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is this recording hi guys welcome to in a video you’re never going to believe where I am right now I in my bathroom I’m recording this instead of filming it because I realized that the sound you guys the noise that my flat is experiencing right now it’s so insane I literally run away from all the noise and I’m seeing on my bathroom floor I’m sweating my ass off and I’m so happy you can’t see me right now because this is so indecent you will never see me again with the same eyes anyway hi guys and welcome to a new video I was reading your comments and crying as you do because I am so happy that you liked last week’s video I am every time I read your comments I’m so overwhelmed by Joey and tears and unhappiness and all of that crazy stuff because of course you guys I’m going to tell you all the things that I’ve learned over the past couple of years because if I can make someone else’s journey shorter and less painful of course I’m going to let you know and I’m going to tell you everything I want to help you and this is why I’m here talking to you from my bathroom floor today guys oh you can actually listen to my neighbor flushing the toilet that’s very nice tonight guys I’m going to talk to you about healthy time management this is the thing guys this is my brief history with myself I I have been I think I’ve been the worst boss I’ve ever had I I was the worst boss I’ve ever had since I love what I do so freaking much it’s really easy for myself to keep working and working and working and not taking time off and not taking holidays because I love what I do that’s the issue and since I spent lots of years being on survival mode where and I was struggling financially so much I was overworking myself a lot I wanted to do all the projects in the world and not paying attention to resting or again taking time off etc etc so I was a very asked holy boss to myself and with time I realized that I needed a healthy time management’s and I’m going to share with you all of the things that I’m doing now and it’s great because I feel amazing I feel rested and awake and I feel like I’m enjoying so much of what I’m doing right now but I’m also having a very healthy time schedule like a healthy work schedule so after all of these all of these years of being a super abusive boss to myself I learn the lesson the hard way I learned this about myself so I think the first thing you need to do and this is an advice you can do it or not that’s okay but I made a list of all the things that I learned about myself and how I work with time so for example I already know that I work better during the morning I know there’s a lot of people who would rather work during the evening or during the night time I work the best during the morning I also learned that I work better having a schedule I’m a schedule baby I don’t love uncertainty and I love having a very strict schedule so I work every day from 9:00 to 5:00 and I love having that schedule because it makes me feel like there’s something I can count on I also learned that I’m really bad at timing projects so with time I realized that every every time I start a new year for example I started like making lists of all the projects that I want to do and with time I realized that I barely do one-third of those projects so I now know that I had to be more mindful about how much I can actually do and how much time I should designate to each project also I know that I can’t answer emails worth more than once a week because otherwise it takes me so long to get back to people maybe because I’m not native in English writing and answering emails takes me so long you guys and also I learn with the exception of arts I make my work as delegate able as possible I don’t know if that’s even a word but for example when I began this illustration journey I made that everything had to be done by myself like by me so for example when I started my online shop I was Hin writing all of the addresses so when I hire just my amazing assistant back in Hastings I realized that oh my god just can’t write the addresses with my handwriting and I don’t have the time to do it because we were experiencing lots of orders by the way thank you so much so I’m like okay I need to ask with the exception of art and illustrations and filming videos I need to make my work as delegate able as possible so people can actually help me and I can concentrate or being like on the art side of things I think you can replicate this not only if you have an online shop but if you need help for example someone answering emails for you or someone doing the research for you or someone editing your podcast or your videos for you that’s amazing it’s amazing to ask for help in terms of like how I plan ahead so in the beginning of the year what let’s I know this is like weird to say because we’re literally in August so no one is thinking about this but in the beginning of the year I I list all the projects that I would love to do and I try to be super realistic and mindful about this you guys because it’s not what I want to do is what I can do and we time I realize that it’s not that I have to cut projects that I don’t want to do because I want to do all the projects there are all projects that I really really really want to do I don’t know if I emphasize that enough but I try to prioritize the projects that I would love to do more or the projects that I really can do for example I realized that I am never being able to achieve a hundred percent of the projects that I wanted to do in a year so now I narrow it down to three projects for example this year I know I wanted to do my online shop I wanted to that was that’s my main project for this year I have to have my online shop up this year I also want to work on Adina’s my new graphic novel and I also wrote it down wrote down my Japan travel travel journal which is something that I had pending for so long and still you guys with three projects I haven’t been able to work on my Japan travel journal because these projects these two projects have been taking me more like longer than expected so again I’m still really bad at calculating how much a project is going to take me I also wrote down for example big trips that I want to do during the year because I don’t know I’m doing a talk or a workshop or also all of the time that I want to spend resting and going to Chile to see my family and friends holiday time that’s something that I wrote down as soon as the year starts in the beginning of each month I plan ahead all of my patreon stuff so every Friday that I need to upload a newsletter podcast every by the end of the month the last Sunday of every month I do a livestream with them I do their patron Q&A and I also have loaded my sketchbook tour so I designated the day for each of those single projects that I need to do every single month and I also write down all the deadlines birthdays and then I are part of a food co-op and so every time I have a shift I wrote it down immediately if friends are visiting us from abroad I write it down etc etc so I know exactly all of the major things that are happening that particular month and in the beginning of each week I write down all of my goals for that week for example the goals of each week you guys are the things that I think about what like this week will be a success if and I write down all of the things that my week has to like I have to get done during that week so for example I don’t know edit all product pictures because that’s what I’m doing right now actually all of the products from my shop I need to edit all of the pictures or I will be really happy if I finish this week with two Instagram posts like new Instagram posts or I will be really happy if I can finally set up my peel box so now that I have like those three major goals for this week I can designate a time in a particular day for that particular goal so for example if I need to edit pictures I’m going to designate Monday Tuesday for that the Instagram posts I know I will be uploading I don’t know Tuesday and I don’t on Thursday and my pedo box will be on Wednesday so I know I have to get those things done on that particular days I work five days a week from 9:00 to 5:00 no weekends I wake up every day at 7 a.m. and my day officially starts at 9 a.m. I see what’s more important what needs to be done first so I tend to prioritize ok what is the most urgent thing I need to take care of right now today and plus the who can wait rule which is a rule that I invented a couple of months ago when I do you feel you guys said sometimes you feel like everything is urgent and everything has to be done right away and no one can wait well I realize you guys that people tend to be more understanding that you might believe so I tend to answer my question when prioritizing my tasks of each and every single day like okay who can wait or who will understand if it takes me longer to do so on Monday I usually answer emails I answer patron messages patron comments comments on videos and stuff like that and and and all of that takes my entire morning and I usually finish filming that week’s video during Monday’s so usually throughout the week I film snippets during the entire week and usually Monday is my last day of filming on Tuesday I edit color-correct all of my my video for that week and I also export and share it with my patrons so patrons can watch my video every Tuesday and I also send my video to Kevin Kevin is the wonderful human being from Spain and he is in charge of translating the videos in Spanish so since my videos now are taking longer to select to write the subtitles because I talk forever I usually send Kevin my videos on Tuesdays and I upload the video I published on Friday so thank you so much coming for all your support so Wednesday Thursdays and Fridays are my days in which I can take care of everything else you guys so I have three days in the week where I can do all of my illustration work I do filming every once in a while I do all of my patreon tasks sort of like recording the podcast newsletter the Q&A the pictures of my sketchbook please bear in mind that all of these tasks are not every single week because all of my pledges for patron are scattered around the entire month so most of my Wednesday Thursday and Friday goes to illustration work filming will take something like 10 percent of my day and patron it’s very relative because there’s weeks in which I have nothing to do for patron but there’s weeks in which I had to look lots of things so everything is relative all the time I’m usually guys very respectful of my working hours because since I know I only have three days a week to do everything like illustration wise I really try to be super respectful of that of those hours of course there’s days in which I really don’t feel motivated to work and when that happens I used the Pomodoro app right now I’m using Xero and it’s basically you guys I always talk about Pomodoro but it’s like a time management app and I’m going to leave it down below if you want to check that out you guys also ask me a lot about social media and my you my social media rules for Instagram over YouTube of our patreon are that I usually take the pictures leave the moment but I always upload them later people don’t care if you’re uploading the pictures three hours later of what you experience and I do this specifically when I’m painting or when I’m drawing for example if I’m uploading something to into Instagram stories will take the pictures and film throughout the painting process but I upload them once the painting process is over and I’m done with illustration because otherwise I will be too distracted to finish my paint it will all will be too subconscious of I don’t know like this illustration has to be amazing because people are already watching what I’m doing and that’s too distracting for me so I always take the pictures first and I have the I upload them later I usually have this like rule of I don’t film or take pictures during the weekend or after hours unless I do something really fun so for example if ed and I are going to flicks or to a museum during the weekend I might film and record or take pictures of that but this rule has been really useful for me you guys because it allows me to live the moment and say like no I’m not supposed to record this because this is after hours and it’s crazy but it’s been working so amazingly and I just want to share that with you um and last but not least to like finish this video on a high note the general tips for productivity or time management in a healthy way is baby you’re human and you won’t be able to do everything it took me a while you guys to come to peace or like do you say that come to peace or like be peaceful no how do you say that anyway – just like understand that if I didn’t manage to do it it’s because of a good reason like I am so productive you guys and I’m since I’m so respectful of my working hours so if I really didn’t have the time to do something it’s because of a good reason it’s not because I was being lazy or unproductive so try to be more gentle on yourself okay this was really hard for me to understand you guys because I was feeling super guilty about this for so long but I remember feeling like I wasn’t succeeding on doing all the things because I was lazy and unprofessional but with time I realized oh this is I’m not doing all of the things I have to do not because I’m lazy or unprofessional it’s because I am not aware of how much I can take so now that I’m more aware ish I’m not still an expert on this but since I am more aware than before of my timings and how long it actually takes me to do stuff I’m like this has nothing to do of being like unprofessional or lazy it’s only because I had no idea how to manage my time another tip is that people are way more understanding than you I don’t know if you guys experienced this that in my mind and this is only in my mind in my mind I always imagined people are going to be so upset when I’m not replying and answering emails on time or when I’m not sending files on time and they are super like upset and like I can’t believe you’re doing this is this all professional Bahama Mama and reality people are way more understanding that you think if you tell them this is going to take me longer or is there any way I can send you think this tomorrow or stuff like that people are way more okay with you taking some time to finish it than you think of course there’s always exceptions with daylight deadlines or editorial staff you have to follow a schedule but there’s always people hooking weights and if you let them know that things are going to take longer than expected chances are they’re going to understand also guys try to be more mindful on the way of how you want to spend your time and this applies to almost everything not only like should I take pictures right now should i film right now do I really want to film right now etc etc but also do I need another social media app this example goes to specifically get to twitch of course you guys know what twitch is but it’s basically a livestream app and it’s amazing and I remember lots of people I think a year ago we’re raving about twitch and I think twitch is amazing but I’m like do I really have to open and like create another app if I already have a very similar app that offers me the same service like the same life streaming device because I I already have Instagram stories so I’m like do I really need to keep like can I really can I actually keep up with another social media and this was a really like tough question because I really was have experiencing FOMO on this matter and I’m like oh my god maybe I should just like work it out and I don’t know how but I’m going to manage to do it and then I’m like what am I doing this I don’t need another social media app I have to focus on what I have right now I need to double down on social media that I already have it’s fine not having one of course there’s times in which it’s good to experiment and just like dipped your toes on a new thing and then like oh my god I realized this is not my thing and when trying I think you’re more aware of what you like and what you’re not or what it’s going to work out or not but be really mindful on the way of how you want to spend your time projects people friends social media recording editing etc and last but not least have social media schedules it’s amazing to have a social media schedule aka I’m not going to record or take any pictures or film after hours because it’s great to have that mental space like off I don’t know if I can explain myself but the idea that I can be ugly and gross and fart and not to look pretty all the time it’s not that you guys you have seen me without makeup so many times and I have so many pimples and spots on my face like I really don’t care being gross around you but it’s great to have that like mental space after hours I only and I only achieved that by having social media schedules and it’s amazing so I really really suggest you that you at least try it for a while and see if it works like I’m not going to record this right now or these are my social media schedule like I’m I’m only going to upload things during the morning so I can focus during the afternoon unlike super creative stuff do you know how you sometimes have that voice like should I upload this should I blow this should I record it should I take pictures of this process and that voice sometimes doesn’t allow us to concentrate and to be doing the creative work it’s very distracting for me that voice so that social media schedule allows me to turn off that voice and it’s so freeing and amazing and I don’t know I just wanted to share that with you because it’s been super useful since I discovered that that advice that tip anyway last but not least you guys please read artist rituals it’s a book that I read a couple of months ago and it’s about the rituals and the daily lives of writers and artists across history is an amazing book and it’s great because it taught me all the most wonderful and talented artists they didn’t work all day like we are doing it right now and or none of them had insane schedules and they were working their asses off it was super nice to realize that all of the greatest minds of our generation and past generations they were working only a couple of hours a day because they were working on other stuff or because they were spending time with their families or because they simply couldn’t work all day long on their projects so please give it a go it was it was super eye-opening book for me because I’m like oh this is great I don’t have to have an insane schedule to produce lovely things or like I don’t know mind-blowing things anyway I think that’s it guys I hope you enjoy this lovely and sweaty time here in my tiny bathroom I hope you enjoyed this video and it was helpful for you I always do my best to share everything I know with you guys again so I can make your journey shorter or less painful thank you so much to my patrons because they allow me to be sitting down in this bathroom recording this for you and take time off during this moment in which I still have a broken toe and it’s great to have people who are supporting you and they allow you to pay rent and actually to slow down so thank you so much patrons you are the best have an amazing amazing Friday my love’s and I’ll see you next week thank you so much for your comments I love you bang

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  45. No tienes idea de lo mucho que me ayuda escucharte, saber que no soy la única que sufre por no sentirse productiva es lindo jaja. Aunque no lo creas lo que has hecho y logrado es genial y es digno de admirar

  46. I so agree on not being able to do everything. I always want to create more, work more on my art, but also on the business side of things. And there is just not enough time. Choosing is hard.

  47. El libro "Un cuarto propio" de Virginia Woolf también toca esa temática. Supongo que lo leíste pero puede que a alguien mas le interese. Me sorprendió el feminismo en esa época, lo difícil que habrá sido ser mujer autónoma. Te admiro Fran, siempre sincera con nosotros. Gracias!

  48. Is freaking INCREDIBLE how I feel motivated after watching ANY of Fran's videos. I literally feel like a fire is burning inside of me.

  49. what a great topic, thank you for sharing your strategies! I have been struggling with this especially hard this week, so you have no idea how grateful I am for you putting up this video. it was such a nice mental pick-me-up and definitely gave me more confidence in dealing with my own management anxiety. Thank YOU FRAN! <3

  50. Thank you Fran for opening up and showing that even the best ones have their struggles too and are not so different from all of us. You are such an inspirational human being 🙂

  51. hey fran, have you thought about doing an artbook on a special theme, rather than a zine? 🙂 would be so cool to have your work on a bigger format with heavier paper etc.

    btw It’s so calming to watch your videos, it’s one of my favourite things to do in my ‚after-hours‘ :))

  52. oh man I remember inventing the "who can wait" rule in art school and I ended up doing basically nothing and still getting away with it. what an amazing time!

  53. Problematic undertones prevail. Called sharps is it? Some type of indigestion that cannot express itself in a fart, and so carries such inflections in conversation and personality. Result of following money trails that lead to locking up back doors (to preserve mint shrink wrapped conditions of human furniture). A course of action that does not have the same symptoms when bean eaters do it, compared to cheese eaters. And when Tofu eaters do it, who knows what kind of violent internal reactions can result! Am going all out in political incorrectness here, to get to heart (if not bottom) of matters, hope you can bear the smell. Even if it contradicts the New Yorker Magazine Underground Black Jack Agenda, that aims to divide the world into smoking and non-smoking (tail pipes I mean) passengers in another Zany Airplane movie nation

  54. Hi, I'm really sorry for my bad English. I'm freelance artist from Thailand and I want to tell you that I feel REALLY related to this video so much. Like…. OMG…LUL Specially the part you talked about you thought, When you couldn't finished the tasks or projects. It's makes you think that you're being lazy or unprofessional. I was thinking like this for a really long time as well and It's really discouraged me to continue on with my projects or even tasks in each day. I feel really guilty every time I couldn't finished all the task I write down on my bullet journal. But after watch this video, I kinda feel a little better! Lul You make me feel I'm actually not alone in this and I can be more relax on myself. Thank you so much for talking about this ~

  55. I turned on to see if Kevin wrote something snarky about you talking a lot, but no. Kevin is a good boy. I love these type of videos because I get to see what your job is actually like. Keep it going Fran.

  56. Oi, tudo bem? Espero que consiga compreender meu comentário em português! haha Eu sou do Brasil e tenho 19 anos, faz um ano que decidi de vez me tornar uma ilustradora (tenho um longo caminho a seguir, esse ano me formo em Gestão Pública e logo depois ingresso na faculdade que eu queria realmente, que é Design), ou seja, decidi seguir o MEU plano de vida e não o plano que os outros fizeram pra mim. Dessa forma, busquei muita inspiração na internet, atrás de mais gente que estivesse nessa carreira e te encontrei, desde então tu tem sido minha maior inspiração. Isso porque o recorte da realidade que tu mostra é muito verdadeiro, do tipo que faz com que a gente que te assiste não se iluda achando que há uma vida muito fácil e glamurosa quando é um ilustrador. Tu nos traz a realidade e essa verdade toda é muito importante. Por isso, sempre vou te acompanhar e apoiar e te usar como fonte de inspiração, tanto como profissional quanto como pessoa também. Tu é humanamente e verdadeiramente incrível! Beijos! <3

  57. love this video (as all of them :), your talking makes me always so calm 😀 and helps me feel so much better! I am just trying to get out of a drawing funk – and one of the things I want to improve in is time management – cause usually I get home from work and I am tired to do something creative – but I really want to improve in drawing, So I want to try to have a schedule after work (or before) to have a chance to do more stuff that I enjoy. 🙂 (maybe I´ll start with drawing after every other day). Hope it works. Keep being awesome. 🙂

  58. Creo que querías decir "come to terms" wapa.
    Muchas gracias por este video, me da mucho miedo el como manejar mi tiempo cuando esté en la universidad, pero este video me cayó de perlas Fran. 💕

  59. Thank you for this and thank you for sharing what you have learned with us. You are so generous. I have four kiddos and I work and it is super hard to do art as much as I would like.

  60. Fran, this was very VERY helpful to me. Especially about the Twitch thing. I made an account recently and I thought, oh its still quite much an untouched territory by artists and its a good time to start since its not that saturated. But I just couldn't keep up with it. Same went for Fiver and Vimeo and Vero even. I thought the more I am socially present, the better it will be. But it is just so hard to keep up with all these platforms and constantly generate posts. And it is pretty much the same content for every platform just in lower quality because there is just so much to do in order to get a decent engagement and I was so stressed out about it.

    So, I really needed someone to, kind of being thinking in the same way and say it out loud. You know? Facebook, instagram, twitch, youtube.. all together it is just too much and I wasnt able to keep generating art without over working myself and I would burnout so quickly, it wasnt even funny.

    I think I am going to focus on Instagram and Youtube for now. And prioritise making art over the need to post.

    Everyone says, you gotta be consistent and keep creating. And it really ate my free time when I could think and experiment with my art. I am just making very mediocre art. And i know whenever I focus on my art only, I make some really good progress. So making art should be the goal rather than pleasing followers and counting likes.

    I recently started scheduling social and art process by seeing yours. So again, thanks for talking about this. This video really helped me.


  61. Omg this chat video is so nice – its like we are sitting in a room chilling together – while I knit and you paint 😀

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