Drawing With JSheetz Artwork Lessons In Freestyle Swirls

I Have here with me the Sharpie Ultra, fine point marker I think at some point in your life. You must have drawn with a sharpie I think everybody has and if you haven’t you should really try that sometimes and I’ve Was on my nail Looks like a sponger or something I Don’t know. But anyways I’m gonna go ahead and start on a doodle and I’ll talk about how I’m drawing it and why I’m making the swirls the First thing I do when I make a swirl is the obvious. I just think of a half circle If we can get a half circle Then I come over and there’s a bit of a swirl going on there And sometimes I just make another line beside it And then you can make yourself another one Then off of that one I can make another line like that and Then we’re gonna come over here Like so it kind of looks like a banana being peeled we’re gonna have to fix that It also kind of looks like vines to me But at any rate you go your own pace and makes the doodle how you want to make it no rush Now at this point, I’m just drawing circles and some other oddball shapes in it As you can see whenever I draw something that’s kind of like That I loop over it. Sometimes like say for example, I have that. I always start the next line I don’t connect it to it. I start just below that and Then it come underneath Like that Not sure if you can computer fans running on my computer I’ll find out if they can be heard in the video after I edit and upload And sometimes I don’t really know what to draw so I start filling in areas like that It’s gonna be a bit squiggly There we go, I think right here I’m gonna make more coming off I Don’t even know what I’m drawing at this point Just some swirls is about all And I’m going to make it break in the line right there I just want to come through like that I’m gonna come over and that’s going to come up here And come back around that side from where this came from that Dips up there that comes up This is starting to get a bit fancy though a little bit fancy And I’m gonna make some more squirrels coming up that direction here Like so and then No, if I really wanted to I could do something like this That’s a big loop And that’s gonna go Do that I Don’t normally make here Took me to be drawing a face, let’s go like this Their nose is gonna be the swirl Never gonna have a really weird looking face Because our eyes gonna be there like that I Think this a lot of this I here’s gonna be lopsided There we go, no now it has a funny face There there we go and then I’ll have their tongue come like that There we go That’s a very strange-looking person to me I Don’t know what that looks like to you but it looks like a very strange version of Homer Simpson She bought a give him a couple of hairs like that Maybe give him an eyebrow There we go and then come down like that Over under over and under I always like making things overlap in the drawing Makes it look more Complicated than it really is because you look at some of the doodles that I make it seems extremely complicated, but it’s just a matter of Overlapping things underneath one line over another line There we go do some more stuff down here So do you think so far I think we’re coming along pretty good here I Did notice in the video that And strangely has like a really red tint to it People try to edit that out in the video It’s more bold lines up here somewhere I think right here And then here No, I’m just making these lines or whatever the swirls an indented Kind of make it look a little bit more three-dimensional This isn’t too much of a quarry you see doodle or anything it’s just Just doodle just to practice doodle to show you how I make my doodles More bold lines over in this area to think I’m gonna like this There we go, and now We need to shape here when you think I’m to do this She’s gonna be kind of like a triangle But we’re gonna loop this out like that come Under such and then And then we’re gonna make some strange shapes inside of it like that Now think I don’t want to completely fill that in there you might want to want this Because I thought about covering this whole area But I’m not gonna do that Now what have these lines here coming down Like that There we go, this is on the other side of it that has to be Cuz this here is coming in and over I gotta watch make sure don’t feel that it in on accident Have you ever listened yourself talk and then think yourself I don’t even I don’t think I sound like that Why do I sound stone so strange? It’s gonna help. I felt the first time I listened to an audio recording myself talking I Was like, you know that I sound really weird And why do I sound that way? And then want to come over here like that You’re just gonna come up under There we go Yes, there we go it kinda looks like a squid or something from this angle kind of Whatever I do here I can see I’m gonna Feel like that, I Shade this side in this is a side that is facing away from the light and then this weird thing here I Don’t know if that’s his tongue or like Some kind of really strange nose ring, this guy has a really weird nose ring I’m gonna come in here now fill on the sides that are Facing away from the direction of the light Give it a little bit more contrast You forget to know sniffles, I always have no sniffles I Want to say sniffles nested you I don’t even know what the word was but it’s different word Popping under Strange’s isn’t drawing here. But uh Yeah Kind looks like music notes from here Doesn’t it kind of look like music notes If so, this is a weirdest looking musical instrument. I have ever seen in my life if you could call the call even call this musical instrument, I Don’t know what this would even be it kind of looks like a Conch, shell we call those. No, those shell that you find on the beach. I Don’t know why give those moments where you forget what award is even though you know what the word is like one time someone asked me uh What do you uh What are you gonna eat and I said, I’m gonna go ahead and make myself some uh, What do you call it? I just looked at him and I’m like what it was like Uh Some stuff I like What stuff? Like I don’t know I forget like what? I’m just I don’t know. I don’t know anymore just forget regular words somehow And weird how that happens Find it weird Well when you’ve done something every day Over and over and over and over and then you just completely forget it. It’s like how did I forget what that even was? What’s going on? I? Need some more darker areas in this spot here There we go This needs more darker areas as well That’s weird how that connects there doesn’t even look right? Oh well When doubt duel about I just add another line there when it whenever that happens I can just come through like this. Watch this. We’re just sales US doesn’t line up, right? We’re gonna fix that watch Look at that Just like new You sure line it up over Here There we go My computer fans are spinning up really fast right now because I have this Center record on my computer for my camcorder and Whenever does that it puts more of a demand on my processor Yes, this this looks like a strange Homer Simpson to me I Just realized all I’ve had to eat today was some cheese Um banana some milk and a bowl of oatmeal I’m going to make myself food after this doodle and guess this is a little Heathrow you should show more detail doodles than this. This is more of a strange demonstration And it’s ended up being a lot stranger than I thought it was going to be Thinking I’m going to add to this a little bit over here and a little bit up there Look like this It’s kind of like clubs to me like in golf clubs or something I mean, it’s kind of what it looks like man. I Think I’m gonna throw all maybe a leaf or something up here I Do draw a lot of organic looking things in my doodles, I’ve noticed that I Think at least half of my drawings have something organic looking in it To think about why I really was inspired by Making everything look that way Mm-hmm. I mean a lot of places that live when I was younger and they did have It was kind of out in the country so I Don’t have a country accent do I I mean, I’ve been told that I have an accent, but I think I sound pretty average at least do you think that I Have much of a southern accent at all I’m from Florida, but lived and moved up north And so kind of a combination of both so so it kind of just it evens out What do you think this abomination of a doodle We are getting there Well, I don’t know what this is Well, I Think we might have completed this. I’m trying to look and see if or anything else that I can really add to this Because I don’t want to overwork it I want the weirdness this drawing to really stand out I Need some more over here There we go. I Want to make this strange-looking face that I’ve made it stand out more like that That’s more contrast to it And maybe maybe some sniffling I think we need some stippling up here, what do you think I need a little bit of I Kind of fill in this area here. It’s gonna empty trying to get a bit of a balance in my jaw, and you don’t want much of anything in one area and The stoop of this area just a little bit I Haven’t really talked about how I’m drawing these squirrels. I mean, I think I have I’m pretty sure I have during this video, but it’s more of a watch and learn I Mean, that’s how I’ve always learned best So let me know if that’s how you learn from other people, I think that for me I Learn better if someone shows me rather than just telling me or if I actually go and do it like My best way of learning is this going and doing something and teaching myself? I learned way faster doing it that ways and learning from others, but you know that’s just how it works and I’m gonna add a bit more here like that There we go, what do you think And we or I think I’m done I think I think I need Their then that was a Little swirly, you know I could just keep keep adding things and adding things swaiiow limit myself to help big of a piece of paper. I draw on because if I don’t If I just get a huge piece of paper and you give me a row Chennai’s a graph I’m gonna be drawing forever Okay, I think I’m done with this home I see something There we go, it’s complete almost hast Why do I keep seeing things you want to add Okay, I’m on stuff anyways And I said that it has to go okay, so there’s my doodle you couldn’t zoom out to show you Oh Way too much zoom I Think that’ll do Well, there is a little with our strange-looking face that looks like Homer Simpson Kind of was the really weird nose ring. And uh, I don’t know what’s going on there, but Yeah strange strange doodle But quit, let me know what you think of this doodle and if you got any questions about drawing swirls and we’ll be making more videos than tutorials for drawing and Anything else and I will be making another tutorial bow how to draw swirls But go ahead and let me know if you found this useful If you end up liking the strange drawing that I’ve just created this abomination of a doodle go ahead and let me know that comments below and if you’d like to donate to my channel check out links below and if you’d like to buy any merchandise or anything else From the doodles that I have created I have links in the descriptions video Till we can find that to all the products so good check those out but thanks for watching and I hope you found this helpful and hopefully You can find inspiration to make a doodle or some type of doodle of any kind. I mean after all This here. I Don’t know what this is, but it’s something it’s a doodle. I put something on the paper and just getting something on the paper Is at least half the battle of making a doodle And then the rest of just fun So anyways, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video. You have a good day

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  1. Swirls are my favorite. But without dots they might not be the same. Crosshatching too, well all of them fit together so well that I can't choose. Maybe a blank piece of paper is the best thing ✍📙

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