How JanArtsNYC Works To Create A Global Artistic Community

JanArts NYC is a consortium of organizations that work together and a lot of them were founded around APAP. APAP stands for the… I realized it was a tremendous opportunity to work together with all of the other events and festivals that are taking place around APAP. And so we formed JanArtsNYC which represents all of these organizations working together as equals
to promote the live performing arts and it's been a very successful venture so
far. Many of them are very specifically focused on dance, or focused on world
music, or focused on one particular type. For PROTOTYPE it's been a great
opportunity through the JanArts community for us to talk to each other
as colleagues well in advance of all of our festivals and to come up with joint
efforts. There's been some great collaborations that have come out of
that and some artists that we've shared across our festivals because of those
opportunities. So JanArts is also a great opportunity for New York City as a
city to be aware of the range of work that's happening at that time. So the FERUS festival is a really exciting festival that we do during APAP particularly because it falls during APAP. This is our fourth FERUS festival
because this is the fourth season National Sawdust has existed,
and it's really a wonderful way to present our artists that we support. One of the reasons we started globalFEST is that there were a lot of artists who are coming and showcasing
during the APAP conference but they were showcasing in hotel rooms
and ballrooms, in very artificial environments, so we wanted to put the
artists in front of a general public audience so that presenters can move
beyond their personal tastes and their personal experience and see how the
general public responds. We see the artists who have
performed at globalFEST now on stages, performing arts centers, festivals, night clubs, all around the
U.S., all around the world, and so it's really helped to move international
music from the margins to the center of the performing arts field which was part
of our mission.

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