How to make a Pom Pom maker Tutorial (Craft Basics – Yarn Pom Pom)

hello hello welcome back to another redhead artkraft basic series today I'm going to show you how to make a pom pom maker using cardboard and some glasses as measures now I'm going to start and whilst I'm starting I'm going to talk to you about how to do it but we want to be quick and into the project remember we have lots of other crafts here on red haired art these is just a craft basic I decided to show you how to make this today because I couldn't find my pom pom maker now there are other ways of making pom poms you can use a fork you can use a clover pom-pom maker I'm going to link all of those below in the eye cards but this is the traditional method that I used to do as a child what you need is you need a piece of cardboard like this one and then you need two circular disks now I've used the sort of a medium sized glass but there's also a big one here for a slightly bigger one when you want to determine the size of your pom pom there are two things you need to consider one is the size of your that one and not the overall circle what actually really matters is this distance between your outside circle and your inside sir I'll show you the inside one in just a sec I've got my two basic so horses is actually going to be medium size pom pom maker then I get a coin and I make another hole in the middle or like a donut now this distance here or so how big your pom pom is this in here will determine how fat or how thick your pom pom is because basically you're allowing more space for more wool so when you've got your circle what you do is you cut around like this and then you have your basic block one half of a basic cardboard pom pom okay you need two of them like that exactly the same size so you take and like I said this distance makes how big or how you know bigger or smaller your pom-pom is and the center helps determine how fat because if you've got a really small center you can only wrap a little bit wall around it if you've got really really trouble center you can wrap more or but you kind of have to experiment a little bit to be honest as with all our crafts is all about experimenting so this is now your basic pom-pom maker isn't that great so now I'll show you how to use it I'm going to put them together it doesn't really matter what way you get your wall got Yola one today for my yellow project and you start wrapping this is why we have a gap because it means you have enough space to wrap your wall so I'm going to now wrap all the way around and then when we get to the end I'm going to show you what to do next don't make it too tight actually because if you make it tight the final steps a little bit tricky okay now I think that's about enough you know you kind of have to like this is quite thick you've got quite a few layers there and I think I am now ready to give this a cut so you've got your yarn wrapped around or your wall now using some smaller scissors I do love my little stalk scissors they're so cute now you have to split this in half because you've got the two layers you see and then you cut in between these two bits of card can be a bit fiddly and you have to be careful that they don't you know like sometimes your pom-poms become a bit loose that's when you maybe want to have a smaller hole but it should be okay make sure they don't fall out the center just keep it all in there by gently tucking it back in okay then you grab your wall and you bring it in this is make sure these are all nice and tucked in so this is always the Phileas bit with all pom-pom making techniques is when you come to cutting and wrapping your wall around so you need to put it in between the two layers like so that's a bit that wasn't cut okay bring it round now tuck it in to make a knot and give it a really good pull okay now make a another knot here we go and I'm just going to wrap it around just one more time for safety why not I always like to make things things are extra tight here we go ah looking really good already isn't it now interestingly I always find that with these ones my pom-pom does turn out much rounder than if we use a clover and you pull these off and there you have your very own pom-pom made using two cardboard rings now if you want to make a smaller pom-pom like this one do check out the fork method in the I cards down below or obviously you can make a smaller version of these but it can get bit fiddly err and I think this is a really beautiful size and I'm going to show you in another video how to turn this very quickly and simply into an emoji a zipper Paul or keychain holder oh actually look at this sorry just a last minute if you do have any little stray bits like this you just end trim them away and that makes them look neater but that's with all pom-pom makers so anyway I hope you liked this craft basic we have lots more craft basics here in red tada do check them out and they are all there to help you learn how to craft easier and better anyway so you can soon bye

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  1. Mam,it's so nice. I saw many pom pom making videos but those videos aren't easy than yours. Thanks. 🌹🌹🌹

  2. I have tried this only once and it
    Works thanks I have made it with my own tricks but failed so I watched this video and got the success thank you red ted art

  3. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  4. Thank you sooooo much because I have a business project and this will help. Il. Luv you xxx

  5. Well my age is showing, I didn't know you could by a pom pom maker, nor have I ever seen one made like this!…we always made pom poms using two fully round peices of cardboard i.e no slit cut out of the cardboard – same method of winding on, but you use a yarn needle instead and you keep winding until the hole in the middle is completely filled up. Doing it this way is much EASIER especially if you don't have good use of your hands – there is no worry about your wool sliding off the open slit and you don't have to hold it in place… can put the half made pom pom down and finish it later, you can even throw it around the room half done and you WILL NOT need to worry about it, the wool will not fall off your cardboard template!……then you just cut through the edge portion of pom pom till you find the cardboard and cut all way round between the two pieces, then use the long strand left from the middle hole to wrap tightly in between the two cardboard templates and your done!……..making them this way will also give you firm densly packed pom poms that do not seperate or flatten out – the more you fill that center hole the sender i.e thicker and tighter your pom pom will be…..if you have those loose pom poms that don't stay tight and round then make them using full round circles!

  6. I could not do this at all bc u never said how wide to make the cardboard 😒

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