Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Park Seojun, Kang Haneul, Seolhyun [ENG/CHN/2017.08.14]

(Episode 1684) Hello, everyone. I’m Shin Hyunjun of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. This is the second week of August. It’s Malbok, the 3rd of the hottest days of summer. It’s so hot that many fish in fish farms are dying en masse due to the heat. I hope it gets cooler soon. Your clothes are still sizzling hot. Yes, because it’s Malbok, – Seoul is very hot. / – It’s very hot today. So I wanted to dress to stay cool. What’s your clothing concept? That of a lover you want to go on a vacation with. Our apologies. My son actually has a bib like this. Okay. Aren’t I like a Greek goddess? I told you no already. Let’s hurry and move on. Those who haven’t gone on a trip can beat the heat with us today. Stay tuned until the end. Today is for Entertainment Weekly! We did that for no reason. They made us do that. Let’s get started with full energy. The first news is by Yoon Jiyeon and Kim Sungeun. Thank you. Here it is. I met with actors Seol Kyunggu, Kim Namgil, and Seolhyun. They didn’t act coy or hold anything back. They were so honest that even I was taken aback. We’ll get to see them in just a little bit. First, we’ll have This Week’s Hot Click. This week, there was controversy about the late Choi Jinsil’s daughter Choi Junhui being abused by her grandma. In addition, we have the news of the sentencing of Jo Yeongnam. Let’s click on This Week’s Hot Click. The artwork will be concealed in court. Singer Jo Yeongnam, who is accused of committing art fraud, is facing a sentence of 18 months. The 6th trial in the case was held on August 2. Using an assistant is normal, but the prosecutor’s said that wasn’t allowed. I’m speechless. Jo Yeongnam sold artwork painted by other artists under his own name. And received illegal profit of 131,000 dollars. The prosecutors in the case demanded a prison sentence of 18 months. I wouldn’t have done it if it was illegal. Nobody said it was illegal. At his latest testimony, Mr. Jo denied any wrongs and stated he thought that was a normal practice of the art world. The testimony of professor and art critic Jin Joongkwon was also focused on. Jin Joongkwon has been sharing his opinion of the art scandal on his social media accounts. In court, he stated that that practice is not common and, “with all due respect, it’s ridiculous.” His statements were at odds with Yeongnam’s. How common is it for one to think of an idea but then have someone actually make it happen? I said from an artistic point of view, it was wrong. The final verdict will be revealed on October 18. We’re watching intently to see the results. I don’t feel warmth from people at home. (Source: MBC) The late actress Choi Jinsil’s daughter Choi Junhui revealed her conflict with her maternal grandma. (Source: MBC) (Late Choi Jinsil’s Daughter Choi Junhui’s Abuse) It started when Choi Junhui uploaded a letter on her social media as a desperate appeal. The letter revealed that Choi Junhui suffered abuse from her mother’s mother continuously over a long period of time. The letter did not have concrete examples but shockingly revealed she has had depression for four years and that she even attempted suicide multiple times. On that day, conflict with her grandmother became worse and her brother, Choi Hwanhui, called the police. who arrived on the scene. (Source: MBC) They discovered that after dinner, Choi Junhui fought with her mother over cleaning up. A police associate said they didn’t want legal action and it was resolved on the scene. The daughter and son of Korea’s top actress, Choi Jinsil, who passed away, stay bright with their grandmother even amidst the hardship, saddening many. (Source: MBC) But due to Choi Junhui’s post, many online commenters were worried. But Junhui’s revelation didn’t start recently. She anonymously asked on social media in the past about having negative feelings towards a grandmom. (Kim Dongchul) With people who are impulsive or have mental issues during puberty, when there are continuous issues, the best course of action is hospitalization. (Source: MBC) Her parents died tragically, and the parents of the deceased saw it as well. That was Choi Junhui’s grandmother. She is very distressed mentally as well, and so there is a high possibility that she acted excessively, so I feel that the grandmother, as well as Choi Junhui and her brother Hwanhui should get treated together as a family. (Source: MBC) That’s what I believe. Choi Junhui, with the help of Lee Youngja, is currently in the hospital. The police visited her recently, listened to the background of her social media post and began investigating the conflict with her grandma. – What will I do about her? / – Seriously… I’ve had a hard time. (Source: MBC) All I have is my grandmother. Only her side has been revealed. Many are watching the situation as it develops. Dimming memories and building memories. They’re on the border of memory and reality. Why am I so nervous about this? Why are you saying that now? I’m losing my memory. Let’s go deep into these three actors’ memories! Hello, I’m Seol Kyunggu, playing the role of Byeongsu in “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization.” Hello, I’m Seolhyun, playing Eunhui in “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization.” Hello, I’m Kim Namgil, and I play Taeju in “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization.” Great to be here. My mind is forgetting, but my hand remembers, like a habit. “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization” is a movie about the delusions and reality of a retired serial killer who gets Alzheimer’s and is based on a book of the same name. Have you read the book, Seol Kyunggu? I saw the script and wasn’t going to read it at first and wanted to read it after the movie came out, but I couldn’t help myself. I heard you did a diet for this movie, Kyunggu. It was a huge diet. It wasn’t just a diet, it was getting older. (Fact Attack / Dizzy) It wasn’t makeup. To play a 70-year-old man, he went on a diet. You must be close. I got older. But looking at the poster behind you, Kim Namgil, is that really you? Where did I go? It’s the beard. With Kim Namgil, he looks completely different when he has a mustache. Thanks to his trademark mustache, one app will say you’re a match with Kim Namgil if you have any bit of hair. Oh my goodness. Can people recognize you without a mustache? – No, they can’t. / – Really? Really? That’s crazy. But they can if you do? Even when I do, they don’t recognize me. I’ll work harder in the future. Even when I do, they don’t recognize me. How did the AOA members react when you said you would be acting with these two? My parents really love Seol Kyunggu. Why are you only telling me this now? And AOA member Hyejeong has been a fan of Namgil for a very long time. So she was very jealous. We’ve got to ask this one question. Which of the two actors treats Seolhyun better? Well, she’s treated very well on set anyway… There’s no need for me to look out for her. There’s no need for that. Yes, that’s true. The staff really like her, so they’re all smiling as soon as she steps on set. But since this is a show, you have to choose one. Why am I getting so nervous about this? (Anticipating) Who do you choose? Please close your eyes. 1… Seolhyun, you don’t have to close your eyes. 1, 2, 3! Why am I this nervous? – How nice. / – She chose both. The movie has different elements than the book. So I feel it may be more fun. It feels like time will fly when you see it. This September, please show a lot of love to “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization”! I”ll remember “A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization”! See you in theaters! I can’t wait to see the movie. There are so many great Korean movies this summer. I hope they’re all box office hits. I’m definitely going to go see all of them. Let’s move on to the next story. We have Kim Sungeun and Kim Saengmin. We have Entertainment Weekly’s special, summer songs Koreans love. This week, No. 1 will be announced. Many people are interested in summer songs lately. What song will be number one? We’ll check it out soon. But first, we have Cook and Talk. I’m back with flashy thriller queen Yum Jungah. Yum Jungah’s Cook and Talk will help you beat the heat. Let’s go taste it. Yum! (The chilling feeling to help you beat the heat) The queen of thrillers who always delivers. She’s back! If we do well, it’ll get ruined. – We’re in trouble now. / – We are. Should we taste it when it’s like this? You don’t trust me, do you? (Cook and Talk actress Yum Jungah) A sweet yet vicious Cook and Talk. Let’s start now. We’re here with the thriller movie queen Yum Jungah, who will chill you down in this heat. – Hello. Glad to be here. / – Nice to meet you. You scared me! What a refreshing hello. That was refreshing. When did you prepare that? What will we cook today? I prepared something simple. We’re going to make a fruit salad. And watermelon sherbet. If you’re tired of the heat, come on down! Today’s dish is a refreshing fruit salad! You can’t eat seeds, right? First, we have to skin the pineapple. You’re using a lot of energy from the start. I thought you’d help me a lot, but you’re not. I can’t cook whatsoever. But she’s got good knife skills. It looks good. We’re making fruit salad now, but Yum Jungah, what food have you cooked before? At home, I make noodles for my kids and stew for my husband. As well as side dishes occasionally. Do they like it? Yes, they do. Do they ever react differently? They don’t ask me to make it again. There’s a reason for that. All you have to do is slice the pineapple up. In 1997, you were on “Life Experience Spot.” 20 years ago, just as baby-faced as now, Yum Jungah showed us her shabby cooking skills. Did you ever make dumplings at home after that? There’s a lot of places to get dumplings now, so… That’s right. There’s a lot of good food at the supermarket. We put the pineapple in the bowl along with Yum Jungah’s past memories. You were Miss Korea. Yes. – Tada! / – That was in 1991. – I got old. / – No, you didn’t. Don’t say that so sadly. I heard you recommended yourself. Being in the Miss Korea competition was my dream. Since that was my dream, I looked up how to join the competition. – All by yourself? / – Yes. (Yum Jungah at the time) In 1991, with her refined and urban beauty, she won the attention of many. She had amazing style. Before she knew it, she was an actress and a wife and now the mother of two children. I heard that mothers use abbreviations. Abbreviations? Like what? Like “Kica.” Kica? – What’s Kica? / – You don’t know? She doesn’t know. Kids Cafe. – That’s what they call it? / – Yes. The mothers where I live don’t say that. “Moha.” What are you doing? You’re putting in half of pineapple and watermelon. Should I mix them on the top? It doesn’t look appetizing. How many points out of 100? Around 70. The second part of fruit salad is the watermelon sherbet! Let’s go for 100 points this time! You turn it on here. Do we just turn it on? (Surprised) I didn’t have a good feeling about this. It’s a relief that we were both shocked. I was very surprised. Finally, we have to open it and mix in some other ingredients and the watermelon sherbet is complete! Let’s try it. You don’t trust me, do you? (Let’s slurp it up) She seems so satisfied. It’s good. I think the person who eats it will enjoy it. Let’s talk about her works while it freezes. She’s back with mystery thriller movie “The Mimic,” about someone who impersonates voices. Even the trailer is terrifying. This question may have spoilers, Is the lost son the one making his voice? (Flustered) Where did you hear that? Since in the story, she loses her son and heard his voice, it seems like that’d be the case… It can make a lot of voices. That’s right. I failed. You did a lot of roles other than thrillers as well. You were a non-full-time worker. You were also a spy. And an immature actress. Is there a role you want to do in the future? There’s a lot I haven’t done, so I want a challenge through a different role. What about a passionate melodrama? I don’t think I’d be good at that. Why? I forgot how that feels. Who are you going to give this too? To director Heojeong, who filmed the movie. How is his personality normally? It’s very good. But he doesn’t say if he likes or hates something. That’s a relief. He likes things in moderation. Putting on the top… Let’s take this to director Heojeong. Since you filmed a thriller, pick up the fruit salad and say, “Director, wait just a bit.” Director. Wait just a bit. I’m coming. Seems like he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t wait, huh? We hurried over to see him. I wonder how he’ll react. (The true star of the day discovered) For you, the director, we made food to help you beat the heat. We didn’t taste the fruit salad. He’s tasted it. – It’s okay, right? / – It’s okay, right? How many points out of 100? 100 points. He can’t look Yum Jungah in the eyes. She doesn’t believe him. You really don’t say if you like or dislike it. Thank you. (Fruit delivery mission a success!) “The Mimic,” good luck! Looking forward to Yum Jungah and her refreshing movie! Hope it’s a box office hit! Hello, it’s still the summer. And this is the all-year Gayo Top 10. I’m Saengmin Kim, the MC for today. Summer songs Koreans love. Only the top 10 are left! No, hold on. Hold on! Who are you? Saengmin Kim! How can you do this without a female MC? You traitor! Profiler Jooe! You should go home after Veteran! This is my segment! If I’m with you once, I’m with you forever! A-ing! Okay, okay! We’ll give you the ensemble of music with special female MC Jooe! Summer songs Koreans love! Let’s check out numbers 10 to 1! He’s a dinosaur. Summer songs Koreans love! We’ll reveal number one today, so stay tuned until the end! Number 10 is “Memory of the Sea” by Key Boys. Known as The Beatles of Korea, they were a sensation among the youth. This 5-member rock band’s famous summer song, after being released in 1970, is played on acoustic guitars every summer, stimulating our emotions. (Bringing back our memories of that era) This song brought back memories of those summers and “Memory of the Sea” is number 10. Key Boys also have another song in the list. It’s “Let’s Go Down to the Beach” at number 4. (Key Boys’ other hit song) It’s a song loved by Koreans that is like a rite of passage sung by all when summer comes. Even 40 years later, all Koreans love it and call it the king of summer songs. (“Let’s Go Down to the Beach” full of youth) Let’s go to the beach full of stars! This song makes you want to run to the beach and makes the hearts of the young beat fast. “Let’s Go Down to the Beach” is number 4. Number 9 is “3! 4!” by Roo’Ra. As the title track of 90s group Roo’Ra’s 4th album, its draw was the unique vocals and exciting melody. (Roo’Ra’s songs are always in top summer song lists) (With its exciting melody,) (it’s loved even to this day) To Roo’Ra, who had a plagiarism scandal back then, this song meant the third of the four stages. It once again became a sensation and won the love of the public. Roo’Ra’s summer song “3! 4!” is at number 9! Number 8 is “Koong Dari Shabara” by Clon! Clon rose like a comet to stardom in 1996 and dominated the summer with this summer song. With this song’s manliness and soft charm, Clon rose to number 1 as soon as they debuted. The first show was on June 5, 1996. We started on Gayo Top 10’s live show. And the next week, we were number one. Our schedule was full for three months. Gayo Top 10 secured us for our whole lives. Clon, a living legend of the music industry, recently reunited after nearly 12 years. Clon is synonymous with summer, and they give us summer vibes all summer long. We’re rooting for your future activities. Number 7 is “Lying on the Beach” by The Treble Clef. The Treble Clef’s hit song in the 80s was well-loved with the refreshing vocals and melody. In 1985, it won the grand prize at the College Music Fest. (Popular due to its refreshing vocals and melody) A song of memory that helps you beat the heat. It’s always by our sides. ♪ Should I lie on the beach ♪ ♪ And become a lonely waterbird ♪ Still being sung on stages everywhere, The Treble Clef’s “Lying on the Beach” is number 7! (Still memorable and beats the heat after so long) Number 6! (“Summer Story” by DJ DOC) “Summer Story” by DJ DOC. With bad boy group DJ DOC’s witty raps, their refreshing vocals stood out, and just listening to it washes away your stress. What does summer mean to DJ DOC? It’s an opportunity for us to perform every summer. Yes, especially at pools. Doing concerts at pools, we’ve gotten over our hardship period. This is a song played every summer and helps us beat the heat. Summer songs Koreans love! We’ve seen numbers 10 to 6. Now only numbers 1 to 5 of summer songs that relieve our stress are left. What summer song will be number one? Jooe, please introduce number 5! I’ve prepared something. Here it is! Jooe, where are you going? (Surprised) Summer songs Koreans love! This dance is a special hint! This is so great! Who’s the star of this dance that’ll beat the heat? (Who’s the owner of this dance?) Let’s reveal it now! Number 5 is DEUX’s “In The Summer.” Out of the dance legend DEUX’s many hits, this song is played every summer. With a refreshing beach background, it’s full of a clear and cool sensation. However… Their sudden disbandment shocked everyone. (Popular dance group DEUX announce disbandment) Remembering DEUX and their song, every summer, this is a legendary song of the season. Here are the top 3 songs! Number 3 is… “Whale Hunting” by Song Changsik. Song Changsik, the godfather of folk music and a bard of the music industry. (His soft, memorable song “Whale Hunting”) It’s the theme song of the 1975 movie “The March of Fools.” It was loved for its romantic lyrics and pleasant melody. Let’s head to the beach in the East Sea! He’s good. Known as the anthem of the resistance in the 70s and 80s, the song was once banned. “Whale Hunting,” which gave hope and comfort in the harshness of life, is number 3. Wow, it’s summer! With that one phrase, summer begins. Number 2 is “Lady on the Beach” by COOL. (No. 2 “Lady on the Beach” by COOL) (Loved for its exciting lyrics and melody) (That are perfect for summer) (Known as COOL’s most famous song for summer) Jung Jiwon, please stop singing it. With its exciting melody and lyrics perfect for summer, it hit number one on various music shows and swept charts the whole year. And every summer, they release an album promoting as a summer season group. (COOL, making sure summer is fun every year) Known as the zombies of summer for 20 years, their songs rule every summer. They’re still remembered for their most-loved summer songs. Beat the heat this summer by listening to COOL’s summer carols. Lee Jaehun was so thin. The number 1 summer song Koreans love is… Cho Yongpil’s “Let’s Go On a Trip.” The immortal song of legendary singer Cho Yongpil. (Summer song “Let’s Go On a Trip” by singing king) It was the title song of his 7th album in 1985 and was the song of the generation and era. This immortal summer song was loved by everyone. It’s even in music textbooks. ♪ Find the stream in the valley that echoes ♪ Everyone could follow along to the pleasant melody of this charming song. (Source: SBS) And just listening to this legendary track once makes you want to get up and go on a vacation. This summer, let’s head to the place where it echoes. Hurry up! Entertainment Weekly’s summer songs Koreans love! Number one is Cho Yongpil’s “Let’s Go On a Trip.” Jooe, how was today? Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, this hot night was extremely refreshing. Please show a lot of love to MOMOLAND too! Yes, that’s right! We’ll see you next time! Me too! Why would you be here next time? If we do it together, we do it forever! Alright! Then see you next time! Goodbye! (Beat the heat with refreshing summer songs!) That was a great song. Thank you, Kim Saengmin. That’s Kim Saengmin with summer songs Koreans love. Next is Shin Hyunjun’s segment. It’s a popular segment, Midnight Dinner Talk. What will the topic be this week? A lot of people are wondering. Is that so? What’s the topic this week? Movies this summer are all after 10,000,000 viewers. On the menu for Midnight Dinner Talk this week is how movies get 10 million viewers. We’ll be going over that soon. I can’t wait to see that. Before hearing Kim Taejin… We haven’t seen Kim Seunghye in a while. Where has she been? Where did you go? Hello. Were you on a business trip? I love the applause. As an Entertainment Weekly special correspondent, I went to Singapore. What? Special correspondent? I was at the K-Pop Star World Tour. Being there in person, I felt the overwhelming love of overseas fans for K-pop. I’ll show you how hot it was soon. You’re really something. First, we’ll have Guerrilla Date. The star of today is a group of two people. Park Seojun and Kang Haneul. They’re so close together that even I felt left out. Let’s check out their bromance right now. Double the stars, double the fun. Let’s check them out on Guerrilla Date. (Emergency) Whee! Whee! Whee! The two hot stars of the area have arrived! Park Seojun and Kang Haneul! Hello! (First time on Guerrilla Date) This is the first time for you 2 on Guerrilla Date. What did you talk about as you came? We said it would be fun. We were worried about how many people would be here. There’s so many we’re actually worried. Wave to them in 360 degrees like Hollywood stars! – It’s crazy. / – There’s so many. We’re here with Park Seojun and Kang Haneul! Guerrilla Date! Salute! Double salute! You deserve praise. Look forward to Guerrilla Date today. Who is responsible for all the people here? Kang Haneul. Park Seojun. Are you two always together? Yes. We hang out almost every day. How long have you been friends for? About five months. Let’s have three seconds of eye contact. 1, 2, 3! (Cringe) This 5-month couple laughs when they make eye contact. Now the two will meet the people! There were a lot of men. What do you think of there being so many men here? I’m a bit taken aback but still, I’m happy. It’s great, but… But… Yes, it’s great. Very great. What does Park Seojun mean to you? He’s like heaven and earth! Why? He’s so handsome! What does Kang Haneul mean to you? – A god? / – A god? This isn’t a hidden camera show. This is real. He’s flustered. They’re in a new movie as police officers. The title is four syllables. 1, 2, 3! “Midnight Runners.” (Correct) You get a back hug as a prize! (Turning it down) They both said no to a back hug. (I’ll get it instead!) A picture is a better choice. I’ll give you a quiz. Who’s older? (Looking) Who’s a little bit older? (She chose Kang Haneul) Wrong! Seojun! Yes, sir! Seojun, do well. / – I apologize. Yes, I’m older. Whatever you think is correct. Good job. What can you do for them? Please see movie that Park Seojun and Kang Haneul are in! See? Are you in a drama? I’ll be on TV soon. I’m a huge fan! Don’t forget Park Seojun. You were totally focused on Kang Haneul. Do your thing. I’ll be here. We’ll film it like this. What’s so great about Kang Haneul? – His honesty. / – His honesty. They’re in “Midnight Runners.” How many viewers do you estimate there will be? 300,000? She must not be a big fan. (Flustered) Then things will be bad for us. Everyone’s making them flustered today. You like both of them, right? Yes. If you could only choose one person, who would it be? Lee Dahye. Use your lines to appeal to her. Dahye… ♪ I’m going to love you ♪ (Excited) Dahye, don’t listen to anything. This is a true romance! Hold their hands. Lift up the hand of the person you like more. 1, 2, 3! It’s a draw! No fun! (Group hug) Seojun and Haneul sandwich hug. Double as great seeing them and double fan service! The Guerrilla Date with the two of them was hotter than any other! Now, let’s change locations and talk a bit more in-depth. “Midnight Runners” stars Kim Haneul and Park Seojun. It’s a refreshing youth investigative thriller about police cadets who get caught up in a kidnapping case. I heard you gave up on looking handsome for it. You barely did any makeup. We didn’t have any. Is there a special reason for that? We wanted to make the lives of police cadets more realistic. So it was in the pursuit of realism. You even cut your hair in the movie. During filming. How did you feel when looking in the mirror after getting your hair cut? “This was too much.” I’m the same even with shorter hair. We have a noun modifier talk prepared. Kang Haneul is first. This says “Kang Haneul is the master of…” Try to guess, everyone. Beautiful lines. That’s right! The master of beautiful lines. How am I a master of that? Please read it, beautiful line master. I’m the beautiful line master Kang Haneul. (Picture proving he’s a beautiful line master) This is really… Look at the bottom picture. Why are you so apologetic? A fan asked you to sign this. But we told them sorry that you couldn’t. Can you sum this up for us? Are you actually a beautiful line master? He refuses to explain further. Why is this embarrassing? This is proof of everything. Park Seojun is also the master of something. What could it be? Kang Haneul, try to guess. A lot of stuff. – Romantic master! / – Correct! Romance master. Amazing. The romantic bulldozer master. At some point, I became construction equipment. I don’t have any certifications, but thank you. I hope you look forward to our bromance. We’re all looking forward to their bromance. Can you share something cool about the other? Usually this happens with people of the opposite sex. But it’s a bromance. The 3-second eye contact we did earlier. That was really hard. That was very stimulating. Make a poem with the other’s name. – A poem? / – A poem. Haneul’s smile is pretty. It is. His smile is huge. Is that a compliment? That’s his charm! Park Seojun’s charm is the confidence that comes from his pacific ocean-size shoulders. Do you agree? I don’t think they’re that wide. More like the East Sea. (100 points for sense of humor) East sea-like shoulder. As the climax, we have a lie detector. We’ll use a lie detector. We have it prepared. Be honest. Do you think you’re more handsome? Press it. – Yes or no? / – No. They both said no. No way… (Park Seojun was telling the truth) Truth for one. (Bzzzz) The machine! I’m sorry! The lie detector flew away like a lie! I’m sorry! So sorry! Your handsomeness did that to our device… That hurt so badly. My stomach hurts. I didn’t think I’m that handsome. This buzzes randomly, and it’s just for fun. Then why are you sweating? Why am I sweating so much? The most beautiful line in this was… I’ll buy a new one! I’ll buy a new one! I’ll buy a new one! I’ll buy a new one! I’m sorry! I thought it was really broken. It keeps getting stronger, right? Should we switch devices? Yes, let’s switch. What will happen? If the movie does well and wins an award, would you rather get the couple award rather than best actor award? They both said yes. You want the couple award. They want the couple award… Oh my… (Park Seojun lied!) Look! See? This always buzzes! The movie is relaxing and refreshing. I hope you all enjoy it. Kang Haneul! Park Seojun! Let’s go! That was delightful! Hope the movie does well! I think the movie will be fun. I’ll definitely see it. A reporter for 21 years. A dinosaur of journalism. Are you bragging? Who are you? I’m N.Flying’s pretty boy drummer, Kim Jaehyun. The profiler today is the 5-member band N.Flying’s pretty boy drummer Jaehyun. They say there’s nothing wrong with a lady changing. She was a devoted wife and then a sexy villain. As well as a charismatic career woman. Even if on screen for a minute, her presence is huge. Her crime is giving people goosebumps and making everyone love her. She won’t be easy. Tell her to come in! Veteran begins now. Sorry. We’re not starting? We will. Well… You’re not doing something stupid like asking me my name, are you? Of course not. Beautiful Miss Jin Kyung. How dare you call me Miss. (Yelp) Profiler, expose her! Name, Jin Kyung. Profession, actress. Born in 1972. (Overly passionate) We’re sorry. Gosh darn it… (It’s an honor to meet you) It’s an honor. I’ve never seen an actress who studies so well. I’m not good at it. You were 2nd place in the Spanish language program at a foreign high school. And you studied well ever since 6th grade. Be honest. Did anyone not study well in 6th grade? What doI do? Why did you choose to be a theater major? There was something different inside me, but after living as a model student like my parents wanted, I wanted to laugh, get angry, and cry as I saw fit. And after thinking about how I could do that, I realized I could do acting. I could express my emotions freely. So I felt I should try it out. So you joined the theater department at Dongguk Univ., went to Korea National Univ. of Arts and acting class. Where did you meet Lee Seongyun and Oh Manseok? They were in my acting class. I heard the amount of alcohol you drank with them is enough to decorate a small coffee shop. Where did you hear such an odd rumor? Just know that was the case. Drinking buddy? While acting, alcohol called me. So how was it? When you drank? I drank a lot in my 20s and 30s. So I got a stomach disorder. And now I can’t drink even one glass. That’s a good thing. What’s a good thing? A stomach disorder is a good lesson. My stomach isn’t healthy. You debuted in 1998 in “Inspector Park Moon Soo.” Is that where your skills were recognized? It was my first work. I was cast with my senior, singer Lee Seonhui. (Source: Naver News Library) I wore a traditional “gat” hat, dressed as a man, saying, “The inspector has arrived!” It suited you. People thought I was a man with that hat on. My face is handsome. So they thought I was a man. Yeah. An article said that you got through your 30s with negative comments alone. You combined the opinion of acquaintances and… – Acquaintances? / – Kang Shinil. He said you wouldn’t be able to fit into society. You must’ve been very stubborn. And Lee Seonggyun said people would die just by you being next to them. What an extreme comment. And Park Haeil is very credible, and he said he thought poison was coming out of your eyes. He’s very trustworthy. – Back then… / – What did you do? In 2001, I was around 30 or 29. We did a play together. I was a perfectionist, so if I wasn’t satisfied with something, I’d shoot lasers out of my eyes. Like, “Why aren’t you doing it like this?” Jin Kyung overcame her time as a no-name actress through her passion for acting alone. She prepared to take her place in front of the public. You came to KBS. You must have a lot to say. Here’s a hint. – “My Husband… ” / – “Got a Family.” Right. That drama made me known to the public. I went to a bakery alone after the audition and was waiting for them to contact me, and the feeling I got as soon as they said I passed is something I still can’t forget. I was so happy back then. With the end product after it all ends, I’m so busy that it just passes by, so I don’t remember much of that moment. But the thing engraved in my memory is that phone call in the bakery when they said I was chosen. It’s because I had failed so much before and had gotten so many rejection calls. I was so happy when they said I passed. You were at the bakery alone? Yes. To enjoy that feeling as much as possible, I ate a ton of bread. (Hahaha) “Let’s eat bread!” With hard times over, she was on the road to success. With roles in all kinds of shows, she guaranteed a hit every time she was on screen. Now Jin Kyung is known as a top scene stealer. 38.75 million people. That’s if you add it up. They’re not there to see me though. What I mean is… They came for the movie, but I was there. I see. Saying it like that is embarrassing me. How do you choose what to act in? Your life values? That? It’s not that. I have to like the script. So when I read the script, if something increases my heart rate, or if I just get that feeling, you know. Don’t you get that feeling? My scripts are always only two pages, so… She’s finally in “His and Her Thursday.” I’m doing something after almost 4 years. “His and Her Thursday.” Does it make your heart race? When I got the script, my heart raced faster than ever before. It raced again. The script made my heart race. The show lasts two hours. And the acting requires a lot of energy, so people ask if it tires me out, but it actually recharges and is therapeutic for me. The people that saw it say that they received a lot of energy from it and that they really enjoyed it. You’ve been very stubborn, but what do you think is most important? For me, it’s my calling. If you just go with the flow and entrust yourself to the flow, then you’ll find your path. We were a bit mischievous today, but thank you for your truthful answers. You’re the best. Investigation complete! Thank you. We hope you have more beautiful things in your future. – We’re always cheering for you. / – Yes, we are. (Midnight Dinner Talk – 10 million viewer movies) It’s beginning. You have pretty hands. It’s so hot these days, and maybe that’s why a lot of people are going to theaters as a trip. Have you seen “The Battleship Island”? Yes, I did. I see almost every movie that comes out. – What about you, Jihye? / – I’m still waiting. – Waiting for what? / – I haven’t had time. Aren’t you waiting too long? You don’t have time? The movie must be busy, but I’m busy as well. “The Battleship Island” is very busy too. I have my own schedule as well. You’re a very active audience member. It rewrote the history of the screen upon release. It’s actually hurting due to the monopoly it has in theaters. With “Dunkirk” or “Superman 3,” they’re not playing in as many theaters. Overall, it was clear that on the day of release, “The Battleship Island” was playing on 2,027 out of 2,758 screens in Korea. This is the first time a movie has been on over 2,000 screens at once. “The Battleship Island” dominating the screen is being seen as a problem, and it’s unfair. This is the time of summer blockbusters. This is one of the strategies that multiplex movie theaters are using now, I think. How is the public reacting? Audiences are feeling a bit uncomfortable. In what way? They feel that they’re not choosing it themselves, but are rather being induced to watch it. You know how online commenters are nowadays. Yes, I’m very aware. They want to actively choose what movie to see. I was in a movie too. Huh? It’s called “Killing Time.” Do we have to hear about that? Everyone’s wondering where to see it, so… I’ll ask. Where can I watch it? Killing what? Because of that, “Killing Time” couldn’t be released. I heard it came out at the same time. The scene where you can’t tell if I’m happy or sad. I saw that one picture. – That picture was a hit. / – It was? (“Killing Time” – 2010) (Can’t tell if she’s laughing or crying) But if you watch before and after, it’s beautiful. Please look forward to “Killing Time.” Screen monopoly has been an issue for a while. I think the reason it’s become an issue is because in Korea, the people’s sentiment is that of being unable to accept abuse of power or monopolization. They feel anger at a larger power trying to influence or interfere with their daily lives. That’s accurate. Should there be controls in the movie world for this? Too many large companies do distribution and screening. So they play the movie they invested in in their own theater chain. So it’s obviously monopolization. But doesn’t it seem natural for them? That’s why people are talking about regulations. There are talks of separating distribution and screening of videos. And monopolization of screens is included in that. There’s a precedent in America as well. Paramount was doing the same thing, but it was ruled a monopoly and broken up. The word “regulations” has uncomfortable elements. Rather than regulations, we can see it as an opportunity to see a wider variety of movies. Movie theaters now sometimes have artistic movies. But that doesn’t happen in all theaters. You have to look for them. Rather than approaching it for regulations, it should be be seen as a suggestion. Screen quotas have regulations. All our actors go on screen and… Shaving their heads and such. Director Ryu Seungwan is actively fighting that. His movies are caught up in the monopoly controversy. It’s very ironic. He must be thinking a lot about this. (Movies with monopolization scandals to be pulled) I have a question for Shin Hyunjun. Since you’re a movie actor, when you see the script, do you judge whether it’ll get 10 million viewers? If I could, would I be doing this segment? (Box office hit actor’s side job?) Is there one you thought would do well but didn’t? Of course, there are some. “The Soul Guardians,” for example. Yeah. At the midnight debut, it was crazy. At the start. But only on that night. It was a disappointing movie. Is there a rule for a 10-million-viewer movie? These days, the main variable is word of mouth. “King and the Clown” is often mentioned as an example. It played in 300 theaters at first. But it became more and more talked about and went to a huge amount of theaters. Movies usually hit it big in the summer. The most important thing then is how much success they get at the very beginning. They have to break 5 million within 3 weeks to be able to reach 10 million. But most of the movies with 10 million viewers are historical. But no matter how complete and great the movie is, if it doesn’t have something that stimulates the public psyche, breaking 10 million is difficult. In the past, they once said, “In Hollywood, you see blockbusters.” but we have emotional blockbusters. Emotional blockbusters. You go from laughing in one scene to crying the next. – “Barefoot Ki-bong.” / – Yes. “Barefoot Ki-bong” and “Miracle in Cell No. 7.” Sorry. In Korea, we’ve said this for a long time, but movies that are about the colonial period always have controversy about patriotism. To break away from that, director Ryu Seungwan exercised self-control, people say. But in doing that, from the point of view of viewers who wanted more, the movie felt weak. They felt that history was more intense than the movie. So those complaints can surface at times like this. He keeps saying patriotism. Patriotism is a bit strange. It seems like a bad meaning, but I’m patriotic. I love Korea. I do too. Our country is the best. Our country is the best in the world. Long live Korea! Patriotism is good but seems to have bad connotations. It seems self-indulgent. In director Shim Hyeongrae’s “D-War,” there was a huge controversy. I saw that movie when overseas. When “Arirang” started playing, I became teary and loved it. But all the foreigners were walking out. With negative expressions on their face. I don’t know if they didn’t like the movie. Thank you for the lively discussion today. And Lee Jihye recently filmed a movie. She filmed a movie. Thank you for recognizing I’m a movie actress. I was in a movie. I’m wondering about your future progress. Thanks to the four of you. Please write down your thoughts. (What’s needed for 10 million viewers?) (Emotional appeal to the public – Jeong Deokhun) (Blood, sweat, and tears – Park Hyunmin) (“Spirit of the times” to captivate viewers) (By Yang Jaewoong) The Music Bank world tour, back after two years, went to Singapore, a popular spot for Hallyu, to douse the city with K-pop. It’s the special correspondent! I’m at the Music Bank world tour! Can you feel the passion of the fans? Entertainment Weekly came here first! Let’s check it out now! She sounds like a man. You can feel the heat, can’t you? With great singing and dancing, the super talented K-pop stars heated up the arena with passionate performances. This is incredible. It’s so hot. The fans are cheering so loud that I’m excited. We also saw Park Bogum and Irene, who were reunited after almost a year. You can watch Entertainment Weekly along with the Music Bank world tour soon! I’m looking forward to the Music Bank world tour. Does Midnight Dinner Talk need a new member? We have enough. The Midnight Dinner Talk owner is getting more and more handsome. That’s all the news we have for today. See you again next week! Everyone, be happy! (“Sorry” by The Rose)

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