Hip-hop artist Jidenna, the big daddy of…canes? | COLLECTORS

Hip-hop artist Jidenna, the big daddy of…canes? | COLLECTORS

My father did not want me to do music. He wanted me to be like him. So then he said, “Look, if you’re gonna do
music, make sure that you change society with it. That you reflect and tell people what it is
and what it could be.” He gave me the courage to bring that stylistic
element to the world. When I first got into suits, we was a
bunch of broke artists. I needed to go to thrift shops. It wasn’t to be cool or nothing. It was ’cause I couldn’t afford to keep up
with hip-hop style. They were always oversized. And I’m a slim guy. That’s when I started to really invest in
local tailors. That was the beginning. When I first met Jidenna, the first thing
I saw was the red hair and his total look. I’m like, this guy is different. Something about him. To be bold, to be your own person, it requires that you go left
when everybody else goes right. One of the things that I love about Jidenna
is that cane, man. It’s bold. You know, it’s like, “I’m here. Boom.” The cane is like one of his major trademarks. I probably have twenty canes and walking sticks. Every cane, every walking stick has a story. The first time that I ever saw what was a
walking stick or a cane, it was really a staff. It was with the Chiefs that used to surround
my father. In Nigeria, my father was a Chief. My grandfather was a Chief. They would meet in the living room. A lot of them had staffs, canes, sometimes
a cow tail switch. But they would come with some sort of accessory. As the years progressed, my father became
more of an icon in my life, more of a hero. And, eventually, when he passed, I took on
the style that I saw him wear. And that was the suit and then the walking
stick and the cane. That was the beginning coming into my, really,
first and maybe only collection habit, which is collecting canes and walking sticks. This walking stick features none other than
Sherlock Holmes. I was on the way to the White House. And I had a performance at the White House
for the 4th of July. And I was nervous cause during ‘Classic Man’
I always perform with a cane. So I ran to a shop nearby and I got this bad
boy and made it just in time to perform for the President and First Lady and their two
wonderful daughters. Alright, Joe. What do we got here today, man? What people don’t realize and recognize about
local businesses and small businesses is that it’s a twenty-four hour, seven days a week job. It’s a real challenge because people say that
they want small businesses. But a lotta times they don’t wanna support
the small businesses. I go to the local barber and the local tailor
because they have to spend hours and hours to really work on honing on their craft. They have to do that. I really love anybody who does that. Those are the people I partner with. Those are the people I support and invest in. He’s making a lot of changes in a lot of people’s life. And there’s one thing to talk to him about,
helping other people with this vision that he got. And he wants to make a big difference. He’s gonna give back. I told him, “Whatever you wanna do, we’re
both gonna walk that journey.” Thank you, bro. I’m excited. Okay, my friend. Thank you so much. I think that Jidenna’s style has like really
affected the community because he gives back, you know. He’s at the tailor, the thrift store, the barber. Having guys like really take pride in their
appearance again. What people don’t understand about my style
is it’s not really an encouragement or a suggestion that you should wear suits. I hope that it’s a symbol of finding something
that’s unique to you and investing in yourself and your community. That’s the essence of what I’m doing.

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  1. Very few artist these days really catch my eye. From the first time that I ever saw Jidenna perform I have been intrigued by his; Style, Mannerism, and his quintessence. It reminds me of the Motown style with class and elegance. I wish more of the Hip hop community would embrace those that came before them and the Genere's that made Hip-hop/Rap what it is. Very well done sir!

  2. As an image consultant and small business it's a 24/7 365 thing. And I love it! Check me out. More us's on YouTube.

  3. I have no problem. but need the best friend. stand by my side. and teach me how to grow. guide me
    I am such a great person.

  4. Jidenna, if you're reading this, I want you to know I am from India, I love you, you inspire me. God bless you.

  5. I like dude, if for no other reason than he brings back contemporary style. Men gave up suits in favor of Jordans and faggy tight ass biker jeans! We havent had an artist in a suit since the Time and Morris Day!

  6. I’m going to give a cane and suit (a vest in my case) a try. I was too nervous before to look different but I’m going to try and see where it goes

  7. Jidenna should talk and teach the youth in the low income housing and schools that dressing like a prospect is better than dressing like a suspect feeling great about your appearance makes you feel great about yourself!Dope👍🔥🔥

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