How to Paint a Daisy Flower in Real Time Acrylic Painting Tutorial by JM Lisondra

How to Paint a Daisy Flower in Real Time Acrylic Painting Tutorial by JM Lisondra

[Applause] Oh hello everyone my name is Jan Melisandre and today I'll be demonstrating on how to paint a dc-8 flower so this is a magenta disgrace the holidays magenta on its petals and that's why I'm using on primary red on my acrylic eyes because it's almost like magenta equal even also just magenta color okay so but before that I'm going to introduce to you first my materials um this is my paint palette I hope you get a tan you might the tallow blue and the primary red you can also use a magenta guys and I thought is what I said the primary read on the critics pieces case is almost like magenta colors or differentiate the nautical red colors I use and it's very fit on my this flower okay so I'm also you're singing here the the medium yellow and the Nampula so your sub so guys that I'm able to show significant a palette because I want you to learn how to mix and keep it aside colors you want okay and these are my brushes I have here the number 11 um nylon fat brush the number eight um Megan flat brush handled and also how I have here the number six filbert brush I learn under number nine Milan flat brush and also the number one liner brush for the details but I get is are just the common bracketed Milanese but I do not know if I will use of all of these all of this in this tutorial but let's just see okay and is my canvas case it's eight by ten inches cats Rico soap I'm white Paulo can also use gesso I mean is myself and of course what target in the paint and if ever we need water spray guys okay and as you saw progress I have here the sketch already so that's why we're going to sing our time to you state and I will give you the traceable guys if you want it will be available image in my in my mail on my website you can take it out in another picture guys I will provide for you so that you can have again you can copy it directly in a picture okay so I think I'm going to start now and I'm going to do first the dark colors of the fatal stealing in it to add the base colors or the first course or the other painting first if we're going to put the background okay that's it so I'm going to start now and wish me luck guys here I'll be using this pres first the number it liner brush and also remember it flat brush nylon so curse the magenta here oh I'm the primary red sorry see guys as I like to spread for this update in the petals and the blue here is to make it dark since we need this color yeah I'm going to put the dark color first if we're getting out the magenta color or just first coats so it's almost like a violet color guys there is a poly a violet it's a purple they're so luminous and add more red a colleague as you can you can use the normal red color guys like I use before can use the colors but I will not at home the result will be I think the color of the flowers would be something like let's go out to it I like on the under my in my on my reference is almost like a magenta so I think I'm going to spray it first here protect told it would be hard to create the strokes there that's very dirty I sorry because of the strokes of death okay you just need to finish first stow it okay there and also your everything up what's up nobody said to you in those years and dark so that you can have a guide later guiding me when we cover almost all parts with the color with the four accounts yeah so here another blue color and I think we've got some yellow guys to get dark darker yellow in magenta there yeah and also here and also here guys in to add the pecan call here fears first so we need to fill this off with the violet color dark violet so here agenda blue hands I'm yellow color let me get darker so just fill this color up with this color there okay I think that would be enough grace for the the lines or the dark tones so I think it's time to add the magenta color pure magenta or no the the primer bit or the magenta here so just really powerful discolor guys yeah furgus to transparent yeah I guess so in a way this is sister as I said it is just the piece colors or the underpainting yeah okay here and also here so I can guess we just have to fill the petals with the colors so the soil that's what I'm doing right now and if you want to paint very just follow everything a doughnut the entire video and maybe skies don't be afraid to mix don't be afraid to paint or to use your brush that's why I am teaching you how to practice using berber skies that's one of the most important thing if you want to learn how to paint okay and we've got more here yeah yeah so again guys I am just adding the adding the calendar under under coats under painting of the flower so there are no special techniques and doing this one we just have to fill this up yeah angus is starting yoga is you you should not be afraid using your brush and mixing the whole earth that's why I'm using the converse case because I also tell in here that I want you to learn on mixing there there okay so continue okay yeah so that's it so we have no doubt the best colors or the other coats guys of our flower so we're gonna let it twice that we're gonna go to try first thing but think that we need to fill the third background first okay so I think I'm going to do here first guys we got the stock stock up down in flower so I'm getting me to mix for Queen color I'm gonna use this pass guys the number nine on that brush sir condo so don't quit the green of course you're a little blue here let's see Gallardo gays yellow and only you cannot call about their breasts guys if you want we have to flow it freely in the canvas there now let's hide some background I'm gonna use this big basket and believe in that brush no handle a nylon okay so I want it to be to have a dark background I so of course I'm going to use red not the blue color course and right there in yellow with some green color yeah and there some blue and yellow to make some green color and I'm going to use this black ice here they're a dark background but I guess you'd mess it up elite we do not need a block here but I say using math to create five colors okay from there thing with the yours another purse so I'm continuing this bus guys Freitas a pointed tip in the flap okay here so just look color and some yellow to it some green darker green there so here that's why I'm using this plastic eyes because it's already kid for us for this part who do some for small and a very hard details there yeah so there is some black color here and get the hurt there so again the magenta holidays some yellow and some little core maybe you're some loaf there's some below here blue magenta yellow and blue with some dark green there yeah I am some beautiful color and yellow you guys just follow what I'm doing here and just enjoy painting with me okay some local are here come on glue and some white blue and white then we can light the color so we need to spray there's a little clip it'll work so I'm going here yeah so another blue-collar guys like the color yeah yeah so I guess you can you can create your own background if you want to again you can decide what our color you going to put in your background and we get is your painting now again I'm just I'm making you I'm just here to guide you but anyway you just have roll be the one to charge or you'll be the one to to decide what you're gonna do with your painting so I guess you are free whatever you want to do with them Doc Brown okay okay another and still wet yeah that's right okay so now I'm going to make this part darker here so I'm going to use this red and some blue color need some yellow yeah enzyme right more blue it's just to create a dark color guys but a Pollock educate we can use a block here that will be fine yeah okay I'll just use black and some magenta just lock the magenta there that's way better than the other one there so we just have to fill this party too dark color and just followed by something okay so again guys meditate and and laugh and we can to fill this part there and also here okay yes I mean I think I'm using the same brush there's no break that brush and I am making now the shadows yeah and thanks to pixabay guys I don't know this image and it's 50 years commercially in so I am dunking the pixabay and also the owner this photo this is you can find it on drama you can find it on the description box here and many more here some dark in magenta no I means primary red and so the direction of this commissioning the magenta color yeah yeah and also see the magenta ah okay so I think we go anymore um magenta color and on the Patos class okay so let's continue so I think I'm going to use a smaller brush and I will use this first case the number nine flat brush on Milam and its continued use the magenta there this time question mr. Parker color just a pure or magenta guys there and also here let's make it darker and also here so you have server that I own I am doing for us the dark parts or the dark change of the flower for doing the highlights over so that we won't be lost when we when we add highlights later so that they're still the the details case as we observe or see as we see you nor let's just take the lines within the PTO's yeah let's make it solid yeah and here what those are here there should be one Beatle here okay so here guys we can add some shades and also this one scratch the scholar what I'm doing okay clickity story is not the target of the followed instructions correctly and this listen listen and don't be afraid to execute don't up afraid to mix and don't be afraid to – you sure – okay here yeah yeah over here I am I am I am this time guys I am doing the shading Zorka or the with the darker shades of magenta or the red or memory red and the Beatles the later Granada highlights course sticking with the more hot more here and I thinking also yeah yeah okay what else oh here now we're going to add some white just to add some hyper magenta or later red or it's actually our look like a pinkish red case so just the primary red and white application can use um a pure red color but the result will be a little different it's a it will be become a red gum color or a pink so the flower becomes a red tea see it won't be a match in tennis or something like that yeah so here they're so they get some weight there yeah and we'd like two more thin like color hundred okay so just follow the strand guys of the of the flower it also all the stroke should be along the way of the overage the direction repeat does so what that's what I mean here here's yeah and here's of course I'm about so magenta or I'm sorry guys I'm telling that it's magenta this at least read the primary red color he's touching this part there so the only technique here guys is to learn on the basic of blending colors there because I'm with this awesome white click it later yeah yeah yeah so just to do distance knocks days along the petals there and here yeah I'm using another so again guys I am blending the colors or you have to do is blend and blend here to get the the desired effect control regressions have to make it perfect yeah yeah yeah so I am blending great I am blending adding more blending here using the darker of the pure red color solo but I'm doing right now because I want to make the color some solid so again get the stroke should be along the the pit house the direction of the petals so that's how I get into it forget there is no special technique just have to follow the strokes something like that to create the desired I decided effect of the Fritos okay so here yeah yes yeah yeah yeah and also here yeah yeah clicked it's getting better now I know guys I'm going to use the the filbert brush for the other arm only to add more landings or lines on the beta's guys it also be a little hard on this part of the painting because I mean I'm doing my best case to make it looks realistic as I kid so mr. white again it's some red and some white there I'm going to try to zoom in so that you can see a clearer view of our painting there has more focus okay so listen here here in doing these guys and adding the highlights or the when the Beatles turns you should make the each um on you should do it separately like this it has it should have some visible distance between the two needs highlights to create a little sure that it has some Armstrong's or I don't know what you call that in your language in English there yeah that's why I'm using this on Philbert buskers because it is a deep appointed tip appointed um yeah okay there and also here there's us to carefully wear this strength here yeah and another color and just just a red and white case there yeah this tutorial is going to take a little longer and I think a little bit of our tips mm white another color another red yeah yeah and white yeah and also here retrogression can add white or the robots very title highlights yeah huh one more here and here so yeah right we do spray a little just with water to make it flat okay so I'm going to mix another pink okay there I think guys um the color is almost like red yeah I just find out I thought it'd come it's almost like magenta but I think it's near to red yeah so just like I just like using a pure red case there are no difference so maybe you can use all right not magenta yeah and also here with Adam agenda to make it darker so here in the bottom on – here Tata magenta are we using this bus case the using this brush and add more color here but I'm doing others I just am continue blending the horrors so that I can have a finer of effect or finish yeah so thing do you miss Corder Kirk when I'm darker magenta guys over here and we'll use another update the red and I'm black okay yes right and duck and it's put it something some shades here there and also here and here and also here and I think here also there more so just follow what I'm doing guys okay here yeah and he also guys wanna make this protector and this add some dark here I loaned the Patos okay and then I think here also yeah and here yeah that's it and the last part this will be the highlight so gonna put some highlights move and up on the list so I'll be using the pure white and you should clean your brush first guys if you're doing that so that it won't spoil the the the lighter color here I'm gonna use the pure white one it's at some highlights here we're going to do it I still need to to add a little red case you for Anna window create a pure white okay here here holding guys make it separately like this there it will create a shiny effect on the PTO's and of course it will make it course realistic also here and here there yeah yeah not also here kingdom of you're right here you know – a little – oh here also here yeah yeah okay a lot more thank you and also here please add some pure white case yeah this was great of a lighter highlight not so much just enough okay that's it so I think that looks realistic now okay so let's continue I think this tutorial is really really long I guess so dang it it's time to add some polling here guys upon Queens here so I'm going to use the yellow of course and I'm going to use a milliner brush just yellow and white guys here yellow and white let's put it here there's tiny dots of yellow yeah yeah and also on us on the petals cases it's got the some more pollen here yeah and yeah yeah that's it have we got some poor poor guys on the on the bowling so when I use this red and some low color just finding blue-collar guys yeah and some white let me get lighter purple more right there so just put it here on the ball in yeah a lot more reporting right guys there Honus up some wine yeah yeah and let's continue adding the your apologize here so without more a little bitty car and later yeah sir yeah that looks realistic now and then I get I know let's um let's start decide on the touching some parts guys so all the very touching the this part which is the stock of course I got a simple green so the yellow here and some blue and some white some yellow Murillo it'll be ethically green this yeah and we bought some water to make it lighter and some Yolo yeah so we just have to blame the holders here that's it now we're going to finish the I think I am done with the bitter skies the the pollen pollen grains and on the stock of the flowers so I think I'm good to finish the background okay so I'm going to use a smaller brush this will be the last part guys finishing the background so gonna stick glue all over yeah some yellow and blue and some right so take I'm going to zoom in as a lot so you can see clearly in our painting here then I'm going to spray guys let me get out and get wet nothing it will be easy for us to work to create the auto to make the strokes so blue and some yellow some right and get dark yeah yeah when's our something from red from local and all blue and magenta red when I probably choose your own background guys if you want that'll be or it will be your idea and if you have some more idea can do it on your own they're yellow here and some blue some right no I mean yeah laughter I guess there yeah there's some more blue and some more yellow guys in red yeah though some rad here some run them all of it they're just like playing the colors case there no yellow yeah and Wade watts and Lucas there move us up some look here okay I'm going to add some title here and I mix it so just blow my place there I'm an appellee I'm not doing some kids he can go scales you can skip this part yeah because some love your blue here summer though here guys and has more blue and red just want to finish my I had lots of paint on my palettes or density mu don't spread it here some are blue color since I some light blue color okay and also you had some time some red here there just thing I'm going to mix for enter between here yeah okay I'm going to immortal versatile hablar to bloom equality and also here senator finish all the covers on a pallet okay I think that would be enough guys and III finished now a very beautiful flower which is the TC okay so I hope you understand this and get something out of digital and can apply it on your own painting and I see good luck place our painting this one any of you learn and advise case it keep on practicing keep on painting the more you like the movie how to use your brush the more you don't have to mix the holes that I am using in the course my palette because I want to train at the mixing get exact colors you want okay guys thank you very much guys watching this video place it like attempt Rama to subscribe for more videos in the future thank you guys once again and have a nice tender dish you

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  1. Great and thankyou but it's already drawn for us… about painting it without the drawing….or show how to draw! 😊👍😊 again thankyou and beautiful

  2. Thank you John for your tutorials. I really like your work. Great job, as always! Have a blessed day!

  3. Your painting is beautiful and your voice is soothing. You remind me of Bob Ross. Thank you for posting your tutorials. Happy Thanksgiving from the USA

  4. I just have to say John, that you are an amazing painter. I have learned a lot from watching you !! Thank you for sharing and helping people learn. God Bless

  5. I just sketched this on a 20 x 20 canvas…I sketched it out and then put 3 layers of gesso on and I can see see the faint outline of my sketch. Can't wait to start it.

  6. Do you paint in oils also??? I've always done acrylics but today I ordered some oil paints to give that a try. I'm nervous but excited about trying oils…I want to try oils since it gives you more open painting time. The only thing I don't like about acrylics is they dry to fast…

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