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things to say and Daniel Daniel here to bring you the latest fantasy news in a quick channel update Daniel Green being the doofus he has accidentally been uploading nearly all of his videos in 720p on accident when he could have been doing 1080 this entire time good job Daniel for now on you will be able to see my face and all its glory in 1080p yay but getting into the actual fantasy news the first images have been released for fan favorite character of The Witcher series roach and for those of you who are not what your fans know it is not the man riding the horse it's it's the character underneath it it's the horse it's the horse Roach is wonderful one of the best horses in all of fantasy TD dumb and this horse appears to fit the bill quite well fans are pleased and so am i myself looks like quite the noble stallion and in more kwikki fantasy news it seems that Harry Styles is in consideration to play Prince Eric in the upcoming Little Mermaid live-action movie Mattie is that good that's a no that's a no from Mattie there's already been a lot of controversial casting around the Little Mermaid adaptation coming down the road some people loving it some people hating it and what I have to say is actually my least favorite so far announced might actually be Harry Styles just because I don't know anything about him as an actor and I don't know just doesn't get me pumped and for the Kingkiller Chronicle fans out there interior designs for the upcoming collector's edition of the book have been released they look spectacular they are here now on screen look at them they're so pretty oh my gosh moving on next news the Kingsmen trailer are finally dropped this is a prequel to The King's Men so this is Kings man as opposed to King's Men it's the prequel set in World War 1 and while I was initially a little bit hesitant to get excited for this I'm after looking at the trailer this this looks good roll a clip throughout time our people robbed live and killed until one day we found ourselves noblemen as you can see it's going for a heavy war action tone kind of more of the epic side of things and I was expecting and I'm interested I'm not saying it's gonna be great but I'm at least intrigued now transitioning into the news stories I have quite a bit to say about Quentin Tarantino is once again putting out comments on the possibility of him directing an upcoming Star Trek film something I find strange a new direction for a franchise that is admittedly getting a bit stale I don't know what I personally think about a Tarantino directed Star Trek maybe he's a closeted huge fan and has been this whole time and will write a miraculously true to the source material Star Trek I highly doubt that with his hyper stylized movies in the past it doesn't seem like he could conform to any previous established world in my opinion I just don't see that really happening with him that being said he then did talk about how well he's always said he will only make Tim films as a director and with the upcoming hollywood-esque movie being released being his ninth would the Star Trek be his 10th and Tarantino inde his directing career on a Star Trek film this is just weird it's the most WTF story that keeps popping its head up on fantasy news and I just don't know how to handle it I've changed how I feel about it a little bit I guess I'm a little more just curious than anything else and with the recent my personal not liking where Star Trek has gone recently I guess I'm open to anything at this point but in other director news taka with TD is for sure back to direct Thor for as someone who has Thor Ragnarok being his personal favor of the Thor movies and one of my favorite Marvel movies I'm I'm very excited about this taco ATVs humor translates incredibly well to the Marvel formula and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it be brought to the large screen with these large care there is some speculation that this is why his upcoming Akira adaptation has been delayed but that is neither confirmed nor denied Marvel's power is strong but I don't know whether or not they're actually capable enough to delay an entire other project transitioning into some other superhero news early test screenings of birds of prey have apparently drawn mixed reactions with test audiences really enjoying it while the executives over at the studio's not oh boy where have we seen this before with the legacy of the DCU largely being one of studio involvement wrecking films and directors visions this just reeks of a lesson not learned but with a lot of what's been this article I'm pulling from being rumor although I will say a likely rumor who knows what the final product will actually end up looking like though I will say I'm not optimistic I like a lot of performances that are probably gonna be brought to this movie but I just don't think that they can resist they've shown time and time again in the DCE you that what the execs in these Studios want ends up winning out and with their odd budget corner cuts that do drastically affect the end product I'm just not thrilled to see what this will be though I would have loved to have been one of those test screenings to see what might have been and in your final bit of DC EU news and superhero news for the day Zachary Levi has confirmed that the black atom Shazam crossover is still many movies off which confirms a few things about the DC EU that one this movie is for sure happening which we already knew but there are many more films still promised to be coming who knows how many will be cancelled or if this universe will die off altogether with these strange half reboots rumored and already happening but with Shazam being one of the few gems to come out from the DC Universe and black Adam being a possible shining gold star with the rock leading it I would be thrilled to see this one be maybe their final note or a full rebirth for the DC Universe and now we're transitioning into the most almost entirely based off rumor story of the day though with the amount of talk about this rumor I will go ahead and say that some version of it or just the rumor itself are highly likely and that is with the matrix reboot being echoing around Hollywood and the Wachowski sisters not denying that they are indeed in shop for a new Matrix movie this one seems like it might be possible and that is that Michael B Jordan might helm whatever project comes next for the franchise known for his Creed and fantastic fan for stick actually Fame Michael B Jordan is actually a rising star someone who is blowing up in a very big way I personally loved his work in Fruitvale station and Creed and completely see him being charismatic enough to lead a matrix level film and enter into this more kind of fantastical project ignoring fan force stick which I think we should all do and with him publicly being interested in being involved the adaptation of black leopard red wolf I think this is going to be maybe a trend for his career jumping into these larger big-budget fantastical productions where a lot of actors get big fat paychecks and now let's end with what will probably cause my comment section to deteriorate into people screaming at each other news Game of Thrones has been nominated for a record number of Emmys for its last season and I'm already hearing the people typing about their love and/or hatred for the last season and how people who have the other opinions are wrong I will go ahead and just put this out there many of these nominations are for technical aspects of the show and I don't think many people can argue that Game of Thrones was not a visual spectacle in terms of the effects brought during battles or just creature work costume design all of those things absolutely should be up for a nomination for an Emmy but when it comes to storytelling and writing and oh man that's that's a whole other debate I'll let you guys have an handle you go right ahead but with the new record number being 32 nominations for the final season of Game of Thrones shattering the previous record of 26 and with a grand total number of nominations to be a lifetime of Game of Thrones being 161 this shows impact is certainly seen in the numbers it's cultural shifting it's huge and I for one still don't hate it it may have had a rocky Oso rocky ending but it did change hell television will forever be viewed and handled and was why we are seeing the meteoric rise of the fantasy genre within the mainstream and transitioning into the final story of the day and also Game of Thrones slash a Song of Ice and Fire news George our Martin is reportedly refusing to change the ending of his books after saying they will be almost entirely similar to the show people who are dumb have been saying that he should change the ending of his books and there's no way it will work people who are smart realized that D&D the showrunners for Game of Thrones shortened a lot and cut a lot of material that could have made the actual ending of the show really land and emotionally work with the viewer giving us that oh so satisfying feeling of catharsis and i believe george RR martin is good enough as a writer to bring that with the ending that was given to us in the show – a couple of things that I do hope are changed but even if he doesn't change anything he certainly can still stick the landing he has two whole books give the guy a chance this has been your latest fantasy news thank you so much for tuning in like and subscribe if you have not already I decided to cut down on the number of stories covered and just focus on talking more in depth of the stories I actually really cared about aside from some quickie news at the beginning let me know if you liked the new formula and have a good one y'all peace you

48 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Emmys, King Killer Art, Witcher has its Roach – FANTASY NEWS”

  1. Experienced some pretty significant audio drift with this video. I did my best to compensate but it still clear.

  2. Mini GoT rewrite, more ofajust a cool idea more than anything. Danny becomes a tyrant but stays in essos, starts he own religion, and fights the unholy of Westeros.

  3. Martin will not write any more books. That is my two cents anyway. 😉 Not sure if I picked this up from the books or the games but didn't Geralt call ANY horse he was riding Roach? Doesn't really matter but whatever. Looking forward to it. Most exiting for the Wheel of Time series though, more news soon I hope.

  4. Ew thor ragnarok is terrible. The best parts of marvel thor are the parts they stole from mythology. The rest is just bad comedy

  5. To put it harshly, every project the Wachowskis have been involved in this century has lost money. (I consider the Matrix films as 20th century based upon when they were filmed, not when they were released.) The only way the studios will greenlight anything by them these days is if they bring somebody over them who is a real hardass who will rein in their free-spending ways. And I'm skeptical they would be willing to work under such strictures. And I say this as somebody who loves both the Matrix series and Cloud Atlas.

  6. I think with Game of Thrones we will get a Return of the King situation, where a metric shit ton of awards are given to the final instalment to commemorate the series as a whole

  7. Wonder where they're aiming to take The Matrix Reboot/reimagining/sequel. Is the Architect gonna reboot The Matrix and go for a NG+ Hardcore.

  8. If it's for the technical aspects, fire away. The crew behind the show deserve the lion's share of the praise, certainly not the writers anyway. Anything the crew get and Dumb and Dumber don't get is a plus in my book.

  9. Noble Mare not Stallion! Did they actually use a female horse? What do you think about the new female Ninja Turtle? I agree the technical aspects of GoT’s were still brilliant, also the actors. Just the writing was so so terrible! It’s the Mass Effect equivalent of a TV show for me, great start epic middle terrible ending.

  10. Nominating Emilia Clarke for Best Actress and not Sissy Spacek (for Castle Rock) is even disrespectful. And "The Queen" episode deserved a nomination (also Castle Rock), not the crappy GoT finale. Maybe episode 2, "Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" could've been nominated in my opinion, but not the finale IMO…

  11. I really wish The KingKiller Novels would stop with the fancy re issues and just release the third book. I mean he did say it was finished didn't he? Also as much as I like Tarantino I think the idea of him doing a Star Trek movie gives me the fear.

  12. Everyone involved with the final season of Game of Thrones is deserving of an Emmy nomination—except David Benioff and Daniel Weiss. All the acting was great, all the production was great. It's just the writing that needed to be addressed. I want to make it clear that I did not have a problem with any of the controversial story decisions that were made, my only criticism is how those events were presented. I didn't 'like' certain things, like Brienne sleeping with Jamie, but I wish it could have handled more organically. How you get to a narrative conclusion is just as important as those bullet point events. Characterization seemed to be the fluid element that could shift and change so that the story could arrive at set-in-stone story beats. That is the opposite of what should happen, in my opinion.

  13. Have you read the Runelords, by David Farland? The original 4 books in the series are pretty great, and it's got a cool magic system.

  14. I don't see how anyone can be worried about the ASOIAF book ending being the same as the show if the actually read the books, especially the last two. There are so many more characters and plotlines in the books, along with characters being in vastly different places and doing vastly different things, or even being vastly different types of characters like in the case of Euron, that aside from parts, it can only be a vastly different ending. And even the similar plot points will probably only be similar on a surface level. And the fact that GRRM told D&D those plot points years ago, and GRRM is someone who will change his plans if he feels like it's more organic for the characters and just a better idea overall, makes the likelihood that the book and show endings will be all that similar even lower.

  15. well, I won't really mind if he doesn't change the ending… but the way it was presented, it made no sense.
    and i really hope he expand what the white walkers are.
    to be honest if they turn out to be just some stupid monsters who want to wipe out the world because they are evil like in the show, i would be really disappointed. i mean ok, they could be mostly a tool and not the main antagonist, but in the show they still lack any kind of depth and even as a tool were stupid. basically they just delayed the last battle.

  16. I am indifferent about the final season of Game of Thrones, and if your opinion differs, I will scrawl a Dragon's Fang on your doorstep!

  17. oooooh game of thrones. Yeah the shifts were too sudden for me. The battle should've gone on for much longer.
    Jon should've failed and Arya should've stepped in, covered his butt and been the one to do it. At least at the rate that things happened.

  18. you know Roach is not just one horse, right…. there are many, they are all named "Roach" (or whatever the english translation is for the name)

  19. I was at first hesitant about Harry Styles as an actor, but I have to say that he was great in Dunkirk. In a movie with Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy (two of my favorite actors), Styles really stood out as one of the best performances in that movie.

  20. I like the new formula, because honestly your discussion/opinions is often more interesting to me than the news itself.

  21. Quentin Tarantino directing Mistborn movies. Idc if it doesn't fit, just make it happen. I wanna see Vin entering Uma Thurman style.

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