Get Better Hair! 10 Healthy Hair Habits Most Men DON’T Know

10 Healthy Hair Habits EVERY Man Needs To
Know [0:00:00]
[Film clip] In today’s video, gents, healthy hair habits
and hacks every man should know. First on this list, wash your hair with raw
eggs. And, apparently human beings have been washing their hair with raw eggs for over
a thousand years. To be specific, apparently the egg yolks can help promote hair growth
because they contain a high amount of sulfur and it can also deal with dry hair because
of the protein and fat content. The egg whites on the other hand supposedly a clarifier and
can help treat oily hair. Now, is this hair hack guaranteed to work?
Of course not. There’s no study that backs this up, but then, again, I don’t think
there’s any study that’s been commissioned to try to figure this out. The point is this
is a home remedy and isn’t going to really cost you anything doesn’t going to hurt
you, you might as well give it a try. Next on the list, a deep conditioner. So,
I take it you’re familiar with conditioner. After you shampoo your hair, you should use
a conditioner basically it’s going to re-moisturize your hair, but what you may not know about
are deep conditioners. And these are products that are made to actually sit in your hair
for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once a week especially if you’ve got thinner
hair, hair that lays flat, you want to look at using a deep conditioner. Tons of products
out there, but you want something that’s basically going to re-moisturize the hair,
it’s going to make it a little bit thicker. And, yes, you can tell the difference.
So, if you want hair that’s going to have more volume that’s going to be more full
without having to add an additional product whenever you’re styling your hair, look
at a deep conditioner. Next up, let’s talk diet. So, if you’re
not taking care of your body, your hair is going to start to show. It’s not going to
grow as fast, it’s not going to grow as long, it could become brittle, it could even
start to fall out. Your other organs, your body is going to take care them, but your
hair is going to be one of the first signs that something is wrong.
So, make sure that you’re eating a good diet, make sure the food you’re putting
in your body has plenty of protein. Hair is mostly protein, so you’ve got to make sure
that you’re bringing the protein into your body.
Next up, let’s talk about vitamins. You want to make sure that you’ve got vitamin
D, that you’ve got zinc, that you’ve got iron, you’ve got the B complex vitamins.
Chicken, turkey, fish, dairy product, nuts, all these can help with hair growth.
But, what if you’re eating a healthy diet, but you’re still losing your hair? Guys,
don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, two out of three men before the age of 35
are going to deal with some form of male pattern baldness.
So, what to do about it? What’s the solution? Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Keeps,
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prescribed meds shipped right to your door every three months.
Keeps is 90% effective at reducing and stopping further hair loss. But here’s the key, you’ve
got to get started as soon as you notice you’re starting to lose your hair. The sooner you
get started, the more hair you’re going to save. In fact, some guys noticed they even
get a bit of regrowth. And the best part, guys, it’s affordable.
We’re talking treatment starting at $10 a month. Guys, if you’re ready to take action
and prevent hair loss, go to to receive 50% off of your first order. Again,
that’s Now, let’s talk about heat. So, first up,
that steaming hot shower. If you’re taking a long hot steaming shower, understand that
you are drying out your hair. It’s better for most of the time to just simply take a
warm shower. I know you love you hot showers, feel free to turn that maybe at the end, but
understand that it’s not great for your skin. It’s definitely not good for your
hair. So, next up we’re talking heat again, but
this time blow dryers. So, when you have a blow dryer and I know a lot of guys use it
because you want to get volume in your hair. You want to dry it quickly, you want to get
in and out, maybe you got a little bit longer hair, I get it. But, here’s the deal with
blow dryers. When you set them on high and you use them
close to the head, guys, this is going to damage your hair over time. It’s going to
just lead to cracking hair ot breaking hair, even split ends if you’ve got a little bit
longer hair. So, how to get around this? Okay. So, if you’ve
got that setting, go to medium or go to low. And if you only have the high setting, actually
pull the blow dryer a bit away and even better yet, make sure to dry your hair a bit. Let
it dry naturally, you know, because you don’t want it soaking wet, it’s going to take
longer and you’re more likely to damage certain parts of the hair.
Now, if you’re already big into styling your hair, you may already know about this
next tip and that is to use a heat protector. A heat protector is a spray that you put on
before you actually blow dry your hair. And what this does, it encompasses the hair strands
and it protects them. It also helps them shape a little bit better. Basically, it just goes
in there and it makes sure that it insulates and it protects the hair at the same time
it allows the hair to shape itself. Now, let’s talk about washing your hair.
Many of you guy have heard that using shampoo every time you wash your hair is not good,
it can actually damage the hair and that depends. How often do you take a shower? If you shower
twice a day, yes, using a harsh shampoo every time you wash is not good for your hair.
If you’re going to wash your hair every single day or twice a day, make sure that
you’re choosing a shampoo that is actually marked as a gentler shampoo. That’s a big
difference between a lot of the other shampoos out there especially those that you use sulfates
and other materials which can dry out and damage the hair.
[0:05:14] And, on topic of washing your hair, when you
use your hands to wash your hair, you want to use your fingertips. This may sound obvious,
but there are guys out there that have a little bit longer nails and they love just going
in there, yeah, and scrubbing the scalp. Here’s the thing is you scratch your scalp,
all of a sudden you can actually lead to it getting dry, you can lead to actually it even
just being irritated. You don’t want to do this. Be gentle. You also don’t want
to be ripping hairs out of there. Over time, this could happen. You naturally shed a certain
number of hairs. You don’t want to accelerate that and lose your hair.
Now, let’s talk about dyeing, coloring, and highlighting your hair. And, I’m curious,
what’s your opinion on this? Let me know down in the comments, but I can tell you,
guys, what this actually does to your hair. When you expose your hair to chemicals like
that, when they enter and they eventually do leave the hair, they do leave the hair
a bit dryer and they break down the structure of the proteins in the hair and over time
if you do this multiple times, it can cause the hair to break down. And the only solution
is actually to cut the hair off and let it grow back.
So, understand that you could only dye and color your hair so many times. The best thing
here is to probably start off with a professional. Why a professional? Because they’re not
going to over treat the hair and that’s what you got to be careful of because if you
go out there and just bleach your hair, yeah, it can – it can turn out – it can turn
out the wrong way. Now, this next tip may seem counterintuitive
especially if you want your hair to grow longer and that is to make sure to trim your hair
once a month. And, we’re talking micro trim especially if you want to grow the hair longer.
The hair naturally grows about an inch a month, but if you’re growing it out let’s say
you actually had a shaved head or you’re using maybe clippers and now you’re going
for it longer. The issue there is at the ends of the hair
they are actually pretty jagged and they’re more likely to get split ends and you can
get split ends after just a couple inches of growth. We’re talking just two months.
So, if you let that hair grow out, just maybe three inches long, all of a sudden you’re
starting to get these split ends they don’t look good and that can go all the way down
the length of the hair. The key here to preventing split ends is to
make sure your barber uses a sharp pair of scissors not clippers. So, the ends of the
hair are straight across and don’t lead to splits.
And if you’ve got light colored hair or you’re on the sun quite a bit, make sure
to leverage a hat. Why? A hat protects your hair from the damaging UV rays of the sun.
Over time, it will actually cause the hair to break down become more brittle and, yeah,
we don’t want that to happen. So, what video to watch next? How about seven
hairstyles that women absolutely love. What are they, guys? Find out in this video right
here. [0:07:37] End of audio

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  6. a mexican home remedy for manageable hair is squeezing a fresh tomato, rubbing the juice on the hair, and bonus tip (squeezing and rubbing limes on armpits as deodorant)

  7. – Antonio, keeps is a great system. sadly, most ppl outside the US won't be able to use this system…
    – and i didn't hear of washing hair with raw egg, but i did hear of hair masks using raw eggs
    – leave-in conditioners are like lotion for hair, and some can be left on for hours, even the whole day.
    – Joe from Blumaan mentioned that air drying hair causes damage from inside vs. blow drying, which damages from outside. water damage from within the hair is potentially more dangerous. however, having said that, good hair dryer tips you make!
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