesome!

  48. first time on this channel, and from this video I was expecting that, just before going to bed, masturbate at least once, it will help you sleep soon, so will wake up early in the morning😉😂

  49. I'm watching a video about how to wake up early at 4 a.m. lol but anyways this is a great channel, got some really useful tips here thanks

  50. Much like most of the bloggers, or the people who work primarily on their computers, I was a night owl too. I used to work all night long, then sleep around 6 or 8 in the morning. Although this was beneficial as in I was able to skip most of the noisy time, but it had its downsides. Now, if you know me a tiny bit, I am a research guy(all marketers are). I found that majority of the successful people are an early morning person. I read schedules of people who completed half of their daily tasks before 10!

  51. Sunrise alarm clocks have drastically helped me get up earlier in the morning. Especially in the winter. I noticed that during the summer I could fairly easily naturally wake up at 7:30, but during the winter getting up by 9 would be difficult. Sunrise simulator alarm clocks have helped me tremendously.

  52. When i was in college i had to put it under my dormroom desk with the chair pushed in so i had to get up. move the chair, bend down and respond to the alarm. This way, there was enough movement and time for me to become aware that i was responding to the alarm clock. I found that if i left it on the top of my desk, i would be aware enough that i knew i was hitting the alarm, but not enough to not go back to bed.

    bodies are weird.

  53. If you have ADHD, stimulants like caffeine may actually help you relax and sleep. Worth a shot if you struggle with sleep and think you may have it, because ADHD makes your brain respond totally differently to stimulants. I never sleep better than after some tea and my meds.

  54. get a couple of cats that will stand outside your bedroom's door and yell very loudly at you for food every morning

  55. The blue light one is a problem for a lot of people, I use my phone to play music or videos to help me fall asleep. I’m a paranoid person, with anxiety and a vidid imagination so you can imagine what sort of this in the dark terrify me. I also have to keep a light on otherwise I have the constant feel something is watching me.
    I can’t even sleep with my back to the door or closet or any of my limbs uncover. As I said, I am paranoid.

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