How To Tie A Tie With Too $hort | Grown Tingz | Fuse

How To Tie A Tie With Too $hort | Grown Tingz | Fuse

Not only are those
white guy names, those are actually
types of ties. Today, I’ll be showing you
how to tie a tie. Let’s get to it. [record static] [generic 80s instrumental] The tip of the small end should rest slightly
above your belly button. This will vary depending on
your height, length, and thickness of your tie. Move only
the active wide end. You just made
in the front. Slide the knot up to adjust. And there you have it.
That’s how you tie a tie. ♪♪ So right now, I’m gonna show you how to choose a tie. It might be that right event, right, you know,
day of the year. A holiday like Easter
or something, you know. Gotta break out the tie, take a little light colors
or something, you know, flip it like that. I think you grown when you
get out your mama’s house. Go out and vote,
you go out and pay your taxes, you go out and get a job,
you pay your bills. You know, grown tingz,
you know what I’m saying? You know I’m an OG.
You know what I’m talking about. I’ve been making records
for 30+ years, and believe it or not, I got a new album
that’s out right now. It’s called
The Pimp Tape
. Well, that’s all the time
that we have today. Let me leave you guys
with a little wisdom to keep you grown. So I taught you
how to tie a tie and I hope
you learned something. From your boy Too $hort.
Til the next time, I’m out. Grown Tingz, baby. Let’s go. Peace. ♪♪ Thank you for watching F.U.S.E.

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