How to paint a rose – water color – guest instructor M Spain

how to pink a pink rose in watercolor so I would pause this frame and draw it on your watercolor paper before we start because this is not a drawing tutorial it's a painting tutorial you need a basic watercolor set some cheaper white watercolor paper I'm going to show you the brushes in one second aha those are the brushes so a flat brush a larger flat brush and then a small round brush you need water a paper towel and I use masking tape on my borders just so I like I like a clean white edge so I don't have to frame it or I guess it makes kind of its own natural frame that's me drawing it in fast motion these are my watercolors so make a huge puddle in that top section of your watercolor set of water and then add a little red to it and you'll get your nice paint that's the only time unfortunately a show that exists the polish there's no more if you accidentally drip somewhere on your canvas just wiper on your paper just wipe it off with a paper towel cover the whole Rose in a light pink pink is made with red and ton of water you can go over with the same color to add a little bit of a darker value and then you can start to add maybe a little bit of purple a little orange and this I'm starting to use my smaller brush to do this after you drop in some of these shadows on the rose my light source is on the right side after I drop the mint sometimes I'll take some of the water off my brush and go along the edge and that'll kind of smooth it if it seems too abrupt and too sharp you can smooth it out just by going very lightly over that line you just want to make sure you're not scrubbing into it with your paintbrush or you're gonna scrub right through your paper it's so hard to teach without a class in front of me um yes you can turn your brush out like that take something to paint off of it and you can make nice little veins or creases in those petals I like to have what I'm painting in front of me once you paint a lot maybe you can paint it from your head but I really like to see what in pink so what a great excuse to buy flowers right a tutorial that encourages that kind of thing or to grow them and pick them from your garden um okay so it's a tiny bit blurry you can't really see the details very well but as soon as I start dropping in some of these darker shadows you're going to be able to see what I'm doing hopefully in the form of this flower is gonna take place and you could paint paint this a little bit darker and it could be a red rose I'm gonna try to do that tutorial next this is my first tutorial I'm the heist I was a high school art teacher but I've also talked children's art classes so talking like I'm talking to no one in the room I'm pretending I'm bouncing people is really great but I'm adding the darker shadows now I've added a little bit of purple onto the puddle I'm using the same huge puddle I made in my Crayola tree this whole time except when I start painting in the green then I'll use the middle tree so when you see in watercolor it's a great initiative said this in the beginning to paint light too directly you don't always have to do that and there are many many ways to paint but that's one way that I like to paint and one of the reasons is if you make a mistake early on it's a little bit easier to fix it if you put drop in a dark line or a dark color in the very beginning so now I'm painting the stem to make the brown I just added a little bit of green to my red puddle and I made Brown pretty interesting interesting stuff so you just saw me scrub out the petals with my paper towel if you chop down a dark color you can just use a paper towel to kind of pull it up some of it you can also use that technique to make clouds in a sky as well I'm painting the background right now I've just added a little bit of green to my red puddle kind of like I did for the stem to create a neutral color you have that's what happens when you mix complementary colors it's a little bit of a warmer gray you could add a black background for a great contrast I'm just kind of fixing up the edges sucking up some puddles take a box and below you have your beautiful rose good job you

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  1. This video was very out of focus. I would love to see another tutorial on this same subject but with better video please 🙂

  2. How do you get the drawing on the paper?  Freehand?  Trace?  And if so, with pastel, or pencil?  Thank you.  

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