How to Create Viral Content as an Artist?

How to Create Viral Content as an Artist?

Good morning, welcome to the Art Money Talk
my name is Mo today’s question is how to create viral content as an artist or how to make my art go viral I will be sharing with you some of my experience on how I created some viral of content okay it’s kind of viral, not a big deal,
but still a considerably successful content on the Internet, perhaps it can help you make better content and make your art go viral Our story So one day my partner Greg he’s a partner in this project also a partner in life he told me very upset and he said well ‘I can’t believe it! David Bowie has died!’ I’m like I’m sorry to hear that ‘But the worst part is people are making some portraits of him and posting on the Internet and try to sell the portraits and it’s like making money out of dead people and this is not
right!’ I was not a very good listener I was scrolling on my mobile and I was looking at social media channels I saw this post on a Chinese social media
Wechat and I saw ‘David Bowie paintings’ so I clicked in and I saw some amazing
artworks and I said ‘well did you know that David Bowie is also a painter!’
He was like ‘I didn’t know that. Let me see the art!’ So we decided that the world has to see this, I mean instead of some not even well-made portrait of him on Etsy
the world needs to know what he has done and what other besides music and what
other talent he had in order to honor his life So we went on writing this
article we published alongside with some photos from this Wechat social media
and we acknowledged the source as well And we published online on our own
website, soon we got in touch with so many people they were saying great
content I really love this work keep going we also got in contact with David Bowie’s own team, so his managers, his close family and friends and we got this high-resolution photo of an artwork from Mike Garson, from his own living room he took this photo and sent it to us and gave us the permission to publish on this article We had this content that nobody else had. Soon we were featured by some very large accounts like The Guardian, New York Times, the Vice, even Bored Panda and we were like viral for a little while Even three years have passed we still receive a lot of traffic on this particular article and also if you search David Bowie art we ranked number one on Google search results Viral elements From our story you can see that we were lucky that’s true but we also hit some of the requirements for
going viral. Those are the viral elements Emotion The moment we found out that he was an artist too We had this emotion of we must share it like there’s no way to do anything else, we must do it This emotion is genuine
and it’s not because we want to make a buzz not because we want to get money, just because the emotion is pure and genuine we were able to make it a buzz Event The death of David Bowie is a very global event and also is probably one of
the most mentioned event of that day By reacting to such event in a timely
manner we got a lot of attention from the media from the public, it made us successful Originality We created original content not just copy
and paste from another social media we wrote our own articles of course a part
of the photos we got is from the Chinese social media Wechat so we acknowledged that as well and some other content we got is from direct source like the photo
from Mike Carson and nobody else had that So we had our own unique source of
information Cross-community visual art is a quite small community there are only so many people you can reach within this visual art community. If you combine
art with another niche you can find yourself so much more audience like
art with technology art with sports artist with music, art with politics, with
lifestyle with travel, with extreme sports This list is in exhaustive. You can
reach so many more people by cross art with another community Surprise factor if you think about David Bowie you think about he’s musician you think about his face, his album covers usually when you think of him you wouldn’t think that he’s a painter as well By showing that he’s also a painter it gives this surprise factor the people didn’t know it’s like ‘oh that’s interesting I didn’t know that’ Being featured we got extra boost from The Guardian from the Vice, from The New York Times and so many other big social media accounts that
featured and reposted our post and that’s also very important. It validates
our information, our content and also give us a lot more traffic than the one we already have Your formula OK, so enough about us it’s time to talk about you as artists how can you make your content go viral I have made a list of four different steps you can go and check If you have fulfilled this four-step formula so your content have more chances of going viral No.1 make your own website Without a website your content is on social media and you are literally working for other social media like Facebook
Pinterest Instagram YouTube, you don’t own your content if you post your content on
social media also it is your own account No.2, make your art visible either
through SEO that a search engine optimization on Google search results or an emailing list you need to make the first initial exposure to this content
it’s like making fire you need this initial spark in order to start the fire
and make the fire go everywhere No.3 learn what’s trending use viral content tools such as Buzzsumo and learn what is trending Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that allows you to find out what is popular by topic on any social media And also use other platforms like bored panda to promote your content once its online No.4 create content with viral elements like we mentioned before it needs to be unique emotional with high quality, across community with a unique approach you need to tick all of these boxes in
order to create content that can go viral however I wouldn’t suggest you to create
viral content just for the sake of creating viral content it shouldn’t be like your goal it should be let’s say a byproduct of your communication just like buying lottery of course you can buy a lottery for your chance to have a jackpot but you shouldn’t buy a lottery just the only way to change your life because your life goes on if you win or not you need to be prepared to do a regular communication plan If you don’t go viral it’s okay you can still live a normal life and the whole point about learning how
to make viral content is to improve your overall communication and to make a better communication strategy perhaps you don’t make a huge buzz but with the communication strategy you can make a mini buzz a local buzz, or like a small
scale inner circle buzz Within the fine art circle, or within your region and that’s okay because with that much popularity you can already kickstart your art career and so many other artists don’t even reach that in
their lifetime so that’s already a very good start That’s it for today thank you
very much for watching and see you in the next video

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  1. For a more detailed story I was in contact with Mike Garson and this is Mark, his assistant, who helped us and provided the scan. Thanks a lot Mike and Mark @MikeGarsonOfficial . Here the article

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