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out the ability to influence and persuade your pants you can’t put yourself out there into the world great salespeople understand that it takes three four or five noes to actually get to the yes is every sale the same well only if you’re in control see once you take control of the encounter once you learn how you can now make every sale the same what’s that belief nation it’s Evan my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an amazing gift inside you that I want to see exploded onto the world now I started the momentum II series to try to hang around people who’ve done a lot more than us and hopefully by spending more time with them some of their views their mindsets their beliefs their way of thinking seeps into us to help us become the best version of ourselves so today we’re gonna learn from one of the best jordan belfort the wolf of Wall Street and how to master the art of selling mentor me Jordan [Music] you Warren Buffett was doing the speech of Bill Gates about maybe ten years ago and he was asked by a college student what can we do as students to make ourselves more valuable in the workplace so you think Warren Buffett would say learn how to pick stocks learn how investments you know whatever you would say not what he says he says go out and take a course in sales and cos allocation day he did Dale Carnegie James says like there you go now that point because he took that he said I took Dale Kearney changement without back you don’t he’d be without that course yeah he’d be the richest money manager in Omaha Nebraska then no one ever heard of yeah Annie met his wife that way the love is like because without the ability to influence and persuade your Kanaks you can’t put yourself out there into the world and be known for what you really are what sales really is is the transfer of emotion that’s what’s happening when you sell your transferring emotion and the primary emotion that you’re transferring is the emotion of certainty in other words watch this you as a Salesman when you enter the encounter you have to be absolutely certain that your product is the best make sense it’s gonna give them the best benefits out there the best value proposition and so forth and you are in this state of absolute certainty so imagine now we have a continuum of certainty a line of certainty so we have this line of certainty and on one side of the equation we have it’s called a1 and the other side we have a 10 so a 10 represents a state of absolute certainty meaning your prompt is the best thing since sliced bread it’s gonna give them exactly what they want benefit wise it’s the best deal for the money it’s gonna make them feel the whole thing right it is just absolutely awesome that’s a 10 on the certain skill it is great the best thing since sliced bread and on the other end of the spectrum you have what’s called a 1 right which is it’s the worst piece of in the world right it’s crap right your product is terrible it’s not gonna work okay the benefits don’t match up what they need it’s overpriced I didn’t want to be near this piece of crap because I just feel stupid even buying it or even thinking about buying it that’s a 1 right so here’s the first thing you need to understand that the moment you open up your mouth to speak as a sales when you start a sale the question is this where is the average prospect the person you’re trying to sell to where are they on the certainty scale at the beginning anyone know where are they who the fuck knows you must be in this state of absolute certainty because what’s happening is this what you’re doing when you’re selling is everything that you say everything that you do every tonality use every gesture you make every document you hand them every phrase that comes out of your mouth are all designed to do one simple thing to essentially raise the prospects level of certainty to as close to his 10 as a possible that’s what you’re doing your the words that you say the the presentation that you make the tonality that you use every any document you in sales aids whatever it might be is all designed to take them from where they are on the certainty scale and move to as close to where you are as possible essentially you’re transferring your white-hot certainty disowns that a cooler level at a lower level of certainty it’s almost like this first law or so I think is actually the second law of thermodynamics in physics right under you study physics energy always flows from hot to cold not the other way around so you need to be this white-hot level of certainty it’s exerting out of you every pore that you have and we know what certainty feels like in sounds like we intuitively know as salespeople and our prospects know as well we know when someone sounds certain and they have confidence and they’re enthusiastic we know what that looks like feels like it sounds like let’s pretend this is like the water line in the ocean here’s your water line I’m the world’s worst artist and when you’re on the phone with a client running a straight line pattern and he’s saying no no no no no no no no no no no you’re not like this it’s not going like that what’s happening is this this is oh this is the water line here right water line okay this is essentially success when he goes above the water line and you see it he says yes what he’s saying no he’s below the water line what’s happening is this as you’re going you’re getting closer and closer and closer and closer and right so you don’t see the result yet the same way your guy who’s working to build his business he might not be making money yet but he’s making massive progress below the water line and all of a sudden that last pinch of certainty and the guy says boom you’re above the was that the guy just said yes no he didn’t he was saying yes the whole time he was getting close yes yes yes to certain parts of certainty he just wasn’t there on all three ten so he had lowered his action threshold so what happens is this if this is the three tens then lowering someone’s actually especially what you be essentially lowering the water line so you can actually increase his certainty lower the water line and make it easier for the guy to say yes but let me tell you something when you are running a straight line that’s let’s say minute one and minute 60 and he closes here it meant 40 you don’t think you’re making progress between 1 and 40 you’re making massive progress it’s just below the water line this is why great fails people understand that it takes 3 4 or 5 knows to actually get to the yes what no is it’s almost a euphemism for saying what no means I am NOT certain that’s all it means when someone says let me call you back let me think about it I want to talk to my wife or just plain old no it just means I am NOT certain every sale is the same they like what everything I got the looks right those crazy looks with every cells not the same every I said guys every sale is the same and then I said watch and his visual popped in my mind it’s a straight line as for the very first time I drew this long thin line on the center of the board it was old leaving a longer boy to boys right I said this is your open I said this is your clothes I said in every once in a while back when you were selling penny stocks you get one of these lay down clients we could call them wear everything that you say and everything that you do the clients like saying yes yes yes yes from the very beginning all the way to the end when you ask for the order for the first we said yeah great how do I pay right that perfect lay down sale now I’m sure we you all get them every once in a while we get one of those people who seems to be almost pre-sold before they even enter your funnel that’s almost soul right you’re saying they agree with you the whole time perfect lay down sale but that is the exception to the rule most of the time so you want it this sort so those a straight-line sale is the perfect lay down sale when everything that you say and everything that you do the client agreed they’re on board the whole way through and you asked for the order the first and they left all your jokes the whole you get it and perfect sale you ask you till I said yes great how do I pay that’s a perfect straight line shell but most of time that’s not the way it goes the typical client wants to go off the line they have questions they interrupt of the objections so they try to take you off floor I took it at the price of tea in China right you want to keep them on the line so what we have is these healthy boundaries above and below the line when you’re inside these boundaries you’re in control of the sale these are the healthy boundaries above and below the line because even when myself very seldom is I man I have anymore lay down sales than anybody else I have the same as anybody else but is this healthy boundary I don’t let it fail spiral out of control because you go off here outside the values off the freakin Pluto right or your anus not a good place to be for most of us at least right I don’t judge okay Pluto or Uranus right this is out of control where you ask someone a question about your qualifying question to try and gather intelligence right and they might start answer your question the right way but next things only spiral off they talk about the price of tea in China okay in most people the problem that they have most sales rule is that when someone starts to spiral out and talk about nonsense you’ll jump right into the nightmare cuz you’re the waters woah let me get into reporting just not talk with them and that’s not rapport because the sooner you do that they realize they’re in control the sale they will assume control of sale and once that happens nothing good happens besides the fact that you’re branded as a novice not as an expert I said guys let me tell you when you’re calling rich people even poor people matter who you’re calling you got four seconds that’s all you have you have four seconds to establish three crucial things or else you’re done you can’t close anybody because they’ll take control of the sale and once they take control of the sale it’s like you’re almost like an out match boxer covering up some mobile blows like imagine walking in through the green with Mike Tyson right and he’s barrage you’re just covering up because he’s in control and you get knocked out of anyone so that’s what’s happening to my guys they’re getting knocked out they were losing control right out of the gate because they were not being perceived as V three-phase let me tell you exactly what they are number one in the first four seconds you must be perceived as number one being sharp as a task that you’re sharp and on the ball number two that you’re enthusiastic is held in thews II asked his health Uzi azzam must be good and number three and most important of all I’m an expert in my field you’re an expert in your field they got four seconds to establish those three crucial or you’re done because if you don’t establish them see what they roll up to what they chunk up to is essentially that you’re a person worth listening to you’re worth listening to and even higher so close you could help them achieve their goals help them get what they want people don’t listen to you get what you want they do it because I get what they want Sharp’s attack and through meeting sharp on the ball right not a time waster to enthusiastic so now I’m not saying so some people say oh come on people they see through that infusion no they don’t I’m not talking about over-the-top oh my god my pride that’s bullshit I’m talking about bottled enthusiasm below the surface it’s a it could be a whisper it’s a certain way of talking a certain way of caring ism where they could just tell it you are dead serious about what you have your confidence you it’s a way of speaking it’s not yelling and it’s not talking fast I’m talking fast knuckles I have an hour right to get eight hours information so I’m talking about if i was selling I’d be speaking slowly succinctly and I had that bottled enthusiam just below the surface and your gut it’s about to bubble over but it never bubbles over because you’re in control cuz you’re an expert and when you have that way of speaking I’ll explain how in a few minutes it’s infectious people want to hear more they’re intoxicated by it it transfers to someone else it’s an emotional feeling they get and of course an expert in your field number three well listen here’s the bottom line we have been conditioned since we’re yay big to defer and respect experts and figures of authority you know don’t buck Authority respect your elders you know you were trained as a kid you went to the doctor right and the doctor asked you questions you didn’t say what’s your education he done you didn’t ask him questions back you saw his diploma on the wall he had a white coat he had a stethoscope he was a doctor your parents explained this man’s gone through special education he’s an expert in his field he’s going to heal you he get it is a specialist and you respected him and you didn’t you answered his question fully and honestly now I’m sure you’ve all been probably later on in life when they tried to pull the old let me get the nurse’s assistant to ask you two questions you know like yeah you I’ll answer in the done you’ll answer them in a be one word you’re not gonna even nearly as forthright with the practitioner as the bathrooms of why because you’ve been conditioned and they violate they might be just as competent if not more at taking notes and doing a a certain through that triage but when that bastard walked in who he’s a doctor that’s an expert in this field if you don’t establish these three things you’re fighting a massive uphill battle because now they are in control the encounter and good luck see is every cell the same well only if you’re in control see once you take control of the encounter once you learn how you can now make every sale the same Bandler didn’t do these experiments with people with matching and mirroring and when you mirror somebody you get into massive rapport with them the less offensive way is not to mirror but to match and that means don’t and they go sit down on a stool like this okay and they you know cross their arms you don’t like as they’re doing it crossed if you’re armed you know you wait a few seconds jiggle around then you cross your arms okay if someone sit with their legs crossed okay then you wait a few seconds and you cross your legs and you settle into the same posture that the other person is this is usually hugely powerful for gaining a reformed person don’t underestimate this it operates in a level you can’t quite grasp it’s it’s an unconscious level look at the opposite is to understand let’s say you walk in someplace and someone’s flailing their arms about they’re just out of but you’re in a calm state and they’re in opposites think they’re all agitated how do you feel about that person out of a port right you’re instantly you know you’re you’re standoffish right well just imagine the opposite about the polar opposite would be someone who moves just like you someone who speaks just like you so one who vibrates at the precise level and frequency that you do that’s what matching and mirroring is all about to get into them in their world to enter at the same level and to slowly move that level up or down depending on what part of the presentation or clothes you’re at to create the appropriate emotion that allows them to make the right decision which is to buy your product that’s body language angry pissed-off negative unrest social state you can’t do anything well you’ve got one of those days for instance where everything you’re doing you’re like I can’t believe I said that I can’t believe I did that I’m such a fool right yeah that day we’ve all had that day yeah next day similar situation you’re like wow you know that was me I did a really great job right you’re perfect so one day you’re brilliant next day same situation you’re brutal that’s not talent that’s not ability that’s the state that you’re in so the key to success is not just a to have your vision but to be able to manage the way you feel in the moment now if you’re a parent what’s the most resourceful state patience if you’re a businessman looking to make money on Wall Street it’s probably certainty yeah more courage because fear is the worst emotion of all for being a traitor on Wall Street so every business has different states that you need to master now in most businesses in matters of wealth is straight three states that you need to master you’re the trigger and a moment’s notice and it’s easy to do once you learn out we’re just gonna teach people hey and number one is certainty to be certain about what you’re doing the second one is clarity to be clear it’s not to be overwhelmed with you the office will be overwhelmed and the third is courage is to have a conviction to know that you might not be right all the time but you can exact let fear stop because if there’s one distinction that between the wealthy people of the world and the pulpit of the world is that wealthy people act in the face of fear while poor people run away from favorite now I’ve got a special jordan belfort bonus sales tip for you but before that the question of the day today is has this video motivated you to go out and want to sell more give me a yes or no leave it down in the comments below thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one where it is much love I’ll see you soon you ended up at this firm it was oak what was it oh crap okay little firm called the Investor Center which is a penny stock firm right and that was where I you know it was really first night ever sold stock and I became the top broker the first day just broke all the records really in the first day you broke all the right your first day yeah yeah so you’re a bore do you think you’re a born salesman yeah for sure I am open and there are people out there will born closers one salesman far if you would do there are some when that really means though what does it mean to be a born salesman what it means is that you’re actually running the strategy automatically inside usually good you’re still following this script but it comes natural automatically so you but you don’t realize it but you are following a certain protocol that gets you to the same outcome every time so that’s really what it born closers so for those people watching that our entrepreneurs want to learn sales what did you do in that first day that you basically became a top sales in like was there we’re gonna talk more about your whole sales straight-line formula but first day you didn’t have time to implement a whole script what do you do that most people don’t do is it your tonality that’s one of the things body language tonality taking people through features not just features but benefits according I think you did that first day well in fact I see one of the interesting things you say you would you have time to put the other scripts in fact I did oh you did oh yeah day one I took three hours to write one so yeah I would never this is something interesting thing had many years layers is relevant is that when I was tested by some psychologists not my ability to close they put me through a whole battery of these weird tests and one of them was a mock sale where I had to close someone in a investment type of situation that was being filled was there like so me this pants they handed me up like a little sort of us some information on the dairy industry and I have to then convince someone to so I open up an account at a firm to manage the money for the dairy industry right okay so they handed out about 10-12 pages of information right and they said take as much time as you want and you know just I said let’s see you closed this guy right so I start reading I’m reading it and I’m reading right I start writing down my thoughts now 30 minutes later they knock on the door like ya said give me more time yeah just give me another 30 bits I said okay no problem 30 minutes goes by they come back I said just meet another 20 minutes they said no problem take 20 more minutes I said give me 15 more minutes right anyway after about two hours I said I’m ready and I wrote myself a really really not an exact script but pretty close to a really killer script with so if you know how I would actually engineer the sail from storm there’s so many stocks no canals recent maybe oh really okay this is right is relevant now this is in nineteen it’s like I think the 2010 at this Apple okay with psychologists being Phil okay this is the later John died he was an actor and he was supposed to be the CEO of a dairy company and I was supposed to close him so we go through this whole thing I introduced myself and I we go for this back and forth back and forth and they’re filming the whole thing and after about 15 minutes the guy just he’s like okay fine I’ll open up an account and he starts laughing his ass off so I’m like what’s so funny psychologists come and they say we told him under no circumstances should he say yes yeah within 15 minutes yet no he said yes I don’t get it he said I said well you don’t want I got the guy into a situation did it make sense to say no he said well here’s the weird thing we’ve tested a hundred other people in sales and no one ever spent more than five minutes reading the material huh you spent so apparation it’s some simple fundamental teach equip are the straight line is about strategic preparation meeting that you don’t you know what was my overriding concept is every sales the same right yes and that would seem to be counterintuitive yes because everyone has different needs different belief systems right different outcomes real but the truth is that every sale is the same yes and I’ll explain that little bit later on in the interview but it starts with your ability to essentially make an airtight case to someone yes on both illogical and the right yeah about you know essentially why you’re right you could want them to do whatever you want them to why does it make sense right yes and it’s got to be an airtight case and then you have to be able to also accomplish other things as well so there’s two ways to go about that one is still wing it which you could might be able to do if you’re really really great or you can write it down plan it out I mean the second one is where you really start to bring your averages of tremendous easel I’m a big believer in strategic preparation raise your standard Apple at the core its core value is that we believe that people need passion can change the way people now one drop of myself work depends on your disciplines to me I don’t ever give up I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time favorite top ten roses success I have a very special secret video for you these are the individual clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life and my business check the link the description for details

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