Hot Weather Style Advice – The Guayabera – What Is A Guayabera And How To Wear – Men’s Style Tips

Hot Weather Style Advice – The Guayabera – What Is A Guayabera And How To Wear – Men’s Style Tips

Hot Weather Style Advice – The Guayabera – What
Is A Guayabera And How To Wear – Men’s Style Tips Hot Weather Style in the Guayabera presented
by The Art of Manliness and Real Men Real Style. I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Okay. Before we get started, how about you
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We’re going to talk about: • What is a Guayabera?
• How to wear a Guayabera • Formality & the Guayabera
• How to buy a Guayabera What is a Guayabera? Okay, so the story starts that a farmer’s
wife, she sewed on four patch pockets on to the front of his shirt so when he went out,
he could easily pick up the local fruit. And from there, the story gets kind of twisted
because we’ve got the Cubans claiming that it’s their invention, the Mexicans claiming
it’s their invention. There are even stories of it coming from Thailand or the Philippines,
and all of these stories seem to have Spain in common. So where did Guayabera originate? Not really
sure. All I can tell you is that it’s an incredibly functional and stylish shirt that every man
should have in his wardrobe. Again, what is a Guayabera? • Two or four patch pockets on the front
of the shirt. You can see this one has four patch pockets. • Two vertical rows of pleats. They’re actually
called “tuxes” and I learned this whenever I spoke with the gentleman over at D’Accord. • Embroidery, so you’ll see that on a lot
of Guayaberas • Straight hem and this means that the Guayabera
is meant to be worn untucked, so it’s incredibly comfortable. • The higher end Guayaberas are made from
linen or cotton. You’re going to see sometimes they’re going to be made from other materials,
but that’s usually to save a bit of the money. • They’re often light colored. So here,
again, I took this picture from D’Accord. They’re down in Miami. My friend, Rafael,
he explained a lot of this to me. And what you can see are the four pockets. This one
is longer sleeved. It’s made from a linen material, so you can kind of see through it,
very breathable, very comfortable, and perfectly fine for a wedding. Let’s talk about that. How to wear a Guayabera Well, they started off as workwear, the story
I talked about originally worn by farmers. However, it’s now common to find them at festive
events. In fact, it’s a tourist favorite in Miami, Cuba, or Mexico, so there are stories
of Danny Glover coming down to Miami and immediately getting a Guayabera made so that he can wear
it around. They can be worn with jeans, but it’s better to be paired with a lightweight
pair of trousers made of cotton or linen. Here we can see Gary Cooper having a Guayabera
put on him by Earnest Hemmingway. Formality & the Guayabera In the US, they’re mostly worn casually. However,
in other parts of the Americas, they are seen alongside suits. A formal Guayabera is long-sleeved,
plain white, or light colored, two pockets, low contrast, and tailored to fit. Okay, here we can see the President of the
United States along with other heads of other countries, and they are wearing Guayaberas,
so it just goes to show how formal a Guayabera is. How to Buy a Quality Guayabera Let’s talk about how to buy a quality Guayabera. • Count the pleats. 12+ is high quality.
My friend, Rafael, explained this to me. Most people that manufacture Guayaberas, they’re
going to try to save money here. So if you count the pleats, again, those are properly
called “tuxes” and they’ve got around 12, you can pretty much be rest assured that the
rest of the Guayabera is going to be good quality. • Another thing to look for, length. Now,
not all the Guayaberas you’re going to see out there are going to have 12 tuxes, but
they should all at least be three to five inches past your trouser waist. • Buttons. Look at the buttons. Are they
good quality? • Fit. A more tapered fit is usually going
to signal better quality because it’s going to be made to fit fewer men. • Look at the material. Linen or cotton
is best, although sometimes you’ll need to go with the synthetic blend if you’re in a
hurry and you want to take one as a gift. I also know that if you’re going to be indoors
and you’re not going to be sitting out in super hot weather wearing this, you can go
with mixed linen, but I really like linen. Here, you can see a close-up of a Guayabera
and I can see that the material, the weave, it actually has tiny little holes which makes
it so that the air is going to go through. In addition, the embroidery is very detailed.
I can see that it’s even on both sides. And counting up the number of tuxes, I think I
count 14 here. For information about Guayaberas or men’s
style, make sure to visit or Thank you, and by
the way, that is John Wayne wearing a Guayabera.

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  1. Do they typically come in white or does it vary in other colors? What colors do you recommend?

    Thanks for the video.

  2. Huh I dunno…short sleeve untucked buttoned shirts with the "tuxes" reminds me of Nat Nast style bowling shirt. Might as wear a bowler hat with cigar to complete the look!

  3. I live in a tropical country(Srilanka), it would be very useful to us if you can make more videos about clothing in hot weathers.

  4. Great video! I live in Tucson, AZ and need hot weather professional wear, and I've been considering a guayabera for some time. Are you aware of any protocol about wearing a vee-neck teeshirt under a lightweight guabera? Personal preference or essential? Thanks for advice.

  5. The protocol is JUST DO IT 🙂 Look to my friends over at RibbedTee for the best undershirts on the planet – in my humble opinion. – Antonio

  6. There are many men in Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, and Spain who would argue with you on this – as for me, I say they originated in Ukraine. 🙂 that's a joke…….

  7. Sounds like you need to change that – read teh article and check out my friends at Street Etiquette – they kill it and I think both of the men featured are in their early twenties.

  8. The tourists I refer to in the article are Ernest Hemingway, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne. Not bad company……

  9. DAccord – Raphael is a stand up guy who helped me prepare this. He makes his guayaberas righ in Miami. I think to him in the details above!

  10. Yup – DAccord – they have a large number under $100. Make sure you get it tailored to fit perfectly and you are in business!

  11. ordered one right after watching this video, came in the mail today. This shirt is comfortable, and a must own for everyone. Living in Phoenix, AZ can get hot and this is the perfect stylish shirt to combat the heat. Thanks Antonio.

  12. How about pronouncing the "g" in guayabera. Every Latino I have every spoken to, whether from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mejico o any other country in .America Latina pronounces the g. There is no other word beginning with guay that doesn't pronounce that G!!!

    guatemalteca – guatemalteco – guateque – guantero – aguaitas – guapetón – guau – guay – guaya – guayaba – aguacate – agua – aguántate. etcétera, etcétera, etcétera!!!

    Gracias! De nada!

  13. Seems like a nice shirt! I currently live in Kobe, Japan and it gets REALLY humid here in Summer. Now, I heard that the best material for humid weather was linen. Is that true? Unfortunately, linen creases very easily. How can I make sure that my guayabera stays well pressed during the day? One last thing, it is acceptable to wear a singlet underneath? Thanks for the video!

  14. Hey Antonio, love all of your stuff. Definitely helped me look like the man I felt inside. I would love it if you made more videos about casual or personal style, since many of us wear that dress code most of the time but some of us (not me, of course) look silly doing it. More specifically, how to look good in the summer when you aren't wearing a suit or when it's even too hot for a blazer. Keep up the great stuff!

  15. The guayabera originated in Cuba from Canarian born farmers, am Puerto Rican thats the story my dad told me that his grand father told him who was from Tenerife of the Canary islands.

  16. I prefer yucatan guayaberas. they have the best designs.
    any ideas where I can find some here in the US?

  17. I had some of these as a kid. Not popular in Europe or North America. Love this review and you have helped me immense with my style also coming from a military background.

  18. So what makes a high-quality guayabera?

    Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet!

  19. Here in Guayaquil the guayabera is considered a flagship piece of clothing. Men in my age nowadays wear t shirts with big brand logos or stupid quotes. I get it, in the humid season the heat is unbearable and I cannot wear my sports jackets or my suits as much as I like but I try to wear polos or something different and more dressy. I found my grandpa's white linen long sleeve guayabera in his wardrobe and it fits me well. I pair it with my light blue or tan chinos and brown chukkas or tan double monks and it feels very fresh, my skin can be seen through and overall the weave is loose. I'm looking forward to buying more. They sell very high quality and affordable guayaberas in downtown Guayaquil.

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