DRAWING on WOOD?! - Mystery Art Supplies Paletteful Pack

DRAWING on WOOD?! – Mystery Art Supplies Paletteful Pack

alright y'all what do you say we open another pallet full box I didn't expect to do another one but you know what let's do it we're just gonna do it let's see what we've got in this month oh my gosh it's been so long since I've used these so excited you guys we have pasta pins this is probably the second box that seems to be curated just for me I haven't been using my pasta pins a lot so oh my gosh I'm so excited to use these guys again pasta pins and you guys have actually been requesting that I get back into pasta pins cuz it has been a while since I've had a video where I use my pasta pins and you guys are anxious to see me use them again so I'm excited let's see what else we've got in here other than our blue little confetti stuff so as usual let's decorate our desk oh we've also got a brushed pocket pin which I've actually never used before so I'm kind of excited about that let's see what else we have as far as the other materials go so as usual we do have our list of supplies and our challenge and something I love about powerful is that they do have a week every month to have a different challenge I think that's really fun instead of one challenge of the month you have several weeks but I think I'm just going to do my own thing so let's look at the supplies of course we've got our medium extra-fine and brush eight Husker pin markers we also have a black canvas panel five by seven okay effective that plastic is hey guys oh is this my angle you can see up my nose beautiful or if I'm wearing my glasses you guys haven't even seen me my glasses before is this I came and see we will be looking at here is that good you see me oh my gosh this is horrible anyway there's our black canvas okay so I'm actually really excited about this I've always used watercolor paper to use pasta pins on and pasta pins are more Kraft pins they are not meant for paper they eat it up as in they destroy it they tear up paper you're actually supposed to use pasta pens on other things like plastics ceramics and wood we have a wood panel an 8 by toon wood panel so I'm pretty excited to use pasta pins on something that isn't paper so I'm actually getting really excited about this box you guys and apparently a bonus item slap stickers I don't know what that means but I do a like this hello my name is so let's make it like a tag really quick and then get started on using pasta pins on something that isn't paper I am so excited about these let's get started the best thing about pasta pins is it's got all of this plastic and I get to sit here and open every marker and it takes forever Katie didn't know that's sarcasm hi hello I just want to get in there so I can museu swatch yeah all right so I do want to swatch these guys even though I've used pasta pins before I pretty much know what they look like but it's always nice to have a little cheat sheet of what you're working with so that you kind of have idea of what to expect if you aren't familiar with pasta pins you have to pump them they are paint pins and you have to get the paint or ink or whatever want to call it flowing so you have to pump it a bunch like a lot until you can start to see the ink or page or whatever start I think it's technically paint not ink look at that progress we are getting there and we have our red color these are fat boys this is red just red no complicated names here we are just red and I guess I'm going to continue pumping these guys until I have all my markers usable so maybe I will see at the end of this process because it's not the most fun process is it all right we have all our basic time to do the thinner wine arty piece and the brushes next and I've never actually used a pasta pen brush so kind of excited thankfully there are instructions on these pins on how to activate them so it says you shake it and then okay and then there is a button on the top of the pin that you pump because the brush nib isn't a solid piece like the other pieces it's like oh I'm gonna get incoming it's a it's got little fibers to represent a brush so you can't pump it so you have to pump the back of it by pressing a button and you can see the ink is starting to come out you can see half of the brush it's come out but the other half it's still light so get a couple more pumps might get messy here first oh it's dripping up okay so oh wow I love the dry brush texture you can get with stuff like this it's just really fun to play with ooh now I kind of want to do some sort of illustration with here with someone that has really long hair okay I'm kind of I'm kind of getting excited never use a brush pasta pin before so fun stuff so we have our little swatches here of all of our colors and our brush which I'm super excited to play around with so yeah let's let's get to doodling actually first let's let's do a little little doodle on this name tag sort of sticker hello my name is well you know I'm the aunt Queen so let's just look how basic my handwriting looks like a freaking computer wrote it anyways their faces are still kind of wet so I put eyeballs on them okay I think I'm just gonna stop there but I think our little sticker turned out really cute look at it Oh pants all right let's get to actually working on our wood panel and even maybe our black I'm really excited about the wood mostly just because it is bigger and I feel like kneeling for opportunity on something that's not black so I'm pretty excited to start I might do the black one later as a bonus but I think I am just going to go ahead and do some cabling one this might be something I can just do and show you guys at the end I don't know we'll see we'll see I'm not really sure what I'm doing let's work on this wood boy I'm pretty excited about this they would boy actually I lied I do love to do some thumbnailing because I'm not 100% sure on what I want to draw I was kind of thinking because I do want to play around with the brush nib and do some hair I think that would be really fun I I will probably end up doing like a bust of someone because I do want to do the real hair situation so maybe because if I'm going to zoom in on our head I don't want there to be too much like blank space so maybe I can make their eyeball really cool so I did want to play around with your hair being like you know you know what I'm saying it's probably gonna be kind of a creepy illustration should this be like a creepy illustration maybe she should be dead maybe I should do something court maybe her head should be popping off maybe there should be bones I do kind of want to use all of the colors if possible though okay let's just just get into it oh gosh I don't even know to do how long should I do it tests on the back of this wood because I've never worked with the wood I don't really know what to expect can you erase the pencil off of it really well heck yeah I can okay cool that was really all the tests I needed to do okay let's get into it we're going to sketch our dead girl oh I'm nervous I've ever worked on wood before I just keep doing a circle just keep doing a circle oh listen to that I believe bones in the neck look like that right I know they do it I'm sorry I'm sure some of you boned people out there like bones don't look like that little square doodles okay so I was going to give her like a little greenery plant thing where she would be cropped off but maybe I should just do hair or something swirling around her and then maybe in her hair I can put things and I could put bugs in her hair that might be I don't know why I spent all that time drawing the ear and I'm just gonna put hair over it she won't be pale or is she going to be green I haven't quite decided what color I want her skin to be I think pale would look really cool just to contrast her black hair what I want to be swirling around in her hair I think doing I definitely will obviously want to play around more colors if I have read for her tongue in like blood white fur skin but other than that I'm just like well her eyes could be blue that might be kind of cute so we need to try to get some green and yellow into into her hair somehow we could just do flowers that might be kind of cute just to give her like flowers in her hair yellow and green okay I think at this point I just kind of want to wing it sometimes that's really fun just a wing things or not not have it exactly it almost sketched out so I'm going to roll my kneaded eraser over this just to lighten it just so you don't see too much pencil something I do like about traditional art though is that you can see the sketches under what you do like everything that is perfect with traditional art like with digital art you can make everything very clean and perfect but lately I've been really embracing the fact that you can see sketches and things aren't super neat and perfect with traditional art so I do want to erase some pencil but I'm not going to be upset if you can see under what if one of her eyes was an eye but the other one was just the socket and there was plants coming out of the back to go I don't know where to start I'm actually kind of scared it's really fun cuz I don't have to worry about the pasta pins eating at the paper because I'm not using paper where should I should I color along the grain of the wood how does this work I don't know how this works as far as natural is going up and down though I'm going to show you guys a little trick so pasta pens are actually water soluble so you can get some water take a brush you can get a lighter color instead of just using the colors straight out of the pasta pen itself so I'm going to add some blush on her shoulder here and I don't want it to be completely red because it would look like blood or something so manipulate pasta pins in this way I don't really do that when I work with pasta pins just because I feel like if I wanted to do that I would just use watercolor I really like to use pasta pins just straight out how they are but I think for this project I'm going to use that to my advantage because we have a limited color palette so I feel like I need to use as many tools as I can to my advantage I feel like the pasta pins aren't really into this wood I don't know if me it's kind of soaking up all the pain it seems like the pasta pens kind of dry and sad it doesn't seem to be at its full juice I don't know if maybe just the wood is C I pumped it and got a much better color out of it seems like the wood is kind of soaking it dry yeah no I feel like I keep having to pump the pin to get its full color out and that's definitely not the pins at all I've never had that issue when working with paper and because I've never worked with one before I honestly don't know if maybe the quality of what is the problem it does seem very light his idea was it to fill in this huge space with white oh my word this is taking so long and we we did it Wow okay that took a hot minute but we did it she doesn't look so bad she's a little patchy I feel like I might have to go back over and give her a couple of layers pink nose which I will be going in with red and making darker yeah the wood seems to bleed when you put water on it so that doesn't seem to be working amazingly well but that's okay walk the tip of her nose to be a little bit more red than the rest of her nose let's see if we can't dab it on to make a better grant as I mix this like as I do strokes for the cheeks it's mixing in with the white and creating this really pale pink color is pretty cute we choose red in the center just to get a nice little gradient I've never used pasta pens in this way but quite enjoying it I'm just I really do like the boldness you can get with just a plain color so I'm not sure if it's something that will actually continue doing oh my gosh okay the wood is bleeding a lot when the red soaks into it it's just going into the cracks if can you see that not the not the desired effect you can see all the bleeding into the cracks not as not really something I wants but what can you do right so for the flush part I want there to be a pink and then I can layer a more red in there to show flesh wash layers you know flash layers no I need I need white mixed in there it is quite nice to me that's what I wanted I wanted that nice pale pink color I got from mixing the red and white together much better I think a decision I have to make is am I going to go wine list or am I going to add line art usually when I do pastas and illustrations I try the line list but if I do add line work it's usually with a purple pin because I just I think pasta pins are really fun to play with color and when you add something like black to it I feel like it just kind of builds the illustration down but we don't have a purple so I might suck it up and do black line work which would be fine we're gonna do black and I'm kind of anxious to start adding hair so I think I'm just pretty much surely going to go ahead and start doing that in certain spots just because I really want to see what its gonna look like oh boy so the brush pin is also very juicy which means it is just soaking into that wood oh my gosh I I love her the texture of the brush is honestly just wonderful and yeah that's actually all I have to say that the texture of the brush is just it's great I freaking love it I'm gonna go for it I'm gonna go for it huh oh I'm having trouble oh no no now her head looks deformed oh no I'm deforming her head all over now I'm president to color all this black but it definitely crisps everything up and makes it look really nice so I feel like like I've caught you I love how crisp the bones and the vines and everything looks just look how clean nice it is I love you pasta pans okay so I think something I've decided to do is I'm going to give her black eye sockets that was really loud so I stopped talking I want to give her glowing blue eyes I think that would be really fun so we're going to do that you can play around the whole brush thing and get a nice little gradient to going oh I mean if that's not spooky I don't know what is okay while that dries I'm going to continue adding her hair swirling around so we have our black right up against our blue now we're going to get a brush and thank you likey we're gonna get a cranium okay I'm just going to add some line art and here to crisp up some others she's spooky but honestly she's pretty stinkin cute I kind of kind of love her okay I want to paint her mouth a full black everything's black huh I almost feel like it's a shame to add green and yellow in there just because I feel like I need to but at the same time I feel like I do need to I feel like at this point it's a little it's a little plain so we do need to add some of that okay let's do it let's see if we can't add some plants growing out of her head okay let's see if we can't get one growing out of her eye you can do it green I believe in you but Wow looks like green went right over that black like it was nothing Wow whoa good job green you really did it I will admit I feel like it looked a lot better before I added the green plants but whatever I can always replicate this if I really felt like I wanted it I wasn't like super in love with her before I added the plants anyway so it's not like I really feel like I had something and then I ruined it but I do feel like she was a lot better of a piece before I added the green so that's kind of unfortunate but it's not the end of the world and because I kind of feel like adding yellow at this point I mean yellow will be the only color I didn't use but I feel like it's going to be kind of out of place and I just feel like adding more blue to it I don't want to make it too much of a cluster of a piece so I'm going to add little blue puffs these little puffs the gradient is so cute I kind of wish I played around with more gradient Dean with the pasta pens I guess I've never done before I actually quite enjoyed it okay fine I'll put a few black dots in the plant I really need to stop before I regret okay I think I think we've done it's kind of really interesting mix of like gradients but also really cartoony solid pieces I almost feel like I should have did some more brush shading with some of the more solid pieces but you know I caught it like the way she turned out the texture is really nice this kind of reminds me of Japanese wood blocks with the texture and like the hair and stuff so I think she turned out really cute it was really fun experimenting with pasta pens they don't really do stuff not on paper it was really fun to do something on wood and try it with brush and water I had a lot of fun with this so yeah this was a really fun box I enjoyed it really quick I'll just throw in some footage of the black canvas that I played around with later I just kind of played around it's whatever all right guys thank you so much for watching thank you so much too powerful for sending me this box I really enjoyed it I hope you guys enjoyed it as well thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video bye [Applause]

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  1. I could see the comments a mile away, so I'll say… I appreciate the advice to gesso the wood before painting on it, but the thing is… the box is supposed to contain everything you need. If they wanted me to treat it first… they should have included something! 😉

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