How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended

We all lose the people that are important in our lives And that’s ok, because today we are graduating. But some day we wont be here. Some day we are ALL going to DIE.. Especially your girlfriends. Geez! Talk about spoiler alert! How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended AhHA! This is a perfect hiding place. Yes! Unless someone throws my calculator against the wall. Ooo! i hope it’s our son! Retro viral-hyperplasia. I never told you… it’s genetic. You’ve known that all this time, and You pick NOW to tell me? You think I care about you!? Look at my finger nails! My skin is peeling off like a goblin! Ugh! Gross! You know what! I’m not even going to over react to this. You’ve lived a pretty long life, plus we have like TONS of money. Goblin Disease! It’s coming for you! *cough cough* You’re really weird, dad. I hate you, son, here have my life’s work. Tanks full of eels! You close the lid for the weekend? Yeah.. It’s probably alright. Here’s a bright idea… Why don’t you make sure the lid is closed before somebody falls in from three stories up… and electrically mutates the crap out of themselves… just because you were too lazy to safely run this electric eel power plant! Ugh! Fine! Hey that kinda looks like a guy up there. Aaaaaaagh!! Oooof! Hey look someone did almost fall into the tank! AaaAAAAGGGGGH!!!!!!!! I need your blood, man. It could save my life. I don’t know… It seems so unsafe. It could kill you. Oh my gosh, dude! I’m not gonna inject it straight into my arm! I’ve got a team of expert scientist that will work your blood into a cure. Oh. Alright then I’ll meet with your scientists. It’s not like I want you to die or anything. Of course you don’t. We’re best friends, Peter. Whaaaaat? Who’s Peter? You’re not even disguising your voice. *electric musical tones* Wow! That’s actually really impressive! What? Have you ever considered dubstep? Dub Step? Yeah! Dub-step, man! Kids love that stuff. I bet you’d be great at it! You See Me!!! *Loud Dub-step Music* I have no idea how to fly this thing! AAAAAAAAGH! You reverse time right now! Whoa Whoa! What is going on here? I did not see this coming! I’ve seen you do it, man! You used time travel to save your girlfriend… now you use it to save mine! I haven’t done that since the seventies, dude… I’m trying to not do that anymore. I’m not kidding, man! You turn back time right now and fix this! I’m losing it! She was my everything! I know! But I just can’t change the… I lost my parents! … My uncle died! … Now this!? I even thought I saw my dad at Gwen’s grave! I don’t know what’s real anymore, man! Okay, but just calm down okay! Look at yourself. This is not you. I will shoot this mortal man in the face! Easy there kid… lets not… I mean… You couldn’t shoot me if you wanted to. And why is that? Because I’m faster than a speeding bullet. No! Because I’m Batman! Would you stop! You are not helping. Come on, Parker! The city needs you! I know this is hard, but this is what defines you. Yeah, plus there’s this giant rhino conveniently terrorizing the block right now for you to make your comeback. NOBODY CARES! The cops can handle it! I am the Rhino! And I will… *bang* You turn back time! I can’t! It’s just… dude really? Turn back the time! I can’t! Yes you can! It’s not that simple! Do it now! It’s not right! This is so stupid. I miss her so much! Just take it easy. Turn it back! Turn it BACK!! TURN IT BAAAAAAACK!!!!! So we’re moving to London! Yay! You reversed time didn’t you? How did you you know that? Because I’m Batman!

100 thoughts on “How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended”

    Superman: How did you know?!!



  2. "You could'nt shoot me if you wanted to."

    "Why is that?"

    "Cause im faster than a speeding bullet."


  3. “You turn back time!!!”
    I actually thought for a second that you were going to just end it after Gwen died and I started to laugh. Like that’s how it really should have still ended. LOL

  4. If you ever change or cut the line "Because I'm Batman"….I swear to God, that I will find you and I will tell you that this is not just right, dude. Do you know why because he is Batman.

  5. TASM 1 HISHE:
    Superman: "I would've just turned back time and saved everyone."


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