Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 24 – Colored Pencils on Kraft Cardstock

Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 24 – Colored Pencils on Kraft Cardstock

(gentle acoustic music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day 24 of the
Holiday Card Series for 2018. Today I’m going to be making
a card using some stamps from Pretty Pink Posh, and
I’m going to do a little bit of colored pencil coloring as well. And as far as the greeting goes, I wanted it to be super
sparkly and really metallic. So I’m gonna use some gold
foil card stock from Altenew. So let’s get into it. The stamps that I’m using today from Pretty Pink Posh
is called Elegant Holly. And I’m also going to review the best colored pencils be using a set of dies called Seasons Greetings Script. I’ll be using those to cut out some gold foil for my greeting. So I’m gonna start out by
cutting out the greeting first. So I got some gold foil
card stock from Altenew. And I’m just going to eyeball this, roughly cut around that area. And then I’ll run it
through my Big Shot machine with the die, and it will cut it. So I’m left with this very intricate, scripty word die, or die cut, actually. And I poked out all of the
holes using a craft pick from Tim Holtz, and then
I set the greeting aside while I work on the main area of the card. I’ve got the different holly and leaves stamps from the stamp set, and I’ve arranged them
on this craft card stock. This is actually Desert
Storm card stock from Neenah. And I have it cut to five
and a quarter by four inches. And I want it to be hanging
off the side and the bottom, so I’ve rotated my MISTI tool around, just so that those, like,
that corner is free. Because initially, I was going to have the card be a landscape card, and I wanted it to be this orientation. So I wanted to just stamp it
the way I was envisioning it so that it would be
easier to get placement. But in reality, in the
end, I did end up rotating this card stock here, and
it really didn’t matter which direction I stamped it. So I used some Onyx Black VersaFine ink to stamp the hollies and
berries, and I’m just gonna color with some Faber-Castell
Polychromos colored pencils. And I’m gonna turn on some music so you can enjoy the coloring. I’m just gonna be coloring this in layers, adding more and more depth. (Christmas harp music) I created the card base by scoring some Neenah Classic Crest
Solar White card stock at five and a half to create
a top-folding card base. And then I put some foam
adhesive behind my colored piece, and adhered that down to
the front of the card. And like I mentioned before,
I did rotate the piece. And I rotated it so that the
holly berries and leaves were mostly in the bottom right corner. I then put some little tiny dots of adhesive on the back of the greeting. The adhesive I’m using today
is Gina K Designs Connect Glue. And I just held each of these
die cuts with some tweezers while I applied the small dots of glue, and then pressed it
down onto my card front. The last thing I’m going
to do is add a little bit of detail, you’ll notice
that there are some, like, dash lines, little swirls
coming out of the leaves. And I thought it’d be kind of
fun to mimic a similar line and use a ruler with a black marker and just go around
that, those three edges. So that is the card for today. I like those little elements,
bringing in the dash lines. I think it looks really fun. I hope you love how that card turned out. I love doing colored pencil on a kind of a more dark surface. I think it looks really, really cool, and the opacity of the
pencils look amazing. So anyway, that’s the
end of today’s video. But I’ve got two more videos
on-screen for you to check out. These are the day 24
Holiday Card Series videos for 2017 and 2016, and just like in every other video of
this Holiday Card Series, you can catch all of
the other day 24 videos down below in the video description. Thanks so much for watching,
and I will catch you guys on Friday for the very last
day of the Holiday Card Series.

90 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 24 – Colored Pencils on Kraft Cardstock”

  1. So classy. Sometimes a return to the basics captures the sprit of the season better than anything else. Excellent work as always!

  2. Hello again Kristina!!! Day 24’s card is so pretty! I never thought of using a foil cardstock on a kraft card so pretty with juxtaposition of the different styles! The colors that you chose really makes the holly leaves especially, pop! The final touch of the little dash lines really completes the design perfectly! I was wondering if you were going to do a design where you do a sketch like the bird (I love birds)on the branch that you did a couple of years ago? That is by far my favorite Holiday card you have ever made! Can you tell? I still remember it! Thank you, Kristina. ~ katz baugh

  3. One of my favorites of the series. Great series.Have really enjoy all the cards you did. Learned a few things that i have been doing wrong lol. Thanks

  4. Such a pretty card! (As always)
    Thank you for taking the time to do a Christmas card series for everyone. You are so talented!

  5. I love this card and I tend to like pencil coloring also, do you make sure you match your background with what outfit you wear, very impressive, love to watch them talent you have thanks

  6. Kristina, I have enjoyed watching the card series. I will be sad when it ends after tomorrow. 😢
    I love that you used such a variety of techniques for us. I learned some new things and added some stamp and die sets to my Christmas wish list. Thanks ever so much for all you do for our crafting and card making community.

  7. Very pretty. So simple but yet it looks like you spent hours coloring with all the layers of colors. I love it! You just don't see a card of just holly & berries 🤗
    God bless ❤ XOXO

  8. What a beautiful card! I love the shading use of the pencils. I have watercolor pencils and regular color pencils. Haven't mastered the shading as nicely as you have but I love the look of this card. Beautifully done! Tfs! 😊

  9. I got markers and prismacolor color pencils back in May for my bday and your vid gave me ideas of what to do with them. Please do more videos with color pencils pleas. This was gorgeous!

  10. Colored pencil on kraft is my favorite! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing all of your card ideas. I really appreciate the inspiration!

  11. I love the intro to this year's Holiday Card Series, the graphics and music are lovely. I feel like you have moved in a different direction lately with water coloring your cards, it's just not for me. I did not enjoy this series as much as your past series, I will continue to watch your videos but not with great anticipation. Hope you have a good Holiday Season – Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi kristina i love oyour work….got a question…how many 1 ounze bottles of embossing powder do you need to fill a full container? is there a place where i can buy more embossing powder and not just 1 ounze at a time? Thxs!

  13. Enjoyed the 2018 Series of cards — the card is simple (really diggin' the pencil coloring and without using so many products!) and makes a lovely finished look. Thank you for sharing your love of art and the wonderful tips/ideas/techniques.

  14. So beautiful! Did you heat set the Versafine Ink so it wouldn't smear? I often have trouble with that if I don't heat it up …

  15. So so pretty and traditional. Hate that your Christmas card series is coming to an end. It’s been a pleasure in watching you make some gorgeous cards. Happy Holidays 🌲🎄🌲🎄😍

  16. Kristina, wish you would do a video or 2 on coloring with colored pencils. How & why you use more than one color on an element. would be very helpful to me. thanks, Judy

  17. Just Beautiful! I enjoy colouring with coloured pincials so much. It has such a calming effect. Thanks for sharing. 💜

  18. I love colored pencil on kraft. Thank you for the great idea of using a ruler to get the stitched border nice and straight. When I try and do it free hand it comes out more uneven and wobbly than I would like, going to use your tip to keep those lines straight and clean. The gold sentiment adds the perfect touch. Thank you!

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