Giving An ART SUPPLY… ANOTHER Try? – 500 Prompts #134

Hey guys, welcome to prompt #134.
If you are new to this series or my channel, this is a weekly series I do where I have this book that I bought it has words printed in it and I don’t know what it’s gonna be but I’m gonna make a drawing based off of those words. So let’s get into it. Well, let’s see what we got. Oh, oh, oh my gosh. I just realized I took the markers off of this one prematurely. Hi, welcome to my channel where I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just gonna put a piece of paper over that for now and I will block that again later. Whoops. We have one prompt. “Time Machine”, huh? If only I had a time machine to go back and undo that goof. Alright, let’s get to sketching. And hello to sick voice Kasey and low energy. I recorded this intro about a week ago and then I went to Toronto where Toronto got me sick and I have been dying for the past week. So basically this video has been one disaster after another but that’s fine. Let’s just talk about the prompt. So when I think “time machine”, I usually just think about going to the past. I guess you could go into the future with a time machine, but I always like to go in the past because dinosaurs are really fun. If I could go into the past or the future I would definitely go back and look at those dinosaurs because they’re all dead and I want to see them. Besides, in the future Earth could not exist and it could be on fire so that doesn’t really sound very appealing to me but I guess also if I don’t time my backwards time right I could go back when the world’s on fire when the dinosaurs are dying but I would not do that. Wow. What am I talking about? So I drew a variety of different time machines and they all… revolve around dinosaurs. But I did want to focus on maybe the design of the time machine because what is a time machine? For some reason I think about a spaceship, but that’s not necessarily correct. It could just be a chair or just like a tube you go into or just like a little room or… I don’t even know. What is a time machine? It doesn’t exist. It’s something I got a make up. In the end I thought little sketch on the bottom left was the most fun. It was someone who had time machined to where the dinosaurs were and they were surrounded by dinosaurs and they were scared. I thought it was a cute little scene and I was already thinking about working with gouache and I was excited. So I got into it. So yeah, like I said, I was just really wanting to do something a little different for this prompt. I wanted to work a little larger scale, which originally I had whipped out like an 11 by 14 piece of paper but decided that that was probably a little too big for the simple illustration that I was going to work on. So I decided to work 8 by 10. I also wanted to have a white border because I thought that would be really fun which later I regretted not breaking that border because that’s a very classic Kasey move. Am I allowed to use the excuse I was sick so I wasn’t thinking straight for this prompt? I feel like I would definitely have made the same stupid mistakes if I weren’t sick. This prompt was kind of all over the place. I don’t use gouache often. In fact I think the last time I touched my gouache was the “different mediums makes different styles” video. It’s the video where I used watercolor, gouache, digital, Posca pens, maybe something else..? I don’t quite remember. But I used different mediums to show that my style changed with each one and I use gouache then. And that video was… m any many many months- I even want to say was last year and I haven’t used gouache since. It’s something that I feel like I would love, because it’s something I can use a lineless style with. But because I don’t practice with that medium I don’t have a great handle with it. So every time I use it I donk it up. And as you can see, it’s been so long since I’ve used it that my white gouache has dried up into this glumpy clumpity clump that I had to cut out of the tube. It was quite a situation. But luckily because gouache is basically just a really thick opaque watercolor I was able to just add water to it and work with it. So because it had been absolutely so long since I had worked with gouache I forgot just how dark it dried in comparison to the wet color that you mix. So I was mixing all of these colors thinking “Oh, look how light this is.” I mean look how light that blue is on my palette is compared to the lightest blue on the paper. It dried so much darker than it looked wet and I forgot that was a thing and it was a constant struggle throughout this whole piece and it just really messed with my ability to mix anything. Also speaking of the ability to mix anything, because I am so used to watercolor and I did talk about this in a oil painting video I think recently, I’m not used to mixing white into things so I just get all screwed up when thinking about having to add just a little bit of color to white and then it being really hard to add white to already colored things. So that was a constant struggle as well but I learned a lot, as usual, as I do and I work with things that I’m not used to. I do want to get used to gouache but at the moment I’m going through quite an acrylic phase. So I feel like instead of practicing my gouache, Wow do I want to work with acrylic. And I have been doing a lot of acrylic abstract pieces on my own free time. Definitely learning a lot about acrylic. I’m having so much fun just kind of letting loose and doing whatever. Why am I talking about this? Let’s talk about the prompt. So going into this piece I knew it was going to be a bit on the simple side because I mean that’s my style. I work with a simple style and I’m not ever looking to do anything super detailed but the sketch that I had and the image I had in my mind was so much different than what this piece turned out to be. I- I feel quite disappointed with it. I don’t hate it. It’s just not what I was going for. It’s much more simple than what I was going for and in the end It looks like something I could have easily done with posca pens instead of using gouache. I feel like I didn’t use gouache in a way that really used gouache to its fullest ability. I really used it in a flat way.
Which gouache is a type of watercolor so I should have been able to make gradients and stuff, but I was so scared and felt so out of my comfort zone that I kind of defaulted to as simple as a painted style as possible, which created a illustration that I wasn’t quite going for. Because – I feel like I’ve said this sentence a hundred times. Because gouache is a watercolor it reactivates when you add water to it So it was really hard for me to layer things. I feel like when I layer watercolor on top of watercolor It doesn’t quite activate as quickly, so I have a much easier time putting colors on top of each other. But when it came to the gouache as soon as I put a color on top of another color it just reactivated immediately and the colors were blending and it was more of a struggle than I anticipated and wanted to deal with at the moment. I already have very low patience just as a person in general but when i’m sick, I just can’t deal with anything and I just wasn’t in the mood for this. But I wanted to do it and I don’t like to give up. You can especially see the struggle I had with the colors reactivating with the fog in the background. I was hoping to get this really cool fog effect in the background to show that the mountains were maybe in the distance and covered by fog or clouds or something but it was just reactivating the mountains in the background and it just doesn’t look good. It looks kind of silly but you know what, art is trial and error and my gosh did I not try. Originally when I made this piece, I was hoping for a lineless style, but because I was having such a struggle mixing the dark and light colors,
everything kind of blended together in this medium tone and it didn’t look great separating itself with a lineless style, so I decided it was probably best if I went through and lined everything with a really dark blue gouache. I thought it would be more fun than a black. So I did line everything in the foreground and I left the mountains unlined because I thought that would be more fun, and they look separate enough. As well as the pterodactyls in the background. They’re just so cute I love those little guys in the background just floating around with their tiny little eyes. And that’s it. I feel like I really let the Time Machine prompt down with this one but I guess that’s what happens when you try to get yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Which I don’t regret, but I do always feel sad and I don’t love my illustration. But that’s alright, right? That’s art. All right, guys, I’ll see you on the end card. [Music] Last week’s prompts were quite an interesting mix. We had “Goldfish”, “Puppet”, “Jetpack” and “Salt and Pepper Shakers”. I loved how many of you included Sock Kasey as your puppet. It tickled me. What can I say? So our first featured artist is, oh gosh, @milealisabaur…? Again, I’m sorry I loved how angular your style is in this one and I will admit I’m a little weak to the blue and orange colors. That fish is just so goofy. The cat is fun. I just love this piece. It’s energetic. It’s silly. I love your style. I loved it. And our next featured artist @akako_98 who had this really fun and stylized, I just love it, this illustration is just so much fun. Which I’m actually just realizing it’s another cat wearing a jetpack. I guess that’s my weakness. But this one is just so fun as well. I love the stylization, I love the colors, the looseness, that sad little fish. He’s boiling in his own home. That is so sad, but the illustration is so fun. And that’s it. Thank you guys so much for joining in. I can’t wait to see the variety of illustrations you guys make with “Time Machine” and I’ll see you in the next one. Stay golden! Bye! [Music]

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  1. a lot of people say they would want to go to the past if they had a time machine I would too, but what scares me, is that a little thing that you do, could change the whole universe. YOU COULD DO SOMETHING AND CAUSE YOUR OWN BIRTH TO NOT HAPPEN

  2. I feel very much the same way when I use gouache…That said I've only used it 2 or 3 times lol Fun piece as always though Kasey!

  3. You were in TORONTO?!? I LIVES IN TORONTO! I could have run into you :(.

    Sorry we got you sick 😣. OMG wait, don't tell me you were here for FanExpo… The one year we decide NOT to go 😭

  4. Thank you for the subtitle! I'm watching at 02:36 trying not to get caught by my parent. I need something to relieve stress after hours of schoolwork. Lack of sleep but whatever.

  5. I. Love. Your. Dinosaurs.
    Anytime you draw/paint dinos I just love it ridiculously.

    I was about to rewatch the Futurama time travel ep "The Late Philip J. Fry" because I got the song from it in my head (& it's great) but I'm watching this first.

  6. I know, I'm an artist too, so I know that telling you I like this piece won't change how you feel about it. But still, this totally looks like something you'd see in a kids story book about time traveling aliens. Which is, of course, the highest Acclaim one can possibly achieve ❤️♥️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  7. The downvotes are from messy time travelers who failed their goals & broke the continuum just enough that they couldn't watch the video so they're extra salty.

  8. I like it! I thought it came out really nice. Because of your video, I bought the book needing some inspiration/encouragement drawing with my left hand since my right one doesn't work because of a stroke I suffered from last August. I've only did one prompt so far the waterfall. It sort of looks like a waterfall, I'm not very good at drawing with my left hand". 😕. It feels awkward trying to work with my left hand when I've been right handed all my life.

  9. U forgot to cover one of the prompts at 4.15 right hand corner

    Don’t look if u don’t wanna know

    Cave mouth 😳

  10. One of my main mediuns are gouache and tip i can give you is to not stick that much to the ideia that gouache is watercolor and acrylic kid and that is a blend of the two and try to think of gouache as it's own thing. Try to approach it like you did with oil paint and i think it will be a lot easier

  11. Kasey mentioning how long the different mediums video was out-

    That long? Time really does fly when your having fun 😂

  12. Gouache is suppose to be flat, and getting gradients and blending ispretty hard with it, it's not really the "purpose" of it. It's a type of water media, not watercolor, though it is similar. It was used for comics, posters and even was used in traditional animation like Disney movies. So bright flat color and contrast is it's jam lol, you used it just fine.

  13. Kasey: "I'm not ever looking to do something super detailed"
    Also Kasey: draws an illustration of a bajillion ants

  14. I use gouache a lot, one thing is to have a blotting page where you can put down colors and smear them and they will show a more true colour to what it will be dry 🙂
    Also, red gouache always sucks and I hate it, it by far re-activates the most and so. Easily. No matter what brand you get XD

  15. Bruh I've never been this early in my life. Man I was probably late to my own birth. Imma totally miss out on my own death by oversleeping or somethin

  16. Great video once again. I must say though I was a little disappointed my illustration didn't make it into the video. I worked so hard on it. Oh well. I may have gotten it in too late. I'll try to do it earlirr this week 😊

  17. since intro kasey seems to have given up on rhyming again, it looks like i'll have to take over.

    so then, for prompt 134
    kasey's gonna draw dinosaurs.

  18. You are so good I'm terrible at art but you are amazing at it and every piece of art you do inspires me 😁 thx for being awesome!

  19. hey Kasey , i love your work and have inspired me quite alot, i was wondering what type of tape do you use oon your cold pressed paper?

  20. I always feel like I learn a lot from watching the videos where you make something you're not completely happy with.

  21. I love the idea and it turned out so cute! Major kudos for going with something outside of your comfort zone especially while not feeling well. But you stuck it out and that in itself is an inspiration to me!

  22. I've learned that with gouache you can't overwork the paint because that's what reactivates the layers underneath.
    So with the white fog you wanted, I would have used a dry brush, one of those bristle brushes that are tough, slap some paint on, and work the gouache into the brush so the brush is wet without needing water. Get yourself a nice wetish dry texture, test it out on the pallet, and then lightly tap on the paper, being sure not to let the white get transparent over the colors I didn't want to mix.

  23. Could a clock be considered a time machine? I mean, it’s a machine that tells time, so I could be shortened to time machine…

  24. I've been obsessed with gouache art for a while now. Then I bought my own gouache paint and … NEVER EVEN TOUCHED IT.

    Hahahahahha. They are terrifying to me. I feel like I need to come up with a whole new style to go with them, and just… I don't do anything… Hahaah

  25. So you know how you went to Toronto and got sick cuz ur immune system wasn't prepared for what's in that area? Our immune systems wouldn't properly work in any other time than our own due to different bacterias that our bodies didn't have time to adjust to. I thought it was funny that you got sick for that reason on this specific prompt.

  26. awe, =( Get well soon.
    I'm sorry you had such a struggle with this Piece… in my opinion, you did great. =)
    and The featured artists and all the pieces others shared, are cool too. =)

  27. Did you scroll down to comments.
    Of course you did, you see this.
    Can you keep reading on please.
    This is totally worth it, keep going.
    Even though I'm wasting your life.
    Read on.

    Wait, maybe it isn't worth it or is it.
    Hey you're nearly there now.
    Okay read the start of each sentence.

  28. To all the artist let's support each other by subscribing to each other. 🙂
    I'll subscribe back who will subscribe to me. I loved to watch how artist paint. 🙂

  29. "I totally don't have any idea what the heck Kasey is talking about" lmao just kidding, that's not true I'm my own worst critic too, I think it's a universal thing that artists struggle with especially when comparing your art against another's who has more skill in the craft. Seriously though, Kasey don't be so hard on yourself I love your art and this painting is wonderful compared to my attempts, just keep at it and you'll be amazing in no time 🙂
    Edit: also FYI Kasey you ate already amazing at art, I almost want to copycat your art style to a degree <3

  30. I have been reading the manga called Dr. Stone yesterday (also has anime series ongoing) and it kinda reminds me of the prompt. It doesn't really involve time travel though,it's just that the civilization suddenly turned into stone and some people woke up 3700 years later, literally back into the stone age and now they have to start building a new civilization from scratch with the help of an extremely genius boy.

  31. Kasey, you should give acryla gouache a try! That way you don’t have to worry about the gouache reactivating, it seems like the best of both worlds when it comes to acrylics and gouache!

  32. If you have any handy, try using your gouache on some 100% cotton paper. This sounds extremely overkill and kind of like a waste of paper, but I find it actually helps a lot with the reactivation issue since cotton paper is so absorbent. It still reactivates a little, but the gouache attaches more to the paper instead of sitting on top of it lurking and waiting for water. heh
    You may also really like acryla gouache.

  33. Is it because you aren’t using enough water with the paints? Genuine question… gouache is so nice but it’s also so darn weird!

  34. Struggles of being an artist

    Drawing the other eye
    Drawing the other hand
    Drawing the other arm
    Drawing the other leg
    Drawing the other foot
    Drawing the other eyebrow
    Drawing the other ear

    hmm there seems to be a theme

  35. “Woops woah woahwoahwoah I accidentally uncovered the prompts”
    Me: skips back 30 seconds to see if I can see the words

  36. hears time machine oo doctor who

    I was raised with it & love it dearly. When you said into the future I was thinking "yeah, Doctor Who definitely shows that." Some forms of writing or shows don't show going forward, only wanting to change the past which isn't good cuz small things could definitely change things.

  37. I was really rooting for you to say "police box" when you were discussing what a time machine looks like. But I guess you didn't watch Doctor Who huh 😅😂

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