Hot Tinder Girls Choose what I Draw – GF Rips my $1000 Art

male or female dude she had a cute all right we match to someone called shravani wasn't really that bad say hi to my beautiful girlfriend today we're gonna be letting my tinder matches choose what I draw tinder oh but you said we could all right also if you guys want to win one of these make sure you stay to the end I'm gonna be giving this away at the end of the video we both have our sketchbooks now all we have to do is find a few cheater badges here's the tinder profile I made I have a few random pictures of me and my dog no no you're right if she's actually kind of ugly just to make things a little bit more interesting we're doing two rounds I don't know why I did that that is for this one I'm gonna be doing exactly what they told me to do and she's gonna be doing the opposite and next round we're gonna switch the round so I'll be doing the opposite and you would do what they tell you to do so the first tinder match is someone named Mayu yes one person's gonna be blindfolded during the sketching phase one person's gonna be blindfolded during the colouring phase choose one sketching or coloring please sketch the coloring is so bad you're gonna mess up so much I want your pig sketch just typing this is typing sketch that's always done next we're gonna choose male or female alright we've matched with someone called shravani so the males on the left side that fema's on the right side left or right so hopefully she chooses left I kind of want to draw the male Wow Rick oh she's typing she's typing what do you think she's gonna say left left I get the mail and she gets the female we're gonna ask shine which pencil we're gonna use the five dollar pencil or the 50 dollar pencil you might not get that don't get your hopes up when will shine respond manpower you have to bend down like this fifty dollar pencil I mean if you got it flaunt it flip to your first page we're gonna pose our figure into any pose we want that is your favorite position I choose this after where the blank go for the sketching phase oh god damn it I like this look where's the head heads over here yeah I got it yeah [Laughter] one week later I'm gonna have to use these proportions for the rest of the video let's ask her should our character be a creature or humanoid character I'm really really really really really really really hope because if you hit me with it but obviously I don't hit women just so we stay awake she responded a creature the weirder the better okay if that's what you're into number one we have a packet of erasers number two we have a really big pink eraser number three we have the end end of a to Conda Roca pencil Oh sumo grips uh Craig Mason electric eraser as number five pick a number from one through five baby swipe as many as we can't why'd you say what no what did she actually say I don't want to use this so much for these you're making my room all messy Shane said I'm missing the context of all of this but do go on [Applause] but for skinny but chubby will swipe on all of them cuz I have no standards oh I'm sorry right or left right left or right left right or left right right or left right right or left left left you're 20 years old what the fuck you doing man what do you think of my drawing bad no more flexing for you my child oh it looks like my tinder match finally responded oh she said skinny we're going to ask Siri another question what are two random things we should add to our video we match it someone she's pretty yeah oh she responded how about a cape and glasses next I'm gonna ask my tinder match my chrome pants or copic multiliners now we just gotta wait mom you took my money knew you copic multiliners so I gotta use the fancy ones been a little too nice TR that I'll praise to God snake guys or dates for y'all show this or thanks to y'all bro h6 hey I work in a bar today lost in the balls and a cow wins winning get it all break it off record I let him take advantage that was wallet all record off Brigid Dale's tell him to come up with a quote I'm not that bad the businesses they can be extremely uncomfortable keep going you just blurt water went down to my underwear guess your little what all right so we are done with our inking what do you think Mike very good yours we're gonna ask my next tinder match whether we should have colorful colors or gray tones so we have Elling as our match let's ask her done now we just gotta wait for an answer all right just for this one do you want to trade no wait really yeah so I'm gonna draw mine all colorful oh but you get a challenge of your own thankful and she's not even gonna know which color she chooses that's actually really nice really I'm surprised he got it oh my god yeah you got the hair right there no nailed it he made it look like your panties are off hey off your blindfold all right you want to color it for real now it's the next day we have new clothes the tinder matches took so long to respond so we had to wait overnight these are our drawings these are our are we're gonna ask whether they want to keep it or rip it who we messed with the girl Colerain let's ask her should I rip my drawing or keep it current this is a nice drawing oh all right please keep it somebody's drawings gonna get ripped natural I feel kind of bad you know what to me things even you can rip mine too really no I'm just kidding you'll have to wait for next round to see if you didn't rip mine I hope mine doesn't get ripped alright let's start our next one alright this time I'm going to be choosing the opposite and you're gonna be doing what they tell you to do we're gonna juice male or female we're gonna play rock-paper-scissors with my tinder match okay please wait someone call Sheena play rock-paper-scissors against her book Paper Scissors shoot justice – here's another one rock paper scissors she chose paper – I messed with someone else called Michele you've got some competition here rock paper scissors someone called Rachel rock paper scissors rock oh you love no I'm so bad at drawing females I don't even know how to draw males so what do you want to draw I want to drive human shoes two numbers pick a number from 1 to 4 what she answered what do you think it is c1 3 3 before we keep going let's ask Theresa what body type she wants so she answered she said I like in between so you have to draw an average-size we're gonna go back to our good friend Cheyenne we're gonna ask her what are two random things I should add to my character right now that's wait and see what she says tentacles and look wha I get the tentacles than you get lip gloss the mouth is covered by a mass I know I don't know the tentacle they see where the tentacle and we're gonna ask Anna whether we should use Copic pens or microns please which one probably micron would be better oh so I'm gonna be using copic multiliners I guess we don't need the micron pens let's ink is so flat that is not a poppin booty rude I tried of hit so – kind of like an angel there's a sexy Squidward who matched with this girl named Scotland we're gonna ask her should I make my drawing colorful or greyish look at that it's literally sexy Squidward mine looks pretty hot with the wine glass the final question we are gonna ask should we rip it or keep it we're gonna ask gauntlet again sure I ripped my drawing or should I keep it as we wait for this don't forget roast me with the drawing draw me but make it kind of embarrassing roast me make fun of me in it and submit it to my reddit that's what we're gonna do for our next our review and don't forget if you draw a picture of PewDiePie in an email to me CH see review at you might be in a really special video I can't say what it is yet it's top secret are you ready for the big reveal okay it's oh no she said keep it I guess we're done with this video oh no no good Oh No it's like a bandage just to do it I was sitting here thinking we could probably take it back together oh it smells so bad did you fucker check this out for this giveaway in order to be entered just like comment subscribe turn on post notifications and share this video and yeah that's all you have to do to be entered good luck

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  1. Watch till the end to win 72 copic markers! If this video gets 25k likes and 5k shares I will give away a $300 amazon gift card!
    congrats: Zara Smith
    Twitter shoutout: Rhapsody

  2. I really really want the markers please i am an artist but my mom doesent buy them for me because it caust too much for us.😩😩😩

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