Easy Mini Abstract Art Inspiration PLUS A Color Challenge

Easy Mini Abstract Art Inspiration PLUS A Color Challenge

how have you been getting on with your
mini abstracts I have some more inspiration and a mini abstract
challenge for you today that I hope is gonna motivate your art for this week so
I introduces exercise in my art video last week and it’s actually one that I
talk about and give step by steps for in my get creating book and I’ve already
shared a little on why I like doing these types of exercises and why I think
they’re really useful and can really help in your art so if you missed that
video I will put a link below in the description for it as well as a link to
all the products that I’m using today now this week I thought I would share
the process of another mini abstract but let’s take this one up a little bit and
let’s go for challenge something that I hope will inspire you to do a mini
abstract – so are you up for it do you want a mini abstract challenge now the
challenge I’m gonna base it around colors so if you’re needing a bit of
color inspiration then this is a really handy trick and something you can use to
inspire your work or just get you started so the particular palette that
we’re going to use I want you to either pick a hot color palette or a cold color
palette and then pick a contrasting color from the other color family so if
you picked a hot color palette then you’re gonna pick a cold color to
contrast it and vice versa so get yourself started basically pick a couple
of colors before you get going that are either from the hot or the cold color
family so I’ve gone with cold for mine and my main color is going to be blue
then pick yourself a single color that you’re going to use sparingly but this
time pick it from the opposite temperature color family so for my piece
I’ve got my cold blues and then I’m gonna contrast it with a yellow which is
more of a hotter color now this particular exercise there’s another
version of this that you could also try out as well so here’s some more
inspiration to help you with your color combining and your mini abstracts as
well how about just for a complementary color colors that
sit opposite to each other on the color wheel so for instance my blue the
complementary color to blue is orange so instead of using the yellow as my
contrasting color for my blues I could have used orange today so that’s another
way of looking at this color combining that I hope you’ll have fun with it you
could probably do all of them and just do an abstract with all of them and see
which ones you like best now the other colors that you can use in
this are neutrals like blacks whites and grays so even though I’ve just picked
blue as my main color they are actually two very different blues so they work
quite nicely as contrasts in their own little color bubble and you can watch to
see how I work my main cold colors together and then how I add in my warm
color contrast in this mini abstract there’s just so many ways that you could
do this so don’t feel restricted and just go for it
I remember you don’t have to do the same with me you don’t have to use the same
colors you don’t have to use the same marks this mini abstract exercise is all
about discovering your own mark making your own light your own dislikes your
own color palettes so pick things that you really want to use today and you
really want to just experiment with now when I’m doing these mini abstracts I
really try hard to stay in a moment and to work more on impulse than planning
you can do this you can easily plan these if you want that’s entirely up to
you if you prefer to do that then go ahead and plan them but for me these
mini abstracts are much more about listening to what my gut is telling me
to do and you know where it wants to go next so it’s very reactive and I’m not
really sure where the abstract will go but it is so many that it doesn’t really
take that long before it feels finished to me and I enjoy the so minimalist feel
of these pieces but you know again you don’t have to stick with that yourself
even though we’re working on a very small piece of paper
you could just cover the whole thing and do whatever you liked with it you could
spend a long time on it you could spend a short amount of time on it whatever it
feels right for you now for my piece dad there’s something about the rhythm in it
that I really really like and there’s both a symmetry and an asymmetric
symmetry in this piece today and down to the sort of just the the different
elements that I’ve used the different ways I’ve added in some mark making and
then in the whole piece as well you can see some of the symmetry some of the
asymmetric symmetry that’s going on there and I think I really like that
about this piece but you’ll see that more when we get to the end and as this
piece grew my ideas about it grew too and I changed up layers as I went along
so this is part of what I was talking about being more reactive to it for
example I extended the dark blue area after adding the splatter texture so I
had already put down the dots I put down some dark blue I added the splatter and
then I was right I think actually I needed to make the darker blue a bigger
part of the dot pattern and I wasn’t worried about changing up the shapes of
those dots it was just another way that the details in this piece that have
reacted and changed and as I went along I also quite like the way that the brush
line tails off or kind of feathers on the bottom right-hand side and how that
adds another contrast to the kind of lines and the block colors that are here
in this piece and just as with last week’s piece I’m using a creep paint in
three different ways so I’ve got neat paint from – I’ve got watered down paint
but then I’ve also got the acrylic ink in my paint pens and adding more pattern
detour the neutral colour is a really great way to add texture and interest
but without having to introduce another active color because we picked our
colors at the beginning and we went with a very particular
a pallet so the white and black you know is a no-pressure way of adding more
details without having to worry about putting in a different color and just
shifting the way this color combination works and what I haven’t mentioned is
that one of my blue colors is actually an iridescent so there’s another texture
layer so we’re going on here and that adds to the peace as well so actually
doesn’t take that much to add a lot of texture and interest to many abstracts
I’ve only used a very small amount of product but there’s quite a lot to look
at so I have a real play with your shapes your brushes what kind of brush
marks you can get try feathering some of your layers try adding them as blocks
try adding the paint thickly or thinly that’s gonna change the look as well and
if you can add a lot of interest with just a few colors less than a handful of
colors and just some a few small marks imagine what you’re gonna do with a
larger color palette and on a larger surface so have lots of fun playing with
this one have loads of fun picking out your color palettes I would love to see
it also you know do share with me on Instagram I would be happy to come over
and have a look so don’t forget to play with the color challenge today and I
look forward to seeing your hot color palettes with cold contrasts or your
cold color palette with hot contrasts and if you’re looking for some more
video inspiration for other mixed media art then watch these videos next and
I’ll see you there

5 thoughts on “Easy Mini Abstract Art Inspiration PLUS A Color Challenge”

  1. Hey Kim! Lovely piece this week – I would like to know how you come up with your video ideas each week. Do you know what idea you're going to explore from week to week…or is it based more on whatever you're working on in other areas (deadlines, commissions, etc?) Same with the colors – do you choose one color you want to use and build around that? Or do you just kind of grab a couple of tubes of color and go with whatever you grab? I've noticed most of your work centers around similar colors so I didn't know if all (most) of your cool tones (or warm, whatever) work together or if you have to work at making it all seem so effortless? Thank you for the wonderful mid-week inspiration. I loved it as always! ❤

  2. Sooooo…..beautiful amazing work I love it 😚😚😘😘😘😙😘❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💛💜💕💕💕💕💖💟💖💟💓💓💓💞💝💗

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