How to Change A Flat Tire : How to Put on a Spare Tire

Hi! I’m Jeff Wong with Expert Village and
today we are going to learn how to change a flat tire. With the spare tire now removed,
it is ready to be placed onto the vehicle. You can roll your spare tire over to the hub
of the vehicle until you get as close as you can to the hub. You may not have need to jack
the car very high to remove the tire but to replace it with the spare tire, you may need
to jack the car up an additional inch or two instead of trying to lift the tire standing
up which may injure your back. With a heavy tire or SUV, you will want to sit down and
prop the car up against your feet. You can use your feet to assist your hands in guiding
the car to the proper position. Once the spare tire is firmly placed, be sure to press it
against the hub so that there is no space between the back of the rim and the hub.

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