How To Get a DEEP Voice INSTANTLY – “See The Change”

There is nothing that commands
attention and respect, like a deep, powerful voice! Whether you’re interested
in dating or climbing the corporate ladder or just having a strong
presence in any environment. It’s those strong pipes that
enable you to do it. How would you rate your voice from
one to 10 right now? Be Honest. How do you rate it? Well, let me show you
something. My voice just a few years ago. I keep all my old youtube videos up. Take a look at the way I sounded just
a couple of years ago before I learned this stuff.
(Weak Voice) “Hello. Today I want to talk to you about maybe
the most important aspect of nonverbal and verbal communication.”
All right? I wanted you to see that because no
matter what kind of voice you have, now, you are able to learn the techniques
and tips and tricks that you need to get to develop into a strong,
powerful voice. So in this video, I’m going to go through a quick
primer on three types of tonality. And once you understand them, it’s going to really impact a whole lot
of areas within your voice or getting able to immediately put them to use.
But this is a short video, so if you want to dive deeper, I’ve got
a free checklist that you can download. I’ll put a link right here. They’ll
circle with the eye, you can click on, or I’ll put a link in the description.
It’s free. It’s going to go through five things
that more depth that you can use to also strengthen your voice. So the three types of vocal
tonality or report seeking, rapport, neutral and rapport braking. So we’re
going to talk about all three of them. Report seeking has two distinctive traits
and basically it’s used when you’re talking to someone who you feel
like has a lot higher status do. If you’re talking to a king or a queen
and you’re just a lowly surf or you just started your internship at the company
and in walks in the big boss, the CEO, that’s how you had talked to them at
two characteristics are number one. It ends in a tone souping
upward getting higher. And number two, it just has
a step change. Elevated tone. So if I normally talk like this, I’m going
to talk like this. It’s a higher step. So here’s what it might sound
like. Hey, how are you? So my tone, instead of saying like, I’m talking to
you right now, hey, how are you? Hey, how are you? It’s almost like you’re singing to
the person and it ends souping up. How was your weekend goes even
higher at a subconscious level? What are you communicating to that person?
Right? What you’re saying is how is your weekend? But what you’re really saying is
you’re so much higher status than me. Treat me like I’m low status. I see myself as having
much lower status than you, and I’m not going to give you any reason
why you could ever even be mad at me because I’m so nice. I’m actually singing
the words that you can’t be mad at me. Look at me. I’m no threat at
all. Hey, how are you? Why? Because you feel like they have control
over your life or an impact on your life. The CEO, we can give you a raise,
he can promote you, the king, he could off with your head or he could
also have you rise in the ranks or puts you into a higher class. Soon he speak with a supplicative
rapport seeking tone. Those words are interchangeable
at the same tonality, rapport seeking or supplicative. You are really communicating to the
person that you feel like you have much lower social status to them.
Most people don’t realize that. Most people just feel comfortable, sees speaking and supplicate of tone
and they don’t realize that there’s sub communicating.
All of those negative things. Report neutral tone is the way
I’m speaking to you right now. The way you’d speak to a friend or a peer
that you’re very comfortable with the family member, very even Keel,
no effort one way or the other. Report breaking. A good way that I’ve found to compare
that is a police officer who’s demanding something for you. You know, roll
down the window, kill the engine, license and registration. Please step out
of the vehicle, hands behind your back. That tone ends down and also if you
notice my tone, it did drop a little bit. I’m talking right here. Hands behind
your back. I’m talking right here. Hands behind your back and what does that,
how does that sound to you? We’ll flip around what you learned in
the supplicative reports. Seeking tone. It’s the opposite. It sounds like
the CEO who’s talking to the intern, he’s a little angry about him or the
king who’s talking to their step right up right now, sir. Telling them what to
do. What does that sub communicating? I feel like I have higher status than you.
I feel like I can tell you what to do. I’m not worried about, you’re being a
little offended about me talking to you. How was your weekend? Not
How was your weekend? Yeah. I’m not really worried if you’re, if you’re a little bit angry about
the tone of voice, I use a t too bad. I’m comfortable with that. You’re showing
them that you have high status. No. A very interesting thing you can do with
this is next time you’re in a situation with somebody who the dynamic has already
been established and you do have a little more status in them or a situation
that’s been established with a person you’re talking to has a little more
status than you flip your tonality. So if you’re talking to someone
that you have higher status, then start using reports, seeking
tonality. Hey, how are you? How was your weekend? And watch that other person naturally
assume a higher status frame because you’re telling them through your sub
communication that you feel like they’re higher status. Now, on the other hand, a more positive way that
you can experiment with
this as you talk to somebody who feels like they’re a
little bit higher than you, I call that the interaction equilibrium
where they feel like they’re a little bit higher than you. Start talking
to them in a rapport breaking tone. How was your weekend? I know you guys said you were hoping to
get out and get the dogs out in the park this weekend. How did that go and watch them naturally
assume a more report seeking or supplicate of tone to you
as your status goes up? How would you say that you
normally speak to people? I would say about 75 to 80% of people
who think they’re speaking in a rapport, neutral tone are actually
speaking in a report seeking tone. And what’s that doing there?
Meeting New People. It’s like, why do people naturally just kind of slop
me like they think they’re better than me. You’re telling them you think they’re
better than you in your tone of voice. When people listened to a recording
of their voice back so often, they’re so surprised like I don’t
sound like that. And they do, and once they realized that they’re
speaking in a wrong in the wrong way, it’s very empowering and they
can go out literally overnight. Now they speak with the true rapport, neutral tone and they know when somebody
starts to talk down to them a little bit, they can snap that
rapport, breaking tone around, put that person in check vocally
without even saying anything. It’s all in your tone of voice.
They can, they can enter, they can have balance out that equilibrium
so people don’t feel like they’re higher than people.
Don’t always put them down. If you feel like people maybe don’t
listen or give you attention or respect. Some people just ignore
people when they’re talking. I’ve even seen people completely turn
around and walk away when someone’s going up and talking him.
That shouldn’t happen. When you start speaking to someone
that should be a high value thing. We were like, Whoa, I want
to listen to this person.
Listen to their tone of voice. They’re competent.
What they’re saying. They sound like the kind of
person I should hear out. I’ve got a video that’s going to dive way,
way, way more in depth about why that is
going to talk about how your voice is actually conditioned or
culture and everything. Conditions you to not speak with
the full power of your voice. I’m gonna teach you how you can
improve that at a massive level. You can totally reinvent your voice.
I’ll put a link to that right here. You can click on that here, and I’ll also put a link
in the description below
that’ll take you to that video that you can watch and
I’ll talk to you there and you haven’t seen this video yet. This is a good one to click there and
I’ll talk to you in the video now.

100 thoughts on “How To Get a DEEP Voice INSTANTLY – “See The Change””

  1. Great information. I just realized my big boss is raising his voice (rapport seeking) – on purpose. Maybe he watched your vids!

  2. 12 years ago, back in college, I would definitely fall under R. Seeking. Now at 30, I'm so over people and am a lot more secure. I'd say I'm R. Neutral. I often hear from people though that I sound like I'm agitated, but its just how I talk. =/

  3. Hey Baron, I really appreciate the video. I'm a manager and have many things to handle on a daily basis. How could I incorporate your teachings without having to micromanage my voice? Or simpler, how can I use the appropriate tonality without having to think about every sound I make?
    Thanks a bunch.

  4. Hello, I'm in the Air Force, as of 3 months ago and do not want to ruin my career by pretending to have a deep voice. Meaning the last job I had a few co workers told me I sound aggressive, disrespectful (which was not my intention) so I "softened" my tone but then I was walked over. I notice my breathing is very shallow. How important is breathing in dealing with vocal projection and how do you maintain your breathing/ vocal projection ? Thank you for your videos !

  5. This is an undivided part to holding a so called "masculine frame".
    Respect commanding.

  6. I have a lower voice. Tonality is important, but here are some tips that really helped me since projection was such an issue since I work in such a noisy environment.

    1. Make sure to articulate and EMPHASIZE the ending of all the words you say, consonants convey information, vowels convey sounds.
    2.Make sure use your full voice( put enough air behind it)
    3. Yelling is different than projection, yelling is an effect. And just because you talk louder does not mean it should hurt the other person's ears.
    4. You don't have to talk slow, just take your time.
    5. Do not artificially lower your voice, but be comfortable with its full range and ending in repor breaking tonality.

  7. My girlfriend is an engineer and she had a Director join their team recently. She told me "he's such a beta and no one respects him". This was only one day after he joined. Do you know why? Apparently, this guy walked into this new office (which he should be commanding), and asked someone in a very rapport-seeking tonality "would it be okay to use this office please?". I don't think it was the words so much as it was his delivery – but it's crazy how much a difference it makes!

  8. Being a loud egotistical prick is not going to make u more 'powerfull'. It's going to make you look like a loud egotistical prick. Some of the most powerful people in the world do not shout to be relevent, they earn the respect and are listened to accordingly

  9. All great info. This is something I've really just become aware of in the last couple years. When I talk to people, especially after just meeting them, I try to make it a point to relax my vocal cords when talking to them, and let my words just roll out, as opposed to putting any extra force behind them. Obviously you don't want to be too relaxed about the way you do it, because you don't want to sound tired/drunk. But letting the air in your lungs deflate at a more natural rate as you're speaking, as opposed to pushing it out with more force, is a great way to do this, and will usually land you in the area you describe as 'rapport neutral'.

  10. In most of our fleeting short term interactions..nobody gives a s=it. But they ALL remember how you made them feel.

  11. Sir what about actor James Mason. He used to speak in a weak voice but he got to play roles of intimidating villains. Also his voice was considered attractive. Even Liam Neeson has a similar voice when he speaks in a interview.

  12. kind of annoying – does not COMMAND respect or attention. Jordan Peterson is kind of soft spoken – millions listen for hours and have great respect. It's content dude.

  13. Sorry my friend but the way you spoke before was much better. The way you speak now is horrendous. Go back to the way you were and people will listen to you more. As it stands I think you are in love with yourself and your voice but I can assure you nobody else is.

  14. You have a great voice that i was watching your video in low volume and my cousin beside me heard your voice.. He though i was watching motivational video 😂

  15. Now I hate to stereotype here but… Is this why so many people are put off people who talk with really camp voices because there tone automatically puts them below you

  16. Biggest load of bullshit I ever heard in my life, you're still screaming in a high pitched voice at the end of your sales pitch, you're talking a load of b…shit…

  17. People sometimes ask me what when I talk but sometimes I start to speak up a bit louder and when I talk louder people sometimes look at weird idk if they think I’m mad cuz I’m talk louder or there just weird

  18. I bark like a pitbull all day at work it messes with ppls mind about me. I have loud voice with bass when i bark many times thru out my shift to the point of others barking too.

  19. This is so true and works seemingly even more for me because I’m 6 3 250 plus I talk to people nicely and get disrespected. But when I get a little angry or emotional and decide to speak from my stomach and demand respect people don’t question me.

  20. ok, HOW to get a deep voice? You only talk about why, we already know the why, but HOW…. thumbs down… 8 minutes of why, total waste of time, thanks a lot man

  21. I guess Bill, Mark and Steve missed the memo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣For some reason the lower class and poor people are always trying to be something they are not and will never become :))))))))

  22. Maybe you could rename this to read "how to shout at your audience without giving any real 'how to 'information". I watch a lot of your videos and usually find them interesting but sadly this one is WAAAY off topic – it is more about 'how to use your new deep voice in rapport seeking" or "how to use your new deep voice to dominate a conversation or establish who is the boss in a social interaction". However, there is no i<substantive information as to "how to get a deep voice instantly", I was expecting some tips on voice/throat exercises etc. 🤷‍♂️

  23. I have a deep voice, not extremely deep, but the ladies seem to like it and I do like it as well. Here's a thing, I'm 18 and my body is still growing and changing, so that means, that my vocal cords will be even stronger and bigger than now. That results in a even deeper and more powerful voice. My dad, my grandfather and my uncle, they all have a deep voice, inlcuding myself, why you may ask? It's our genetics and we all have high testosterone levels. Attention! Your testosterone levels and the size of your vocal cords will have the biggest impact on your voice, how it sounds etc. I appreciate your videos, because I can make my voice even deeper and more powerful.

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