How to Draw Lego Spiderman | Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Lego Spiderman | Drawing Tutorial

hey everyone and welcome to the club today I'll be showing you how to draw a label inspire me I'm gonna get stirred with the eyes of stone on the left side with the upper eyelid start something else I'm going to curve down is we do the same thing on the right side same a small gap to the center and last of all coming up and out towards the right now you connect the outside towards the inside with a half oval it comes down starting at the top down towards bond pull that in what we decide good spacing on the right just come inside now I want to trace out the odds of a big thick black line so for the corner of the left is step up and Strucker pointing down and then just pulling the inside of the eye right here to curve in and instruct the follow you can size up guys with me inside there which follow the outside here check to the top again down with the bone we're going to pull that back in toward the top let's go ahead and color all that in black let's do the same thing on the right subtle wrist on an inset besides curving up and how to navigate to the topper to curl it upwards come back to the inside trace out the bottom edge all the way to the top go ahead and fill that all in black let's go up a bucket ID and draw her for the top of the head we start a left side here curving up towards the middle and down on the right side now I want to round up the sides and come down along the left side around this is coming down a straight line to put them up there safety on the right so rounding off the corner they're coming down with a straight line I want to connect these two points together rounding out the corner and rounding out the corner down in the middle and make my way back up towards the right side rounding out the corner go up to the top to draw the little pig so that's why we draw a straight line on the right will draw a straight line I'll take those two points with a curve let's go ahead and add some detail to the face so either to the others draw a straight line and step down and draw a little curve below there in the middle and draw a straight line all the way up to the top of the head pull your line towards us over here about the other a curve out so if account allowable curve is towards the eye on the right will crack down in towards the eye in the middle here of adultery life is 20 hours the inside of the eye we're going to draw straight lines in the house on the right side draw another one coming from the corners of the eye towards the outside here draw one more going outwards horizontally on the side of each I'm now let's add some of the wind up in here we're going to start a left side curse down and up in the middle pick on the right side and put this corner left to decrypt in hi deej I got here right here where you draw a curve curve in underneath behind to the same thing on the right side add one more down here on the bottom we not toward the outside and here's your curve up for the side ahead let's go left undo the taping now look at the tempest otherwise I'd like to return this way so we start with a straight line underneath the head starting with your left side to go up and just touching the bottom I had to right about there over on this side I was on a little straight line from the side of the neck now let's curve the side of the body start outside curve down and over towards the right we do the same thing over on this side coming over towards the right reconnect those two points with a straight line underneath this line I'm going to draw a shorter line just below it we will gap with your torso so here at an angle two lines coming down towards the right close this off of the straight line now on this corner here for upholstery like we've done in behind the Lord for so if you're going to draw the leg the left side here and have a low hanging down on the river and have it kicking up so in the middle of this line here just on the left side of it we go a curved barrel of the thigh we go this corner and draw the paper and down we'll connect those two points with a straight line now we're going to lower public so let's not here with her this efficacy day now we can't get again with a straight line now the front of they're going to come up to the words it's front of the toast so from here we're going to lunge to the corners up again straight line now we're to come down the front of the foot this point when it comes down a short line on that aside hold it off a straight line now we draw the back by the way so for this point come around and back in behind the leg here for this point curve the opposite direction towards the heels none of this heel to the toe draw straight lines tickle pedal for the kick wrangle down in behind away when we see on this corner and pull that tail line coming down and pull this up in an angle in behind the hip now for this point I want to taper out towards the side of the body to show that the blocks are twisting emphasize the legs you're going to a little cage so stepping over which are curved point house and behind the leg let's draw the right leg here so this corner I'm going to draw that barrel turn around and down what this corner is all the same thing and down connect up to one with straight line now on this point occur the inside of the leg going up straight up with a straight line number tables down the front of the foot will come straight down or the heel this field can draw on the inside public hearing occurs in surrender well there to incur back in behind the front leg now let's draw on the front of the foot with this angle so this corner going to angle up this quarter going to angle up close it off with a straight line so this corner would come straight down following the same line here it will close it off along the bottom now I'm going to take this curve and just duplicate it back here so this corner will go up and behind the foot want to trace the inside of the foot here so break through this laundry step in well just one side left on the bottom and the top and then along the right side now from this right corner protect angle up let's draw on the left arms but I have to also hang out this way so right this car goes step down draw curve going out towards the elbow know in your heart turn down towards the wrist we're at up the wrist the inside that's going to fold this arm back in on the bottom every cop coming back in the heart turn behind the body often the elbow area helps to build it up first the shoulder the memory now right behind the wrist we're gonna draw on the cam so right here in the middle we curve around the cap circle on the left side we do the same thing all the way turn around and just leaving a gap on the tip of the hand turn around up the fingers and we're circle back around now in here draw a straight line going into the height here's draw straight lines in behind the wrists the same thing on the right side now on the right side we have him holding his web so we start with a head up here the storm with a straight line the outside of the hands first and we kept those two points with a curve and a half circle around we keep that flip it over on this side making sure the center's touch and just hold it off on design here we draw the center part of the rope two lines coming up in the middle we close off the top with a curve we take that and flip it over on the ball side so lining up this line on the right close off the bottom loops on the curve now we're going to curve the bottom part of the web so stepping into this corner you can curve it out towards the right this corner step in towards left pull an update curve around the bottom here we had a circle starting for this line to circle around we draw smaller circle on the inside now up here we're going to draw the rest of the web going up in a source page so for this corner we step in we curve around and then out the same thing on the right side now to finish off this I'm always showing inside on the grid so halfway down the slide we draw a circle going around around the web is back up on the right side here up in here to draw a little curve just to show the risk now we're building our comedians from the inside of the star we draw a straight line coming down and we'll do a hard turn in behind the shoulders underneath that little shoulder point there this side were to come down in behind the web into the high elbow here pull that straight in behind body now in between the two points we draw another curve just to show the wrinkle in the elbow let's add a little bit of detail in the bone here so we start with the bottom edge of the belt so this corner would step up draw a straight line going across sort of aiming towards this file we don't same thing on the right side now I turn off the side of this bucket current off and out we just a curve going up and up towards left in the middle of the bottom and drawn this but not because the body turned right to draw this spider in an angle here so I'm going to start at the top with an oval we call it that oval and black let me draw it bigger oval just below it we'll call it that in black very simplified spider simple now up at the top area we can draw a straight line going across this on the outside and curve it up pull these and in respectable halfway let's draw another curve on top do the same thing on the bottom right across the creek in thing on the right not here which the angle two lines coming down this curve the nice and if not some of the webbing in the body so the middle of the climbers going to curve in behind the spider can see all the way down toward the bottom we draw another one here just decided I'll lick the bottom on the right side and we're going to draw one more curve left and behind this little gap do the same thing on the right side and behind the shaft continuing along the bottom we're add a little web like this along the top here so right up above the spider we don't look curve we should continue this pattern all the way across the top we'll do one in the mail on this bike here it's going to be off this down the one below the spider and then we'll add one more along the bottom years of this chorus curve and that is pretty much it there's lego spider-man I hope you enjoyed the lesson make sure you subscribe it's immature requests in the comments below thanks for watching and see you guys soon [Laughter]

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