“Dungeon Monster”  Cartoons about tanks

“Dungeon Monster” Cartoons about tanks

Do not be afraid. Soviet Monster KV-66 will set us free! But how does he know that we are here? I have a phone. Wow! Where could you hide it? Don’t ask me, bro… Fine! Call him urgently! No one will save you. I am your Master. Obey! I believe that KV66 will come. He will set us free. Silence!

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  1. ให้kv6มาช่วยด้วยครับผมชอบkv6เอามันมาช่วยด้วยครับ

  2. I have a question about monster Dorian, do you think that he is made out of titanium due to his high strength of armor?

  3. I hope that KV66 will rescue the trapped troops in time before Dungeon Monster destroys all the troops that are trapped in the cage.

  4. Этот демонический танк просто офигенный. 🙂
    Правда мне не совсем понятно: это у него просто хвост такой или ему туда кто-то трезубец засунул. Х) (Заранее прошу прощения за мою больную фантазию.)

  5. Ох, бідні Т 34-85 , сподіваюсь Кв 66 їх врятує./Oh , poor T 34-85 's i hope Kv 66 will rescue them

  6. Valhalla you have a misstake in the translation of the German Title. It says "Dungeon Monster" Kartons über Panzer. A Karton is a little paper crate used for transporting . And you meant a cartoon. so it should be Zeichentrickfilm or you could also say cartoon . We use that word sometimes too.

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