How To Cook Steak | Steakhouse Style | Prime Aged Chicago Steaks on the Lynx Grill

How To Cook Steak | Steakhouse Style | Prime Aged Chicago Steaks on the Lynx Grill

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa, with,
today i’ll show you how to grill the perfect steak. To grill the perfect steak, you have
to begin with the perfect steak.. that is why I have these two beautiful aged New York
Strips, full of marbling from my friends at Chicago Steaks. Now the second piece of the
puzzle is that you need extreme heat, and for that.. I turn to my friends at Lynx, I’ll
be using their ProSear 2 Trident all infrared burner, to begin our sear on these steaks. The first thing you will want to do is take
your steaks out of the fridge to allow them to reach room temperature before grilling.
You definitely don’t want to put a cold steak on a hot grill, it will have the tendency
to stick to the grids, and it won’t sear up nearly as well.
Now to get a steakhouse style crust on your steaks, coating them in oil is a must. Today
I will show you how to do a 50/50 blend with this butter that we will clarify in just a
second.. and some high heat oil, I like coconut oil, but if you have another high heat oil
on hand, go for it! The reason you want to clarify your butter
is, it will reduce it’s tendency to burn, by raising the smoke point. This is done by
melting the butter over medium heat, until it simmers and separates, allowing the white
milk solids to rise to the top. Take a spoon, and skim the top of the melted butter to remove
the white portion. The other portion of the milk solids will settle to the bottom of the
pan, an easy way to separate this is by pouring the clarified butter into another dish, and
discarding what has settled in the bottom of your pan.
Now all we have to do is whisk together the clarified butter and coconut oil. You will
want to let this cool to room temperature before dunking your beautiful steaks. This
is a great time to get my Lynx grill preheated! One quick thing to keep in mind when preheating
your grill, if you are using a grill that has an infrared section, like I will be doing
today.. and you have some conventional burners on the other portions of your grill.. go ahead
and fire up all of your burners up to high during the preheat phase, because you don’t
want your conventional section robbing any of that great heat from the infrared section.
Now, once you are good and preheated, if you are wanting to cook your steak past about
medium rare, you’ll also want to keep the burners on this end down to.. about medium,
to somewhere around low to use this as the oven portion of your grill. Alright, let’s season up these steaks! I
want to taste the awesome beef flavor of these aged Chicago Steaks, so I am going to season
with just kosher salt and black pepper. Generously season both sides, don’t be scared,
we will be dunking these in the oil blend before grilling, so a small portion of the
seasoning will fall off anyway. After the seasoning rub, form your steaks back up high,
so they’ll have a good thickness to them when they hit the grill. Now dunk both steaks in the oil mix, making
sure to coat all sides. This is the go to method you will see in most steak houses,
a generous dunk in some clarified butter before it hits the infrared heat.
My Lynx Prosear 2 Trident burner is rolling with some seriously high heat, which is exactly
what you want for the perfect steak. Infrared burners produce direct, intense heat to form
that steakhouse-style crust everybody loves. Boneless New York strips are generally my
go to steak for grilling, so I am really excited to try these wet aged prime Chicago Steaks. We carry the full line of Chicago Steaks at, so make sure to check out all of their other amazing cuts which turn out
incredible on the grill as well. After about (2) minutes, it’s time to crosshatch
your steaks. Crosshatching allows more area of the steak to come in contact with the grid
surface.. meaning more delicious crust on your steak! Let them go for about 2 more minutes,
then it’s time to turn them over. Oh, wow.. look at that sear! This is why steak houses
use infrared burners, look at that BEAUTIFUL all over crust you get.. We’ll wait 2 more
minutes.. it’s time for the final crosshatch. Now that the steaks have a beautiful sear,
it is important to know the internal temperature.. so that you know they are cooked to your preferred
doneness. My go-to thermometer for steak is a Maverick Commercial Grade Thermometer, what
makes it so quick and accurate is that it uses an actual thermocouple, and it tapers
to this microtip at the end, in comparison to the less accurate thermometers that use
a generally slower thermistor. The steak is at 115F internal right now, I
am shooting for (120) degrees for medium rare, so I’ll finish cooking them over the conventional
burners, which I have set to low, with the infrared burner still on high on the other
side of the grill, creating an oven-like environment. If you want your steaks rare, just pull them
now, allow them to rest for 3 to 4 minutes and enjoy. For anyone else, I let them cook about 1 minute
more, per side like this to finish to medium rare.. nice.. I am now getting a reading of
right under 125F, make sure you allow them to rest 3 to 4 minutes before slicing, and
always look at what direction the grain of the meat is running, to make sure you slice
across the grain for maximum tenderness. Now, this.. right here is my kind of perfect
steak! Look at how juicy this Chicago Steak is, you really can’t beat a prime cut of
beef on the grill, the flavor is simply unmatched!

100 thoughts on “How To Cook Steak | Steakhouse Style | Prime Aged Chicago Steaks on the Lynx Grill”

  1. I don't say this often b,c everyone on youtube fucks it up one way or another, but that steak looks amazing. It looks like cast iron might still give a bit thicker crust, but when the steak don't sit supper flat, this definitely is more even.

  2. Yeah yeah I've been cooking steaks forever never needed a thermometer don't understand what all the rage is about having a poke something in the meat to tell you what the temperature is ….it's real simple people …y'all try to make it out to be so damn complicated it's a freaking steak and a fire surly to God you can figure it out without some utensil that wasn't even heard of 20 years ago how did we ever cook a steak without all this techno stuff geez…. heck fire this new generation thinks they can't cook a damn steak without a phone app and a wireless temp gauge

  3. nice vid… but here in croatia we just cant imagine meat to be bloody after grill… and also we prefer pig's meat on grill, whit more of fat on it and we cook meat longer then you, and the steaks are far more thiner… non the less, it look's njami 🙂

  4. Hey awesome marvellous than other youtube channel subscriber. I live in india here but only bufallo meat is in available and it is too hard too bite, and your steak became so soft after only BBq without sous vide is it a bufallo steak or bull steak

  5. Just tried this method… forgot to mention that one should keep a fire extinguisher handy as the 50/50 clarified butter and coconut oil are fairly flammable but the 🥩s came out muy bueno!

  6. If that medium rare, I want mine Medium Rare to Medium Well. To me that's the perfectly cooked Steak :o)

    Nice job on those New Yorkers :o)

  7. Tony, this is great, but what if I am cooking about sixty of these steaks every night. What's the best way to separate the butter for this volume of steaks?

  8. I know it's pretty obvious but you should explain why you should let the meat reach room temperature first. It's just to cook the steak properly. I was going to say evenly but properly is a better word

  9. Chef Tony, I've watched several YT clips on 'preparing the perfect steak' and yours is the best by far. Simple, clear procedure, and you have a knack for explaining the process in a pleasant conversational style that makes it easy to remember practically everything even after having watched it only once. Finally, the steaks looked awesome!

  10. You need a grill on open 🔥 fire, sear the steak with grill markings to hold in the juices..need the smoke to flavor it..

  11. What if Grease and all merination spice drops on burner?I m from India and we use lot of spice and yougurt etc for marination.

  12. A few thoughts. He didn't turn them on the side to render the fat down. I would do this. Secondly I know the coconut oil has a high burn temp but isn't the taste a bit too strong? I would prefer a more neutral tasting oil…perhaps the butter offsets this, I don't know. But the steak surely seemed to turn out perfect.

  13. Not too shabby there Guy this Ole Timer goes the Prime Black Angus Porterhouse…I have a cast iron skillet smokin Hot already that’s been sitting on my grill since I fired her UP…Tastes like MORE…Oh soooooo good

  14. This was really an excellent presentation. Unfortunately the cost of infra red grills of this type is very high. You can get a similar effect from a gas grill by using a lava rock adaptor. It was smart to put the salt on before the oil. Many chefs do it the other way. Oil forms a barrier to salt so it never gets into the meat. According to Wine Spectator magazine in an article about steakhouses most good steak houses use fire heated to between 1000 degrees F and 1600 degrees F. Today's gas grills can't compete and the flame guards cause the oil and fat that drips off the steak that should flame up and sear the meat to fall to the bottom of the firebox instead. Also keeping the lid open while searing prevents the opposite side from cooking resulting in overcooked inside of the steak when you get the optimal sear on the outside. At the end, finishing it off at low temperature to get the optimal internal doneness is what I do, often in a 200 degree preheated oven indoors. Thanks for the tip about the clarified butter and coconut oil. I'll try that myself. Personally I prefer to put my ground pepper on the steak after it is cooked. Beautiful steaks BTW. You can often buy very nice prime grade NY strip stake at Costco at about $13 a pound and they are nice and thick. Steaks that are too thin can't be properly cooked to get this kind of results.

    America's Test Kitchen recommends that after every two minutes you turn the steak over to prevent overcooking the inside. They do this twice so you still get 4 minutes on each side to sear the meat.

  15. I would prefer the infrared from coming on the top. That way I can sear as a broiler in the oven. I have Weber Genesis 3 burner with a sear burner (so a 4 burner) and if I turn all the far 3 burners on high, I can easily get 600 + degrees to sear just like this without the infrared. So the basic burners below are plenty but an infrared up top would be clutch

  16. A little tip that I haven't seen too too many people do, is to season with salt and pepper, then let the steaks "dry" out in the fridge for about 2 days. It reduces surface moisture and really helps get a phenomenal crust. Just my two cents.

  17. Could you dunk the steaks before you season, or would that be a bad idea?

    What about salting in advance, like 2 hours ahead, or even 24 hours? that may prevent some of the seasoning being lost to the dunk.

  18. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing except he touched raw meat with his bare hands never do that always wear gloves when handling raw meat 🥩

  19. Just recently tried "dry brining" a strip steak.Was so delicious.think Steak flavor ×10.Just pre season steak for up to 10 hrs in my opinion.And Sear!Make sure those steaks are at least an inch and a half or two inches thick!!!

  20. If only it didn't have so much marbling and fat. I hate the texture of it. I don't know, I'm weird I guess lol. I also would have cooked it slightly longer so there would only be just a hint of pink in the middle. I can't eat steaks that are medium rare. Just another texture thing.

  21. I think you got negative reviews because you seared the steaks too long and they looked well done and slightly charred before you put them into the 'oven' part of the cooking phase. Maybe tone down your searing time, then go to the 'oven' to produce a well seared med. rare steak?

  22. BBQGuy, you got it all wrong, the better way to cook a steak is Reverse Sear, the best way is Sous Vide !!!!!

  23. Sprinkle Kosher salt lightly..both sides…refrigerate overnight or a few hrs…this will tenderize the meat more..especially with cheaper cuts.. let sit at room temp for 20 min prior to grilling..😉

  24. so cook the whole time with the cover up and if you need to finish it off a little to get it to your desired doneness than just close it? but cook entire time otherwise with cover off?

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