How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

How-To Carve a Realistic beetle out of Wewd

after they use it to fighting which obviously these don't have to bow it because I don't have an adult I won't that Dustin going to the store to get some weird after dropping these guys off at school and that makes me happy whoa what is that some kind of alien egg pod palmwood that's cool mm-hmm Purple Heart that's so crazy that is not stained hmm olive wood ramen whoa this weird is called a sordid moving gooey thank you what's going on over there wow this is a very rare type of live it's my totem well this isn't the word I was looking for but still beautiful so let's go somewhere else another wood store this is what I'm talking about oh I'm getting sweaty I love wooed it's a little bitter the back would be cool to do it Coco ball dude look at this stuff marble wood that's crazy how does it grow like that I don't know I'm not sure are you wanting to get that you're making me feel self-conscious pants I got the weird let's go home oh hello now that we're back from the weed store maybe I should clue you guys in as do what I'm doing exactly I love insects and beetles in particular I love the way they look they look like little machines and so I decided I want to carve a beetle from wood this is a bag full of weed and there's our whoo this is Gaboon evany it is crazy dense stuff and what I'm wanting to use this for is the head of the beetle and then this is cocobolo this is going to be turned into the wing-dings another piece of Gaboon evany I think I'll be turning these into the little legs then this is red palm this stuff is beautiful this will be the little beetles Bodi okay now that you've seen my weed and Before we jump into it I want to tell you guys about my sponsor today I'm actually really excited about this because it's gonna do a lot of good Gameloft is running a time-limited charity event to support the charity care care works around the globe to save lives and defeat poverty through projects which drive education health and economic development if you would like to help support the cause you can start by downloading Dragon mania legends by using the link down in the description what is amazing about this is 100% of the revenue from the game will be donated directly to care for the duration of this event I'll talk a little bit more about this and how you can get involved later on in the video but for now let's just skip back with the beater oh okay to get this farty started what I first did was download a whole buttload of reference photos then I imported the ones I liked into paint so I could get the sizes right and went ahead and traced all of the parts of the beetle onto paper this will become our patterns okay now what we need to do we need to take our patterns that we drew out and cut each one of these things out glue them on to the corresponding block of lewd and then cut them out I think I'm going to use either my bandsaw or my scroll saw or both after we do that then we're gonna carve it all so you can see I have made these patterns in sort of pieces so I'm going to be cutting out each piece I'm gonna glue it all together I think that'll make it easier and since I'm using different species of wood it'll just work better so just trust me do you trust me I don't trust me so let's do that Oh after you glue on your side and top patterns in order to cut out a three-dimensional shape on the bandsaw cut out the top side first then when that is done you come back with the hot glue gun glue the side pieces back on so that there's now a flat surface that you can cut a side profile out then you can disassemble it revealing the three-dimensional shape now back to our little mount ow okay now that all of the pieces have been cut out next step is to carve it like normal I'll be using my Dremel and a few assorted bits I'm just gonna use a bunch of them I'm not sure exactly which ones so let's just find out shall we thought I was gonna leave didn't you okay now I'm leaving okay now I'm leaving all right we've got all of these basically roughed out the little wings in such the bodhi the head it's looking pretty cool this is gonna be awesome I think when it's done now on to shaping the little legs as you can see there's a whole buttload of them and in order to not get them mixed up what I've done is I printed out another one of my patterns and I just put the piece onto each corresponding part and that way everything stays juicy and delicious so let's finish these bad boys up shall we [Applause] hey Bob yeah Bobby you like my carving thanks man I like your painting yay okay now that we have our little bug to this point he's looking pretty good but before we go any further I want to tell you a little bit more about how you can help care raise money to actually help people first thing you got to do download dragon mania legends using the link in the description it's available for both iOS and Android and then go ahead and enter the stronger together event in the game now this is where I'll really need your help I am battling against two other awesome YouTube channels to see who can get the most votes and grow the strongest dragon the event runs until April 18th and the more you vote for my dragon the more powerful it becomes and at the end of this event Gameloft will donate 100% of the event revenue directly to care to help them fight against poverty the game allows you to breed grow and train hundreds of dragons but obviously we want our dragon to grow the most so start playing now to help grow our dragon and make it the strongest in the game to help care okay now back to our little beat roll the next step is to get in some more details onto the bodhi he's got some little like lines going across and underneath there are some like little divots for where the legs will sit more details into the face you know you can see where the eyes are gonna be in some little mouthy parts you know just bring out his little buggy features make him look totes adorbs boomed let us do that yeah yeah okay before we go any further let's take a minute to learn some interesting facts about the Japanese rhinoceros beetle from my very good friend mr. Sandlin take it away Dustin random facts about the Japanese rhinoceros beetle the Japanese rhinoceros beetle is neither in the rhinoceros family nor is it recognized to hold citizenship in Japan males of the species have a giant horn protruding from the front their bodies that's bifurcated and they use it to lift up and bodyslam other beetles that are trying to mate with the ladies I'm looking for trace am there's some trees the Japanese beetle favorite fruit is fruit leuthar the Japanese were an ostrich beetles favorite food is fruit and tree sap the scientific name is Tripp Huck's List economist the Japanese run oestrus beetle spends eight months of his life buried in soil not for that it then pupate suspends the remaining four months of his life frantically fighting eating and mating above ground it's a forest toiling species located in tropical and subtropical climates again I'd like to reiterate that it is not a rhinoceros in squirrel thanks Destin what a hoot thanks to him I get smarter every day okay I've been trying to figure out how I'm gonna go about making the wing-dings I decided it would be easiest and look the coolest if I just carved him out of resin so I went ahead and made a slab of resin lay down some wax paper created a little clay border to go around it so that it doesn't spill out all over the counter and then mixed up about two resin with some coloring to make it look closer to the color of the wings made a little resin lake and let that set up to create our resin slab that looks pretty cool it's like a block of plastic now basically I'm going to transfer the design onto here cut them out with the Bain Thal thin them out maybe add a slight curve start adding in those little veiny doohickeys that way the beetle has some way to fly because it needs to fly home to his little beetle family all that's left is to glue it all together but first we gotta test out those wings to make sure they actually work flaps check right sides good – all right let's do this oh my god all right enough Sheneneh gains a little bit hot glue on the end of sticks I way I didn't have to hold it with my fingers let's put them on the beetle okay now we are at a point in which we can start gluing things together I'm gonna be using five minute epoxy to glue these guys legs will get glued on with super glue I think so let's do that hey guys it's finished [Laughter] okay guys thank you so much for making it to the end of the video this thing was a blast to make I mean it's just so cool anyways let me know what you thought did you like my little beet or a couple of quick things and then I'll let you go I will be attending VidCon this year in Anaheim California I'll be bringing some cool stuff to give away so make sure you come down and say hi also remember to go check out Dragon mania legends to help support the charity care it's for a really good cause and you know you get to play a cool game in the process also let me know if you want me to do another beetle it'd be kind of fun to do some kind of a series on these let me know in the comments and subscribe so that you don't miss anything also to everyone that said so many nice things to me on Twitter I really appreciate it I read every single one of those comments if any of you want to get in on the conversation go ahead and give me a follow on Twitter at Bobby Duke art also I post a whole buttload of pictures on Instagram like this if you want go check it out thank you guys so much I really appreciate it and until next time subscribe to smarter every day also this video is sponsored by dragon by dragons whoo dragons are sponsoring this video

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  1. Bobby's language :
    Wood = wewd
    Wing cover = wing dingy
    Body = bowdy
    Both = bothsaw
    Montage = mowntauwge
    Bug = bowg

  2. I love it how he just struts around with zero shits given xD wish more people could just let go and be goofy

  3. I would LOVE to see you do more beetles! There are so many with so many different colors and shapes id love to see what you do to make them!

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