How Cartoons Taught Kids To Hate Each Other

How Cartoons Taught Kids To Hate Each Other

– [Weatherman] The way it looked out in Martin Luther coon King Jr. Park. Martin Luther coon. Martin Luther coon. Martin Luther coon. – The fired weatherman accused of using a racial slur on air is
now defending himself. ♪ You wonder how this happened, ♪ ♪ Well the answer is quite clear ♪ ♪ Cartoons would train certain people ♪ ♪ As dummies we should fear ♪ ♪ When children watch these defamations ♪ ♪ Hurt was normalized ♪ ♪ Here’s a disembodied voice ♪ ♪ To drop some knowledge that is wise ♪ (jazzy orchestra music) ♪ Cartoons from the golden age ♪ ♪ Are a stain to ‘storic page, ♪ ♪ Especially for the
character known as coon ♪ ♪ Lazy, scared, clothes are torn ♪ ♪ Tom and Jerry, racist porn ♪ ♪ The melodies weren’t
merry for me and you ♪ ♪ They were emotional castrations ♪ ♪ Cast down through generations ♪ I’m talking about that
racist bs thorn in my side. Every-time-I’m-at-picnic
stereotype about watermelons. And swimming! A brother can’t have some watermelon and jump in the water without
someone looking at him! ♪ Why do you think children
thought we were the fools ♪ ♪ The question was rhetorical ♪ ♪ It’s from those cartoons ♪ ♪ A dreamer like Martin gone too soon ♪ ♪ Tell me would you really call
Martin Luther King, a coon ♪ ♪ A few decades later, ♪ ♪ Equality got greater ♪ ♪ But boy, it moved real damn slow ♪ ♪ Real damn slow! ♪ ♪ Bigotry was less on the surface ♪ ♪ But oh boy, it was buried below ♪ ♪ When a black cast
started on Amos ‘n’ Andy ♪ ♪ Was a new kind of minstrel show ♪ – [Singer] Same old, same old, baby. ♪ Aunt Jemima still looked like Annie ♪ ♪ And Dumbo dealt with coon-like crows ♪ – [Singer] Seriously
the crow’s name is Jim. ♪ The little cartoons
caused so much trouble ♪ ♪ When little cartoons
are watched in a bubble ♪ ♪ Dreamer like Martin gone too soon ♪ ♪ Tell me would you really call
Martin Luther King, a coon ♪ (TV chatter overlapping) – [Singer] You think this is normal? Of course you do. We’re talking about
imagery as mind control. Ha! Yeah! Whoo!
(fast-paced hip-hop music) ♪ Barack Obama, watermelon,
we all felon, sound familiar ♪ ♪ It’s just a cartoon ♪ ♪ Jar Jar Binks, broken in this
dumb demeanor, slouched walk ♪ ♪ Sound familiar ♪ ♪ It’s just a cartoon ♪ ♪ Prada chains, Gucci sweaters,
Prada, Gucci, Gucci, Prada ♪ ♪ I give up ♪ ♪ It’s just a cartoon ♪ ♪ Look at me, what you see ♪ ♪ Telling me on TV ♪ ♪ Come on, now ♪ ♪ It’s just a cartoon ♪ ♪ I
think you got to face it, ♪ ♪ Is it really racist ♪ ♪ Am I just pretending,
are you so offended ♪ ♪ When this image poison all your minds, ♪ ♪ You don’t mind ♪ ♪ Are you blind ♪ ♪ You keep the racism alive ♪ (static from film reel plays)

85 thoughts on “How Cartoons Taught Kids To Hate Each Other”

  1. Funny how Walt Disney is still on that racist stuff(yes even if they made Black Panther) because look at Princess & the Frog. Black princess involving voodoo & Disney had her show up as not a frog for a tiny bit because "they didn't think kids could identify with a black princess".

    Which means Disney only cared about how white audience members would feel & not black people watching a black princess.

  2. This makes me think of the old VHSs of Looney Tunes,when they added Whoopi Goldberg before the vHS started saying how this is a bad thing that happened then but we can't erase it because that's history

  3. Jesus Christ I would really hate to be in a world like these people who get offended by everything, seek fringe movements or individual mistakes and try and blanket blame a entire group of people. You're just as bad as the people you say are wrong. Unsubbed👍🏻

  4. U want to know the funny part about this parents teach there kids how to hate other races a tv like these old ass racist cartoon were meant to be funny so by that logic every other race that watch it just hate

  5. Merry melodies went from 1931-1969. Civil rights era started in the late 60s so this started around 70 years ago and lasted a little over 30 years until folks said this isn’t right. And merry melodies (WB or Warner media as of now) played more than just racist stuff. This was a small portion of their content and speaking from watching these particular cartoons as a kid, even then and now kids never enjoyed the racist references hence why they shifted their focus over to main stay characters like bugs bunny.

  6. Yeah, when you look at a number of old cartoons were extremely racist. The only thing we can do is to learn from, explain why these depictions are racist to people who might not understand, and strive to do better.

  7. If only Today's cartoons were like this, even though people would get in trouble for showing insensitive, racial bigotry on kids shows, those kind of things would've important lessons to people that racism is wrong.

  8. This is so well made. I'd love a series of modern school House Rock style music videos discussing racial and lgbtq politics

  9. Boooooommm! Nails being hit on heads all over. And the performers on this were amazing. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. Okay we get it cartoons used to be very racist 🙄

    Thanks for playing the race card just to get views on your channel

  11. Fact: Racism is real and is often subtle. We should root it out.

    Also fact: The “coon” slip was a result of the accidental mashup of “King” and “Junior”. You can actually hear the “g”, so it’s more like he said “koong”. Had he not stopped himself, he would have completed the word to “koong-yur”. This happens all the time to people, especially when they talk fast. You have likely done this today.

    People who believe this was a racist Freudian dog-whistle need to stop being so paranoid. You are undermining real anti-racist work.

  12. Even though these were from a different time, the country sure doesn't act like it, it's like some people were pretending that only one party was racist but forgot to check their own, you know, for example most of the racists sure as hell voted for Donald Trump and only they will vote for him again while being in their cult mindset. Trump has proven that he isn't good for bringing back jobs, he's already spent more taxpayers money than all eight years of Obama's presidency, he lies about caring for the military, he likes to use any excuse to be Hitler and demonize entire races and religions of people he doesn't like, which is any non white and anyone who doesn't praise his ego maniacal head, he's already planning to cut safety net programs like Medicare and Medicaid, social security, etc. just to fill in the hole created in our deficit from his tax break to the wealthy, he wants to have the American Bald Eagle legally wiped from the face of this planet just so some corporate buddy of his can build some stupid thing on that land that will only see a one time profit of five dollars. You guys should be more infuriated by this shit than whether one certain race is blowing racist imagery that still has people racially slurring them and seeing them as lower than whites, you know, a true American would freaking kill anyone who even tried to introduce Nazism into this country, why are we letting Nazi ideology run America? I even see that racist BS in the comments, with the, Oh, Blacks are automatically racist because they blow dehumanizing cartoons out of proportion, Oh, and no, I do not believe that someone claiming not to be old but claiming to be half black and loving these inferior cartoons, is even a real person.

  13. I call bullshit. I grew up with these cartoons and am not and have never been racist. Video games don't cause violence and cartoons don't cause racism.

  14. I was hoping
    this would start like minor racist moments from modern cartoon then spiral into the dark side of extremely racist cartoons

  15. It's funny how folks want to remember the past but don't want it straight but "tailored" to fit their feelings and not be offended/reminded of the harsher side of the story.
    While others say "It's not the right time to talk about it. . ."
    I mean it's like Charlottesville DIDN'T happen and there is no racism any more at all. . .
    I wish folks would stop telling us to forget and be quiet while they try to forget and belittle it because they don't "see" it. . .

  16. Incoming comments about the damn liberals being offended by everything and that these cartoons are just products of their time and not racist

  17. Thanks for delivering the incredible unknown knowledge that old cartoons were racist, guys. You guys sure are bold and relevant.

  18. I find solace in the fact that we get better with every generation. Hopefully by the real 21st century all these bigoted and hateful fuck tards will be long dead and forgotten.

  19. Alright ive replied to enough. Racism isnt as bad as it used to be. Thats why looking back at old cartoons is a bad reference point, look at modern stuff for it (like the last 10 years ish). Racism is not a ‘one party’ thing, all sides of the political spectrum are racist, even if it’s against blacks, whites, asians, etc. No matter what news station it is its for profit and will be even the slightest bit biased so don’t listen to them. Do your own research and form your own opinions. The media is to blame for people thinking racism is so bad nowadays even though it isnt. Compare right now to 100 years ago in terms of racism. Now go back another 100 years. Notice a pattern? It gets way worse the further you go back. So racism isnt nearly as bad as it used to be and isnt going to be possible to get rid of completely either. But there are other ways to get rid of it even further, one being things like the n word. Its only as offensive as we make it to be. Ill say more later because im heading to work.

  20. Times were different then, does it make it right ? No not at all. However we have evolved since then. Constantly going BACK IN TIME like this is not allowing further evolution.

  21. As a mexican I don't think you guys should put our icon "Memín Pinguín" in the same group as those old looney tunes. Memin Pinguín was a comic book series about a afromexican boy that precisely talked about racism and social issues on a low income mexican neighborhood.

  22. the ignorance is almost as heavy as the stupidity. Hate was normalized thousands of years ago and we've been getting slightly better with each generation that passes.
    If you wanna blame something blame the resurgence of hate that started with Fox News slowly brainwashing people and culminated with a Dodge Charger mowing down 19 people, killing one.

  23. You think that is bad? Imagine being a straight, white, Christian male in America nowadays.. NOBODY has ever had it worse.

  24. I think the real problem, tho certainly not the only one was these animators might not have seen their cartoons as racist (tho they absolutely are) they most likely grew up with minstrel shows portraying black people, thought that was what they acted like and the cycle just kept going it amazes me that something that started in the late 1800’s could still impact our culture so deeply. I’d really recommend the documentaries horror noir and I am Richard Pryor. It amazes me his comedy started out as jokes about black people based on minstrel shows, I.e. a person that never existed.
    I think these cartoons are an important part of history, as horrible as they are. I’m glad they’re preserved so we don’t get complacent.
    I think the weather man had an honest slip of the tongue though. I’d personally give him the benefit of the doubt unless there was some other questionable behavior. There are people that are definitely racist, and the fact these people are crawling out of the dark scares the shit outta me, the new neo nazi MO is to provoke violence against them so they can gain sympathy and attention.
    I hope we can do better as a society in the future.

  25. I loved Jar Jar Binks – he is one of my favorite SW characters – I never saw him as something racist, FFS, he wasn't a human!

  26. I guaran-damn-tee you no one in the last five generations has seen a single one of those cartoons, and neither have they ever aired on television. Unless this is Funny Or Die's cannon shot at centenarians, this is a desperate and misplaced attempt to wave that "woke" flag.

  27. GREAT hire one token black person, and non minorities creating videos like this, like if it was their ancestors being portrayed in the video.

  28. Truth be told…this video says it all. Thank you to those who've brought this to light, instead of sweeping it under the rug and blaming sensitivity.

  29. Because all the white people in cartoons were portrayed as attractive, clever, and well-spoken?
    Goofy is just a dumb Hillbilly stereotype, so why don't white people complain?

  30. Great job on the video and song…but I don't think people are racist now because of some cartoons from 75 years ago.

  31. Really? I watch this cartoons as a kid yet I didn't see race. Hell I watched 3 stooges yet didn't go beat someone with a frying pan. So ya… yawn… moving on

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