How to Steam Clothes : How to Steam a Men’s Dress Shirt

How to Steam Clothes : How to Steam a Men’s Dress Shirt

Hi Melody here again on behalf of Expert Village
we are steam ironing clothing and here is a different item all together that has been
packed away and we want to get these wrinkles out of. So I’m going to show you how to do
this with steam. We just put that steam right on there I’m going to hold this up a little
bit. This is just giving you a idea of what could
be done with this and I just want to take out some of the wrinkles quickly just so you
get a idea.
In our next segment we would be doing the back of this shirt.

17 thoughts on “How to Steam Clothes : How to Steam a Men’s Dress Shirt”

  1. @permintcuzzi

    |Steamers are safer than that hot piece of steel over your clothes. However, I think that it takes time and practice to actually use this steamer at a faster pace.

  2. I guess it would be nice if there was some "magic machine" you could just go to a store and buy that would effortlessly iron your clothes and make them look wonderful. Until that happens I guess we still have to LEARN the technique the old fashion way with what is available now. Tsk, tsk, what a bother – such sad times are these.

  3. "In the next segment, we'll be doing the back of this shirt."
    It'll prolly be more gurgling, and the woman rubbing that T shaped black thing around the shirt.

  4. @permintcuzzi true, but i have just realized, irons develop scale and dirt, thats a big problem for some areas, like our area, so from that point of view this is a good method.
    I dont have one, I have a wall paper stripper, maybe the steam form that can help.

  5. Humans being visual learners, YouTube could be a great way to show people how to do many things. But if you don't know how to use an iron or a steamer, I mean…do you really know how to use YouTube? I'd be surprised if you could type. Still, steamers > irons.

  6. Why are there 2 videos for one item surely it would be better to put it all in one and its a shame there are no tips on steam ironing or setting it up

  7. expert village and how to videos are so bad and uselesd but the title makes me laugh, why specifically a men's shirt, and what's so special about the back of the shirt why does it deserve its own video, ahaha too funny

  8. That's not how you do it lol. You go up from the bottom of the garment. Being that the steam goes upwards it starts to lessen the upper wrinkles as you go up. Another way to do it is doing it from the inside using same upward motion. Which is even better because the trapped heat is also softening the wrinkles on the back of the shirt. Just use your common sense and you won't get burned

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