Hey guys, welcome to another episode of
RossDraws and today is Valentine’s Day and Milo’s birthday! This is around the
time I got Milo, so February is a Milo month. Milo just turned 4 years old
which is 28 in dog years, and he’s been wanting something — go tell them! Just tell them what you were telling me. Milo’s been wanting a girlfriend! [ROSS TEASING] AW, MILO! YOU WANT A GIRLFRIEND! Yes. He’s been wanting a girlfriend, so today we’ll be drawing him a girlfriend. Let’s do
it. Alright, Milo. A girlfriend! What a stud.
I’ve been looking forward to this day because I think every dog dad’s dream: his dog finds a nice girlfriend. Also, what’s the what’s the deal with you and Guðlaug, huh? Two years ago we made a best friend for
Milo, she started off as a kid and then last year she grew up seven years. And then this
year she’s around our age! So what’s the deal between you two, do you like her? You like her! Ahhh I think Milo has a crush! So maybe we can
make a milestone painting for you and Guðlaug today. I’m gonna start it, you
go play and I’ll check back soon. It’s Milo’s birthday and I kind of want to
challenge myself to make a really cool piece for him, something with a really
cool perspective. I’m gonna draw and see where it goes. Maybe like a top-down angle, maybe she’s
like, sitting in the grass. In the past we see her with longer hair, maybe she grew
up and she cut her hair. That could be kind of cool! I’m gonna try to color this
thing and I’ll see where it goes. Hey guys! Welcome back and here’s the
progress of our piece so far. Can kind of see what I’m trying to aim for, you know,
she’s sitting on the grass, maybe she’s looking up to the sky. I think it’s
missing a touch of some Milo Aaaw, that’s so cute! Maybe he’s like, sleeping- Milo, what do you think? Do you like the piece so far? A dragon? I know you’re 28! But you sure you want
to be a dragon? Alright, fine, fine. Okay, alright, alright. A
dragon. It is his birthday, so we’re gonna turn him into a dragon. Oh my God, he’s huge lol That’s awesome! I love that! Milo turned
into a dragon — still sleeping — but I am just going to keep working on this and
I’ll check back soon. Hey guys! Welcome back and here’s the
progress of our piece so far I’m actually really digging this
direction, you know? First I just wanted to lay her down in perspective, and then
we added Milo the Dragon, some grass, and I think it’s really coming together.
So I want to show you guys something that’s super effective that I picked up
at school: it’s how to add really cool shadows really fast. Before I would
probably try to like, shade all the shadows, and like take it step-by-step and
maybe calculate it. But now, I would make a new layer, set it to multiply, and –
oh! That’s too dark lol So pretend she’s all in shadow and we
can adjust the light wherever we go. Maybe make this really cool side lighting like this-
ooohoo, check that out! [GASP] Yes! Something a little more cinematic, a
little moodier. If you want it super sharp, you can even do this- Delete all of this- Now it looks like there’s like a structure above her, or she’s tanning
half her legs Let’s try one more, maybe like- ooh this side Oooohoohoo! Try this out yourself, I think
it’s super effective. I’m just kind of trying to wrap this up and I’ll check
back soon. Yo, dragon Milo! It’s colordodge time! Aah man, here we go- Ooohoohooo! [GASP] Milo! You’re glowing! Alright, Milo! Dragon wind! Dragon bash! Dragon meteor! Watermelon Milo! Fart fumes! Let’s light it on fire! [SINGING] Happy birthday dear Milo, happy birthday
to you! Make a wish, Milo! Make a wish! Blow on it! Yaaaaaay! Wow, you have a treat and a girlfriend! Happy birthday to my best best best friend in
the world, I hope you enjoyed that buddy! [MILO] Also, I’m
now on Instagram and TikTok! I’m finally old enough to branch out and do
my own thing, so you can follow me at Milocorp. And my NIMA counter: 17 weeks
before my debut feature-length book comes out, oh my god. It’s going by so fast!
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