100 thoughts on “How to Create Cocoon Curls | Easy No-Heat Curls by Cute Girls Hairstyles”

  1. Tho my friends did this to me and i know that i hate them curling me but i was too lazy to stop them… then they were done curling my hair everyone looked at me and screamed on how cute i am…. tho i am edgy :p

  2. When I want to curl my hair(even if my hair is) I do this technique cause I have already mastered it and the easiest to do.

  3. I've used these so many times!!! They curl so good and I have like literally the heaviest hair ever. Thanks Mindy!

  4. Lol! Is it only me or does anyone else think that the curls mindy is sporting is tenfold better that the one she does on her girl in this video? Anyway…still cool way to curl your hair if you ain't got a curling iron

  5. My hair are so soft and style but i am very naturaly girl thats wy i never use heat she has very beautyfull eyes

  6. Do you know how to do pin curls? My late grandmother used to do it to my hair & I have naturally curly hair… no offense to anyone but I went to an all African American school & they would ask if I was part black. I thought it was funny… good way to make new friends!!

  7. these cocoon doesn't work for me,i can never create a cocoon cuz it juz wont stay.I'm pretty sure i was doing it correctly

  8. Geez!! Why does beauty sleep work for her!!??!!?? I swear!!! When I wake up I look like an actual melted Barbie doll like the one Shane Dawson melted😂😂 ugh all her girls are so pretty!!!

  9. I just love how they take and rename our stuff! Wtf! Why couldn’t she just call them what they are….BANTU KNOTS!

  10. I know this is silly, but I wonder what hairstyle they would pick for their weddings. That’s like the most important day of most women’s lives, like the day where everything has to be perfect. They’ve been through all sorts of hair dids. I can’t wait to see what they pick haha. I guess I’ll wait a LONG while and see

  11. They're called Bontu knots. Learn about the culture before you appropriate it and start making up your own names for it.

  12. OKAY

    so the product is amazing and everything but i can’t make the cocoon thing with my hair! i always end up with me just tangling my hair. it’s hard to do for me because apparently i’m dumb. anyways, could someone help ?? :3

  13. I saw someone do this but you explained it so well now I understand it looks fab I wish I had a mum who could do my hair like you xx

  14. i jus cocooned my hair ! it took me an hr.. another commenter told me to use a lil oil.. so i did. ! hopn for the best. my hair cums to the bottom of my butt & it really stringy & flat. so i did medium size cocoons..

  15. Insurance system for healthcare sounds awful, wouldn’t even cross our mind what time is right to go to the doctor here in the UK

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