Fragile Earth Artist Jennifer Angus 104 drawer cabinet

So one of the highlights of this
installation is this cabinet of curiosities that contains a hundred and
four drawers. It’s an old hardware cabinet so within
the context of the story that I created for this insect themed dinner party
guests to the party are invited to fill a drawer that’s inspired by insects. By
the industry and the wonder of insects. So all of these stories are different
and I’ll pull out this one which actually has a local insect in it it’s a
dragonfly that was collected by one of the docents here. So I always like to
have something that is local in the show. Most of the times the insects within the
drawers are being anthropomorphize they’re doing human-like activities whether it’s teaching…sewing. My goal is really to make them relatable. To take away that “ugh,” “I hate these” and start thinking about them in a new way because
insects are so important to our environment our ecosystem and the food

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