FRUITS AS PEOPLE 🍉 *Drawing Edition*

FRUITS AS PEOPLE 🍉 *Drawing Edition*

well thank you guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so since it's summertime right now and it's so warm that the only thing I really feel like eating everyday is fruits and that brings me to the idea for today's video because we're gonna be creating it drawings inspired by fruits and you know it might sound a little bit weird but I think it's gonna be so much fun to take inspiration from the colors from the shapes and from the flavors of each fruit and create original characters based off of it so if you are excited to see what the outcome of today's little challenge is gonna be then make sure you stay with me and keep on watching so is the first fruit I chose that dragon fruit which is also known as feet higher or pita high and hope I'm pronouncing that correctly and of course I chose it because in my opinion this must be the world's most beautiful fruit the color combination of the pink white and green and a little bit of black feels so unique and along with all the textures and details that this fruit has it just makes for an amazing whole but one thing about dragon fruit is that at least those dragon fruits that I tried they taste quite bland you can feel a bit of sweetness and sourness but overall I would say that I was quite disappointed when I tasted it for the first time because from the looks I would expect this fruit to be something extraordinary taste wise anyways for this drawing my main inspiration were obviously the colors I really wanted them to pop and be very bright and vivid just like on the fruit itself and also other words googling some of the information about the dragon fruit I got to know that it's cultivated mostly in Asia and therefore I wanted to draw an Asian girl and as far as the outfit goes I also wanted to go for something that will in my opinion represent how the dragon fruit looks and that is I think something that looks fun something that looks modern and something that looks really unique and that's why I went for this very trendy outfit with a cropped denim jacket cycling shorts and fanny pack across her body and that is how they dragonfruit girl was created next one I decided to depict mango one of my favorite fruits when it comes to taste I love how its sweet but at the same time it has a little bit of sourness and a little bit just tiny little bit of this bitterness but in this kind of refreshing way I really don't know how to describe this taste but it's really unique and I really really love it and anyway for a bit of change in this drawing I thought I would try guys since you guys are always requesting that I draw more boys so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity in this illustration the main focus are also gonna be the colors and the mango like ombre of a yellow orange and a little bit of green I thought that I'll place this gradient on a t-shirt and then I'll just work around it kind of to make this color combination pop more I thought of doing rather caramel skin tone and darker hair and as a fun element I added some tattoos and beaded necklace and in the middle of the process I figured that this illustrations resembled more of papaya than a mango mostly due to the hair resembling papayas it's a bit but but what the interpretation of this drawing is up to you guys for now I'm just gonna stick with mango I guess Sheila's ass must a masseuse masseuse Tequesta season just take it together yes you just take it and get it take it to get us on me and as for the last fruit but definitely not least I picked fig honestly I'm not a huge fan of this fruits taste but I do love it when it comes to its look I think that the combination of dark purple and reddish inside with a little bit of off-white color it's really really stunning and that's why the idea for this drawing came to my mind right away I wanted this girl to be on the bigger side since the fig is also quite rounded then I thought that she would look amazing with darker skin since I think that a chocolate brown would complement the purple and red tones perfectly and as for her outfit I also went for something more glamorous and cute as this would be the representation of the sweet taste of the fig so this drawing definitely has the most meaning and symbolism so to say behind it but I think that if you see this growing you could tell right away what kind of fruit that is at least I hope so also one more thing all of the today's drawings are done in watercolor I'm still trying to explore this technique and I know I'm not a master of it in any kind of way so if you guys have any advice on how to use watercolors more properly or any tips and tricks just leave them in the comments I would be so grateful and also that is why you can see that some of the drawings in the middle of the process they kind of look like crap but then at the end of the process they finally start to look decent at least I hope so I hope you guys enjoy seeing me using different techniques because honestly I've been really loving watercolor slightly all righty guys and that is all for my today's fruits SP for drawing video well let me know would the thing about this idea and which fruits person who was your favorite personally I would say that the dragon fruit girl must be my favorite but like always avoiding your guys's opinions and thoughts on my todays drawings and the video itself so let us make sure you comment something down below and well if you enjoyed my today's video it will be awesome if you could leave a like for me and also don't forget about subscribing to my channel cuz it's a huge help and support for me and I would appreciate it a lot and well I would be wrapping up for today thank you guys so so much for hanging out with me today and watching today's video I love you all so so much and I can't wait to see you in my next videos take care guys bye everybody to knit this is just for us now

27 thoughts on “FRUITS AS PEOPLE 🍉 *Drawing Edition*”

  1. Ayo natalia your a professional and that u are a professional i want to give u a dare i want u to draw billie ellish on paper the. Paint it or color it whtever anyways thats my dare for u hope u make it

  2. Great video! I have an idea, make a drawing of several girls together, each representing a different citrus (eg. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.)

  3. Hey Natalia! I hope you see this so that I can help you a bit. One watercolour paint trick I recommend is if you want the paint to be thicker, stir the paint with the brush until it gets decently bubbly.
    ~Wolfie (PS luv u Natalia)

  4. I liked your second drawing and the way you blended in the colors on the boy's t-shirt was cool . 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  5. "Fruit is an uncountable noun, so it has no plural form. If you want to talk about two apples and an orange, you would not use fruits, but different fruit." – liczba mnoga jest używana jedynie jako "owoce pracy/starań" w utartym wyrażeniu.
    Bardzo lubię twoją twórczość, obserwuję cię parę dobrych lat, ale jak ktoś już to wcześniej powiedział, czasem robisz podstawowe, językowe błędy – które wiadomo zdarzają się każdemu, ale wymaga to też pracy.

  6. These drawings turned out amazing. I love your idea of fruits as people. I feel like recreating it myself. My favorite fruit as a person is mango. It turned out really good.

  7. I really like how she does people of color and more darker skin tones instead of only her skin color like some other artists she’s such a diverse artist and I live for it (edit): CAN WE GET A PART 2?!

  8. Can you do a tutorial on face expressions and an update version of how to draw the body and face of a girl

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