How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist – Full Face Tutorial by #BobbiBrown

How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist – Full Face Tutorial by #BobbiBrown

hi I'm mark Regan director of global artistry for Bobby Brown and today I'm going to show you how to do your makeup like a pro from prepping skin to making eyes stand out you'll learn it all the better you take care of your skin the better your makeup will look I'm using hydrating face tonic this is going to soften the skin immediately and prep it for moisturizer serums are essential for their intensive treatment benefits I'm using intensive skin supplement apply with your hands and massage it into the skin next is eye cream hydrating eye cream is a good option for all skin types when applying eye cream start with a pea-sized apply with your ring finger and smooth it on to the under eye area what you're trying to achieve is a well hydrated smooth surface texture so that your makeup will apply effortlessly now we're ready for face moisturizer vitamin-enriched face base is absolutely one of our favorite go-to products it's infused in moisturizing shea butter and vitamins B C and E it really is the best of a moisturizer and primer in one finally the last step in skin care is lip balm it smoothes conditions and preps for lip color before we apply concealer we're actually going to use a corrector to choose the right corrector you have to first look at the under eye darkness or discoloration that you have for blue or purple discoloration you're going to reach for a bisque shade but if you have more of a brown or green discoloration you're going to reach for a peach shade using the concealer blending brush which is a synthetic flat paddle brush you want to apply it starting at the inner corner of the eye and brush it along the lash line then using long smooth strokes apply the color wherever you see discoloration under the eye then when you look in the mirror and you can see a visible brightness under the eye along with a neutralizing of that discoloration you know you have the right corrector now we're ready to layer concealer on top of the corrector and this concealer you'll actually want to apply under the entire eye and the reason is it's a yellow base skintone correct concealer and you want that to match up with the rest of the skin tone of the face and then when you've applied a nice clean and smooth layer press it in with your ring finger the next step is foundation choose a formula based on your skin type and the coverage that you want what we're going to use today is the skin long wear weightless foundation it's an incredible product that gives long-term moisturization but it's also sweat humidity and water resistant I'm going to lay that foundation down first and then touch up with skin foundation stick wherever we think we need it using the foundation brush this tool allows you to get even coverage with very little effort start through the center of the face and apply wherever you think you need it now that we've applied an even layer of the liquid foundation you also can layer and build coverage with the Skin Foundation stick if you find it necessary in this case it's not necessary but I'll show you a technique of how you can do it using the full coverage touch-up brush pick up some product and gently stipple and press to build in the coverage anywhere you think there's more stubborn areas peeking through now we're ready for powder powder smooths and finishes the complexion it gets rid of unwanted shine and it sets the under-eye the creamy concealer actually comes with a setting powder pick it up with the eye blender brush it's a small powder brush that applies just the right amount of powder gently press powder in on top of the concealer after you've applied an even layer then you can use soft brushing strokes just to dust the excess off now we're ready to powder the rest of the face sheer finish powder comes in skin tone correct shade so it matches the foundation perfectly and enhances the skin tone using a powder brush you can be really focused with your application and apply powder through the t-zone first that's typically where you'll see unwanted shine or want to control oil throughout the day now the skin looks even and beautiful and we're ready to give it a little bit of warmth bronzer is an essential item if you're looking to warm define or illuminate the skin I'm using a bronzer brush to pick up the color from the compact start on the forehead blend down through the cheeks smile for yourself so that you can use it even as a natural tone blush then blend down below the cheekbone along the jaw line into the chin and down through the neck I'm using a pop of color because we're gonna layer it on top of the bronzer smile for yourself and place the color high on the apple of the cheek so you'll always look bright and then lifted now it's time for lipstick luxe lip color is absolutely one of our favorites for its satin finish and full coverage when applying lip color you can apply it straight out of the bullet or you can apply it with a lip brush for more precision we're applying lip color first and then we'll follow with lip liner the reason we do that is because you want your lip liner to blend in seamlessly into your lip color I'm going to follow with the lip liner in a similar color you can use the same color or maybe one to two shades deeper it all depends on what your natural lip tone is and how much definition you're looking for when you apply it after lip color it glides on really easily but to matte formula so it helps seal in and lock in the lip color and gives you full 'no CIN your lips look how beautiful and polished she already looks now we're ready to add definition around the eyes and that starts with filling in the brows the most flattering brow is naturally defined and shaped and it helps frame the face I'm using our dark brow kit because it comes with two shades that you can choose to either define the brow or just fill in color make sure the head of your brow is brushed up start where you see the sparse 'us areas of the brow focus on filling in at the arch for optimum lift in the eye and then finish off in the tail of the brow by tapering off to a fine point Prime and prep the lids with an eyeshadow base we're gonna start with the long wear eye base it's skin tone correct it extends the wear of your powder eye shadow by eight hours and it neutralizes any discoloration in the eyelids when choosing a shadow colors you always want to have a light all-over shade this is a color that is applied from the brow bone down to the lash line and really brightens the entire lid I'm going to use an eye sweep brush and this is designed to play the product down and blend it into the eyelid next is choosing a medium shade I'm using the eye shadow brush and I'm going to press the color onto the lower lid that's all the space that's below the crease down to the lash line now to define the eyes with liner I'm going to show you how to apply the long wear gel eyeliner using the ultrafine eyeliner brush coat both sides of the brush you want enough product on the brush that it glides on with ease start at the outer corner and take small strokes working your way across the lash line then flip the brush over and apply little strokes until you get all the way to the inner corner of the eye and you always want to make sure that you're applying eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so you're not seeing any skin peeking through for an ultra polished look you can also tuck in extra liner under the lashes into the roots of each lash this ensures that you'll never see any gaps in your eye liner and it gives the illusion of a fuller lash line now we're ready to finish off the eye with mascara smoky eye mascara is a makeup artist favorite before I apply mascara though I want to curl the lashes this is going to ensure that her I truly looks open and awake when applying mascara tuck the one down to the root of the lashes work in three segments the outside the center and then the inner corner so that you're making sure to coat every single lash use all parts of the wand the tip included you can press the extra product that is sitting at the tip of the wand into the root of the lashes to intensify the eyeliner if you want to step it up a bit and you want to add a little touch of glam it's really easy to further enhance the look we're going to start with adding a touch of liner on the lower lash line using a medium shade of shadow it's actually the same shade that we used on her eyelid using the smokey eye liner brush we're pressing in and placing the color right at the roots of the lash line oftentimes a medium shade is all you need you don't necessarily need to use a dark shade to intensify the look I'm going to put on a tiny bit of mascara just to complete the eye look and then we're going to add a touch of glow I'm using a sheer powder brush to apply highlighting powder and pink glow to add that radiance and that light reflective glow that we all are looking for you can place it right on top of your blush and you can even use it under your blush and then put your blush on top for that lit from within glow I'm going to add a little touch of extra blush to finish off this beautiful enhancement to her everyday look how you take off your makeup is just as important as how you put it on our soothing cleansing oil is an all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover let me show you how easily it removes the makeup I have on my hand massage it into the skin and you'll see it start to break down all of your makeup including long wear makeup on your eyes all the way through foundation and concealer when you splash with water you'll see the suit cleansing oil emulsified which means it's activated and it's really breaking down all of the unwanted dirt makeup and oil off of your skin rinse off with water and just like that you have cleanse beautifully hydrated skin so don't forget to properly cleanse your skin at the end of the day because the better you take care of your skin the better your makeup will look there you have it all the tips and techniques you need to do your makeup like a pro

30 thoughts on “How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist – Full Face Tutorial by #BobbiBrown”

  1. Did they adjust the lighting? In the before and after photos, the color and brightness of her body and hair don't look the same.

  2. That came out really good , I’d love to see this on a female who has acne scars . I still at the age of 29 deals with breakouts and acne scars from un-proper treatment of a pimple . I use a full face of makeup and contouring to not only hide it to to also make my face structure stand out .. I fell in love with the Bobbi brown foundation which I’ll be buying soon

  3. Unfortunately the model is very young…too young. A more realistic approach is a much older woman…then you can provide evidence of real improvement with your makeup…older women have skin issues…

  4. I love this tutorial! Doable makeup look and instructions were very clear. Hope YT tutorials vids were more like this 😊

  5. People fail to recognize that this isn’t about the model, but the performance of the products. Just because someone has “clear” skin doesn’t mean they don’t need product! I agree models with more realistic skin types are better but most people don’t have tons of pimples and if you do have them you treat them so I don’t get it

  6. This gal doesn't need any makeup! Why don't you ever use a model that actually could benefit from these techniques?! It's pretty ridiculous using makeup on a model that has perfect skin. Also, this sends a message to younger women, who have no need for makeup, that they need to cover their beautiful skin with your makeup. Not cool.

  7. I am obsessed with makeup and making a career out of my passion. I love learning new things and this is the perfect video for me especially because I’ll be entering the world of beauty soon 😍

  8. This is wrong .. this girl had perfect skin why she need under eyes corrector ? And million products , or you are trying to use her as dummy ?

  9. I have freckles I’m in my 30s the some concept applies for all skin types, hydrate, correct, cover, powder, rest of makeup… I doesn’t mater if they have a pretty model. I mean they didn’t say only buy Bobby Brown products… he even said pick out a formula that works for you.

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